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The PREP program congratulates faculty member Carol Curtiss, MSN, RN-BC on the publication of her article, I’m Worried About People in Pain, in the American Journal of Nursing ( AJN, Jan 2016, Vol 116, No.
The Pain Research, Education and Policy Program (PREP) is honored to present the Annual Sackler Lecture with guest speaker, Scott M. The Pain Research Education and Policy Program invites students, alumni, health care professionals, clinical staff and faculty,  health communicators, public health advocates, and others to join us for Dr.
Congratulations to Pain Research, Education and Policy Program (PREP) student, Amy Vaz for an innovative and informative capstone project and presentation, Chronic Pain: The Good Day Diary. As a nurse and through her studies within the PREP program, Amy saw an unmet need for those living with chronic pain. Four Tufts University School of Medicine faculty members, Pamela Katz Ressler (Pain Research, Education and Policy Program), Libby Bradshaw (Pain Research, Education and Policy Program), Lisa Gualtieri (Health Communications Program), and Kenneth Chui (Public Health and Community Medicine) from the Tufts University School of Medicine in the Department of Public Health and Community Medicine recently published the results from a  formative research study,  Communicating the Experience of Chronic Pain and Illness through Blogging, in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. The goal of this research was to explore the use of patient illness blogs as a means of communicating the experience of chronic pain  and illness and to articulate the unique set of benefits and barriers of blogging. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently announced a new multidisciplinary pain program that will be focused on the role of the brain in perceiving, modifying, and managing pain.  The program, lead by internationally recognized pain researcher and neuroscientist, Catherine Bushnell, PhD,  will be based in the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), a part of the National Institutes of Health. The NIH announcement of the pain program comes at a critical time in the growing burden of chronic pain in our society.  The Institute of Medicine reports that more than 100 million people suffer from chronic pain conditions and nearly $635 billion is spent annually for treatment and lost productivity.
Research projects for the new program will include investigating  how chronic pain produces changes in the brain that may modify how the brain reacts to pain medications, such as opioids; as well as exploring factors such as emotion, environment and genetics in pain perception.
The Tufts Pain Research, Education and Policy program faculty and students will look forward to future collaboration with this innovative new program.
As has been discussed previously in this blog, the under-treatment of chronic or persistent pain places an enormous burden on individuals, the health care system, the economy and our society.  In June 2011, the Institute of Medicine reported that there are an estimated 116 million individuals in the United states who report chronic pain, at an economic cost of $635 billion per year. While reports of patient dissatisfaction with chronic pain management are disturbing, they are understandable when one recognizes the paucity of training most clinicians receive in chronic pain management.  According to the Association of American Medical Colleges less than 1 in 4 of the 133 accredited medical schools in the country teach students about chronic pain management and most students receive less than 11 hours of pain management training in their entire 4 years of medical school. While there are no easy answers to chronic pain management; patients, clinicians, educators and health care stakeholders all agree that our current approach to pain management is inadequate and needs to be addressed as we prepare to meet the increasing health needs of an aging baby-boomer population.
What are your thoughts on how we can create a more comprehensive model of chronic pain management?
The evidence continues to mount that proactive pain management makes a difference in lives (in this case, for both the identified patient and the staff and families that care for them in nursing homes). A research article was published in the British Medical Journal on July 17th and concludes the following: “A systematic approach to the management of pain significantly reduced agitation in residents of nursing homes with moderate to severe dementia.
Have you heard of any good studies recently?  We need to keep promoting evidence based practice and advocacy for people with undertreated pain…. As we mentioned in our last blog post, The International Association of  the Study of Pain , along with other prominent pain organizations such as The Mayday Fund, the Institute for Palliative Medicine at San Diego Hospice, the Union for International Cancer Control, have joined with the Lien Foundation by co-sponsoring a series of 50 short documentary films spotlighting the global burden of inadequate pain treatment in the project:  LIFE Before Death.
We welcome your comments on the overall LIFE Before Death project or the specific short films, which we will continually highlight on the Tufts University Pain Research, Education and Policy Program’s PREP-Aired blog throughout the year. Manage patients with chronic pain or pain related complaints through coordination of care with the patient’s primary physician and the Emergency Department. Support the treatment goals of the primary physician without encumbering the Emergency Department. Use non-narcotic pain relief, whenever possible, and as a standard of care for the treatment of headaches.
