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I reviewed this tea's taste upon purchasing it and am pleasantly surprised I can say how well it works already.
I will post another review once I know how well it works on boosting my supply, this review is based on taste alone. I accidentally bought this tea instead of the regular Mother's Milk tea and I hate to say it, but YUCK. We love the fact that this traditional blend of Ayurvedic herbs, Shatavari and Cardamom, has been used for hundreds of years to help mothers support the production of breast milk and to promote healthy lactation*. I bought this tea when my little was just 8 months old to increase my supply as I was just able to get out of the house and leave a pumped bottle with hubby (usually I'd just take baby with me) and had only been getting two ounces out of the un-nursed breast. I avoid black teas while nursing, so it's nice that I can enjoy something similar to my favorite chai. Perhaps I'm just not used to the Shatavari flavor, but I am not liking this tea at all.

As I stated in my previous post, my baby had a cold with congestion and was nursing terribly which led to my supply dropping. I had a breast reduction after my 2nd baby, so I was aware that supply might be an issue with future babies. I had two cups,one night and one the next and was getting four ounces in ten minutes of pumping.
I also had a breast reduction 6 years ago after my first two children, so having less milk is something I worried about. So far everything has been fine, baby has been gaining great (2 lbs his first month and another 2 his 2nd). But in month 3, he picked up a cold from my 2 year old and has been stuffy and having problems nursing. I will probably continue to enjoy this even after I am no longer breastfeeding, it is that tasty!

I love this tea and just bought another case for when I give birth to my second baby in September. He had been fussing during feedings, upset, not nursing as long etc for several days and within two days of drinking this tea, we are back to enjoying our feedings instead of both being frustrated. So, hopefully with the help of this tea, lots of water and offering him the breast often, my supply goes back up! And I notice a boost in my supply within a few of hours of drinking which, as any breastfeeding mom can tell you, is a great benefit!
The original is helpful too, but this blend has worked better for me so I would recommend trying both and seeing what helps you the most and which able you enjoy the most.

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