Lending is a loan of interest money for a specific period. The attitude of Americans to the service is different: many actually live on credit, some are afraid of such obligations as fire. Does it make sense to take a 1000 dollar loan, depends on many circumstances: goals, income, conditions of banks, etc. Pay attention to the monthly payment on the loan: it should take a small part of your earnings. If the contribution will eat up most of the salary, you will not have the means to live. It is necessary to consult with a financial expert whether it is advantageous to take a loan in rubles now. It depends on the economic situation in the country. The choice of currency is provided by many banks.

According to statistics, the most popular financial products are apartment loans and consumer options. Own housing - a weighty argument to take money at interest. Whether you need to take a loan per square meter, a person decides for himself. But, since the apartment is necessary for every family, it is worth thinking about lending, if there is no other possibility to acquire your own meters. A good reason is the disease: own, children, parents, spouse. Health and well-being is worth it to get debt. Life threatening is not a situation when it is worth considering whether it is profitable to take a loan. Consumer credit allows you to purchase the desired thing right now, as soon as it becomes necessary. With the service of crediting, novelties of technology are available, for example, the latest model phone. If necessary, take a loan, but distinguish need from a whim. If you are looking for finances that you want to invest and multiply, it is worth applying for a loan. Investing in the future is always reasonable. For example, it is worth buying on credit a car that will be used for business purposes, bringing money. But think a hundred times, before signing a car loan agreement, if you want to simply show off in front of your friends at the wheel of a new car.

When is not the best time to take a loan

Significant minus lending - of course, interest. The commission, however small it may be, is still an overpayment. Do not take a loan at a high rate. The bank fee for the service should be reasonable. If you are not sure that you can not pay, do not risk. With the downward trend in income, you should not borrow money at interest. Wait for a stable time, but in the meantime ask for help from relatives. If the desire to make a purchase on credit appeared already in the store, it is clearly not necessary. Refrain from momentary weakness, so as not to regret later. Whether it is worth taking a loan depends on the conditions of a particular product, the financial situation and the need for acquisition. Different life circumstances happen when money is urgently needed. Sometimes a loan helps to cope with difficulties. It is necessary to distinguish the momentary whim from the voice of common sense. Weigh the pros and cons, and then make a decision.

Many members of the human race now have a loan. And I think that you, the readers of our blog, are also not deprived of this gift of an economic miracle. And those who have not yet started it reflect on themselves Which loan is better to take? Many members of the human race now have a loan. And I think that you, the readers of our blog, are also not deprived of this gift of an economic miracle. And those who have not yet started it reflect on themselves Which loan is better to take? But please! Do not hurry! Credits What are they? Unknown Robert Kiosaki divided them into two types good and bad. But as they say, if this is important, then it’s not a sin to happen again.

So let's start with the second part. What are bad loans? This is so familiar to us consumer loans for the purchase of any product. What are such borrowers most often faced with? In our advanced and rapidly developing world, almost any thing very quickly becomes not modern. That is, having bought a thing on credit, after a while you find a similar product for the same price, but much more functional and modern. And by the end of the loan payments, the goods you purchased are generally obsolete, even if you throw it away. Conclusion, you must again buy something new. And you again climb on credit in order not to fall behind the rapid progress. And everything would be fine, you seem to be using the thing, but on the other hand, you are spending too much. Is it really worth so much to invest effort and money to be a progressive person? Here is an indicative story:

Newlyweds who have not yet departed from the wedding rampage, decide to take a super professional camera loan for 1.5 thousand dollars. Parents on both sides support their decision, arguing that, they say, they work, have excellent salaries and will help in case of anything. But then suddenly the crisis struck, everyone was out of work at once Afterwards, they looked at the ill-fated camera, which every month took away their last crumbs, and thought what to do now and how to get rid of this bondage. And the bank called and demanded obligatory payments on the loan. And the most disgusting thing is that it was simply unrealistic to sell this camera during the crisis. For this reason, many "trapped" customers no longer love loans. Because, having bought sugary jokes “take a loan, solve your problems”, you feel in your own skin that when a crisis is squeezed or a crisis breaks out, or financial difficulties arise, even if they are not dependent on the person, banks do not care And the “caring and kind” bank suddenly turns into an evil monster. They will shake the soul out of you, but they will let you know, say, decide your own problems, but give us back some money. Therefore, after the crisis, I personally swore off to take consumer loans, since no thing in this world is worth my nerves.