Congratulations to Bat Masterson, RN and the emergency department pain care management team at Kootenai Medical Center for an innovative and collaborative model of pain care.
Of the various types of warts, 74 percent are common, 24 percent verrucas, 3.5 percent plane, and 2 percent filiform.
The majority of warts disappear on their own; however, the ones that do not need to be medically treated for best results.
People are more likely to contract warts when they have damaged or wet skin and come into contact with rough surfaces. At the Cosmetic Enhancement Center of New England, we specialize in laser wart removal treatment. Did you know that 91% of people miss work or cannot function normally during a migraine attack? They are commonly categorized as headaches an individual may experience for 15 or more days of the month. The World Health Organization’s disability rating for migraines ranks them as the 19th most common reason for disability, a shocking statistic when you consider that an estimated 4% – 5% of the general population are affected.
Chronic headaches can unfortunately not be cured, but there are many medicinal and alternative treatments available to help sufferers get through the day.
When we take prescription and over the counter medication for headaches, all we are really doing is smothering the symptoms.
Write down your daily routine, when headaches occur, for how long, and how intense on a scale of 1 – 10.

German-born Max Gerson MD ( 1881 – 1959 ) developed the GERSON THERAPY after discovering the link between his diet and the debilitating headaches he had started experiencing. It can help prevent chronic headaches by reverting the brain’s attention to a new site.
For more information on chronic migraines, please read  Natural Remedies For Chronic Migraines. You will feel better and relaxed while most probably avoiding stiff muscles leading to headache. Acupuncture is used to effectively treat primary headaches, namely tension headaches and migraines.
The acupuncture process involves the insertion of fine needles into the specific areas affected. If you are looking for more information on treating chronic headaches, please read  How To Improve Your Migraine In 5 Minutes. Providing you get the right kind of physical therapy, you can rid yourself of chronic back pain. Chiropractors use their hands and sometimes various other tools to manipulate the joints of the body, like Lindenwoods Chiropractic.
Acupuncture might sound scary, but it’s actually a very effective natural treatment for chronic back pain. You don’t have to believe what you hear and resort to medication or surgery to cure your chronic back pain.
Verified Ads get more genuine responsesTo verify, Give a Missed Call to the below number1800 200 4141Its completely free! Prolotherapy is a non-surgical treatment for chronic back pain and injuries in tissues during which injections mainly designed to produce inflammation are injected in the paining are or in the wounded tissue.
Center for Joint Replacement & Advanced Orthopaediac Surgery provides excellent Prolotherapy Treatment For Chronic Back Pain at Affordable cost.
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They want to know what they can do to reduce the pain and get back to the activities they love. Fishman, a world-renowned authority on pain management, will lecture on the subject of interprofessional and competency-based education for clinicians managing pain. Fishman’s informative and engaging lecture, immediately followed by an interprofessional panel discussion. Dan Carr, states that the high level of dissatisfaction and complaints among patients seeking effective chronic pain management may reflect the traditional training of clinicians to focus only on objective measures and procedures to alleviate pain, without regard to the social and psychological aspects of persistent pain. HPV causes keratin, a hard protein, to grow too fast, causing a rough, small growth near the surface of the skin.
There are a variety of different types, including plane warts, mosaic warts, filiform warts, and verrucas warts. For information on our procedures, testimonials, before and after photos, and more, visit our website today. However, excessive snoring that routinely disrupts your sleep and your partner’s sleep is not normal. They act as a pain reliever because they contain something called salicin, an agent in popular over the counter pain killers. Soak two cotton swabs in the cayenne solution and stir them around to make sure that they are completely covered in powder.
A lot of back pain can go away by itself, but you can treat it with medication and other therapies. The physical therapist might use machines or traction, put you through a particular stretching exercise, or use more hands on techniques.
Studies show that this kind of treatment can help relieve both sudden and chronic back pain, and is considered to be as good as physical therapy and patient education in relieving the pain. Used in conjunction with other remedies, massage can help to relieve you – although we wouldn’t recommend it on it’s own.
