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I am searching for a wiring diagram for a Westinghouse Electric ceiling fan motor with a Perkins 3 speed rotary switch. Easy to read wiring diagram for household electrical light switches including a switch loop, rheostat and combo switch. Please let me know if it is not clear enough from the attached pictures which wires are going to where. You are looking at a 3way switch, best you can do without re wiring, is to just buy a 3-way dimmer for the fan light, and use the pull chain for the fan control. Without pulling the new wires, can I use the current dimmer switch to control the lights and use the pull cord for the fan control, like you suggested in your first post? Ok, so I'm thinking about following this recommendation to pull 14-3 wire from the ceiling box to the first switch box. This will only involve snaking a 2 wire down to the fan switch, you will of course have to ditch the existing switch you already have, but a better install if you ask me. If I'm understanding you correctly this fan only has a black and white wire that will connect to the incoming power.
A lot of remote fans are like this and you wire the black and white to the remote receiver then the reciever to the fan and light. Since you are dealing with a built-in remote fan, there is no blue wire to deal with, so you may have to disregard earlier posts that include instructions for a 3-wire fan setup.
Another solution here is to buy a 2nd transmitter, and mount it on the wall at the other end of the room, and forget trying to make this thing work with a 3-way switch.

Shop our Fanimation ceiling fan controls for remote controls, wall switches and accessories If you have more than one remote control fan, the switch settings, Ceiling Fan Parts for Casablanca, Hunter, Homestead, all Ceiling Fans.
Install a ceiling fan with two switches and a remote to make the operation of your ceiling fan more convenient.
Here is a great page for DIY or general help regarding ceiling fan controls such as remote in order to add this feature to a standard ceiling fan.
Remote control ceiling fans are not operated through the wall switch; they are operated through the remote. If you want to install a ceiling fan but don't know how, this article will take you through the steps. So you'll have a single pole double throw three way switch at your two locations but the fan speed and light intensity have to be controlled from the remote.
You need to be able to switch power to the lights from the 3 way switches and have power to the remote to operate the fan. Understand that you will have control of the fan and light with the remote with a switch on. If the remote receiver should fail or the remote control I just purchased a Hamptom Bay Windward II Ceiling fan with a light kit and a remote control. Our association with reputed brands ensures that you receive optimal service on installation and maintenance of your new purchase.
As long as you have access from above, should be doable, try and get a wire from the switch box up to the light box, and we'll fill in the rest of the blanks.

For delivery to higher floors, please get the product lifted from the point of delivery or make alternate arrangements. We recommend that you get in touch with the brand service centre directly on the number 1800 3070 8120, for quick assistance and hassle-free service.
Leaving a switch on will allow you to operate the light or fan or both thru the receiver with the remote. A central, enclosed bowl light is powered by a pair of energy efficient bulbs for general illumination. One the other hand as long as one switch or the other is in the 'on' position you can have control of the fan and light with the remote. In addition to its practical air-moving capabilities, the movement of the retro-styled Mustang II dual motor oscillating ceiling fan is a sure conversation piece.
Ceiling Fans Outdoor Ceiling Fans Portable Fans Bathroom Fans Wall Fans Fan Accessories Builder Fans Fans On Sale. Summary: Identifying the ceiling fan remote control frequency switch locations and settings with step-by-step photos and instructions.

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