Bank cards are generally a separate topic. Many even by mail can send a credit card, and then they call and ask if we activate it or not. So, as soon as a similar credit card comes to me, I immediately damage the magnetic layer with scissors, so that there is not even the temptation to activate it. Why am I doing this? Yes, because credit cards are a financial abyss into which your hard-earned money goes to feed the “caring” bank. My story is simple and known to many from my own experience. Once, my husband and I received a credit card for the first time, we immediately ran to the store for joy, and bought 2 cell phones, a radio phone, a home theater, clothes, and a little trifles for the loan money. We, as it should be, paid interest on the card and tried to return the debt on time. But it was not there. Unexpectedly, unexpected expenses occurred. And here is the card, at hand Why borrow money if you have a credit card?

We took all the money from her and stupidly spent it. Again began to return the debt on the card, slowly filling it. And then the New Year, after the holidays, money, as always, is not enough. What to do? Understandably, we take a credit card. And here the bank, having seen our decency in payments, unexpectedly increases our credit limit. That is, an additional amount of money appeared on the card. And, of course, they also went to all sorts of differences. Why did you leave? Yes, because we, spoiled by credit, have already begun to live beyond our means. As a result, for 5 years of using a credit card, our family paid the bank a percentage amount exceeding the credit limit allocated to us. However, we still owe them Therefore, remember my words a credit card is the first step to life beyond their means and spending of money. Money on the card is a great temptation, especially when you go with her to the supermarket or store and you see there is something very cool and “very necessary”. And then you just give the money to the bank for the pleasure you received many years ago. Therefore, credit cards can be called a bottomless barrel.

Somehow I saw in one bank an interesting slogan "They are trying for me." That's only after I took a loan, I realized its true meaning - we, who took a loan, do our best for the bank. However, I will not end this post on a bad note. Let's talk about the second type of loans - these are good loans. So a good loan is borrowed funds that are invested in a profitable business, in a business that will bring a profit in excess of the cost of interest. This is by no means a consumer loan. Imagine a situational situation when a bargain has failed you, and you simply have no money. And where to get them quickly if they are, in fact, not? What to do in this case? Here you can and show ingenuity. The money is in the bank, but not in the one gathering dust in your kitchen, but in the one with a beautiful sign and a full hut of people. In this case, the bank needs to “fuck” in full, as it will earn you all the same. Just follow a few simple rules: 1. Any transaction, business idea, etc. must be calculated "from" and "to". Those. there should be a business plan (I will write about the business plan in the next article). You must be 100% sure that you will be able to return the amount borrowed with interest. 2. Do not immediately take large amounts, as long as you have no experience. It is better to crank large sums when you have experience in order not to fly on the very first transaction for big money, which you will return for years. Let's give an example of one option for a small transaction with a good loan. So, I recently had a baby. Well, in order not to spend a lot of money on disposable diapers, I purchased reusable diapers. In our country, one such diaper costs an average of $ 10 apiece. Expensive, is not it? I will not describe the benefits of their use. I will stop on another. Having rummaged in the internet, I discovered that at the e-Bay auction (I will definitely tell about it later, since this is a very interesting type of business), these diapers are much cheaper. Namely, 1 dollar apiece. Cool, yeah? That is, the difference in cost is awesome. True, there is a waste of shipping - $ 25. We decide to buy these diapers and sell from us in the city with a profit. But here's a bad luck - cash in our pockets is zero. And here I am reminded of our ill-fated credit card. So, we take money from a credit card - we buy diapers at auction. In two weeks they come to us straight from China. And we push on the local city Internet market for $ 10 apiece. I can not say that they sold immediately. A month has passed from the moment of payment until the sale of the last diaper. But the result at the end was positive.