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DCIS a€“ Ductal carcinoma in situ : as the name clearly suggests DCIS is presence of tumor or cancerous cells in the milk duct of the breasts. DCIS can be categorized into three grades depending upon the growth of cancerous cells: Grade I, II and III. Symptoms of Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS) Majority of the affected female population did not have any specific presenting complaints, though a small portion report feeling pain in the breast and sometimes a discharge from the nipple of the breast. DCIS cases are easily detected by mammograms, about 80% of DCIS cases are diagnosed through a mammogram. Breast awareness is pertinent to women and is a tool which inarguably empowers women towards better health status.
When we look for cancer prior to an individual having any symptoms at all, it is termed as screening.

These procedures commonly involve sampling of one or two auxiliary lymphA nodes, a€?sentinela€? nodes, and most often are accompanied by post operative radiation.A Other treatment modalities include chemotherapy and treatment with hormones.
Being aware of the signs of breast cancer, including the presence of a lump, dimpling of the skin, newly developed nipple inversion, nipple discharge, and change in color or shape of the breast. It is a localized growth and as such is non a€“ invasive , though it can take an invasive form and as such needs to be treated immediately.
In grade I and grade II DCIS is described as non a€“ comedo while in grade III DCIS is explained as comedo necrosis.
The basic functionality of a mammogram is detection of dead cancer cells through calcium that develops in them. The idea is to encourage women on having an inclination towards understanding of their bodies and become more aware of their own breasts.

With the help of screening one can detect and diagnose an early stage cancer, as a timely diagnosis of cancer improves the prognosis.
It is important that women know and realize the feel and appearance of their breasts a€“ especially for younger women of the mid twenties age band.
As usually when a cancer has physically visible symptoms or even the symptoms are starting to appear it implies that he cancer has spread. In grade I and grade II DCIS, the cells get enough nourishment to grow unlike in grade III DCIS where cells starve and die giving rise to necrosis cells.

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