Simply try one or more of the methods listed above, and then learn how to care for your back in your day to day life. At the Joint Center of Excellence we offer a number of options for reducing and eliminating chronic hip pain, ranging from medication to surgery.
Chronic, or persistent pain, is not only a personal health issue, but a public health and economic challenge for our country.  It is estimated that chronic pain costs the United States economy over $635 billion annually due to medical care and lost productivity. Amy explained that there are currently a number of products on the market that track pain and negative symptoms for chronic pain patients, but none that focus on good days or days with less pain.

Results suggest that blogging about chronic pain and illness may decrease a sense of isolation through the establishment of online connections with others and increases a sense of purpose to help others in similar situations. Masterson and a multidisciplinary team of health care professionals developed the Pain Care Management Program that embraced a coordinated care model and electronic communication tools to monitor and support pain patients who visited the emergency department.  Four goals of emergency department pain care were identified by the team and served as guiding principles in the development of strategies and interventions of the Pain Care Management Program of Kootenai Medical Center. Many warts can be treated with topical creams or even disappear on their own, but some warts are persistent and need to be treated with more advanced technologies. Procedures can be done in a doctor’s office or clinic, and local anesthetics may be used to numb the pain. Some people think that with chronic back pain, you need to take medication, have surgery, or do both together in order to rid yourself of your ailment.
This is a traditional Chinese therapy, and thought to help balance the flow of energy in your body as well as cure your pain.
Find used cars, rent or buy apartments, find a flatmate or even start a tiffin or catering service, hobby or dance class or a fashion boutique in your locality and much more. The first step, however, involves identifying the cause. Causes of Hip PainA number of factors can result in chronic hip pain.
We hope the information will be useful for you to become more educated about your health care decisions.
Amy plans to take her capstone project to the next level, by pursuing market research and product development. Ternstrom’s understanding of the challenges of pain medicine, along with other pain medicine luminaries such as Dr.
By understanding the truth about warts and the most effective methods for handling them, you can improve your chances of eliminating them in a healthy manner. Laser treatment is usually quite effective at treating serious warts and normally does not cause any scarring. However, there are plenty of alternative treatments that do not involve taking medication or having an operation. You’ll also learn exercises to do at home with this method, which will strengthen your back – so again, the treatment should not continue forever. Los Angeles doctors typically begin by looking at patient history as well as conducting a physical exam and certain imaging tests. Training our health care professionals to manage pain in an interprofessional model will allow for our health care system to effectively care for the increasing numbers of individuals suffering from chronic or persistent pain.
It is seen as a last resort, but only because there are other procedures such as liquid nitrogen freezing and topical chemical treatments that are covered by insurance. An effective physical therapy session is always learning what to do at home, and then actually doing it yourself.
Some of the most common reasons for chronic hip pain include:Arthritis – Arthritis of the hip may occur due to a number of conditions, including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Having physical therapy twice a week and then sitting in your usual bad posture or avoiding particular exercises isn’t going to do you any good.
These defects often lead to misalignment of the joint.Treatment for Chronic Hip Pain in Los AngelesOnce patients have determined the cause of their chronic hip pain, it is then possible to address the problem. Fishman serves as a co-principal investigator of the Interprofessional Pain Management Competencies Working Group of the Mayday Fund. Los Angeles joint experts may begin treatment with conservative methods, such as behavior modification, rest, physical therapy, and anti-inflammatory medication. For many patients, these methods are effective.For more severe chronic hip pain, Los Angeles patients may want to consider surgical options, such as hip arthroscopy. Hip arthroscopy is a type of minimally invasive hip surgery that uses a small, thin camera called an arthroscope to see inside the joint.
Hip arthroscopy allows for much smaller incisions and reduced damage to the surround tissue.There are many different kinds of surgical procedures that can be used for treating chronic hip pain. Los Angeles surgeons work with individual patients to identify the correct surgery for them.
The Joint Surgery Center of Excellence specializes in the latest minimally invasive treatments and techniques. Call us today to the get the answers to any questions you have about hip pain or to schedule an appointment. Damage to the rotator cuff is a common ailment for individuals of all ages and activity levels.

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