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A few months ago at auction I purchased a number of Chinese Terracotta Yixing Zisha Teapots - before that time I had never heard of them.
All of the teapots have a Chinese seal on the bottom - (I'm not sure what it indicates though as I cant read Mandarin! Zisha teapots are easily available on eBay as they are still produced  and still very popular and reasonably priced, although naturally the more decorative and older the higher the price. Green Tea, best known for its grassy vegetal notes and greenish liquor and leaves, is quickly steamed or pan-fired to denature the oxidizing enzymes and preserve the tea's characteristic freshness. Our herbals are blended with lavishly delicious flavors, from famously soothing mints to exotic ingredients like cacao, fennel, anise, cardamom and lemongrass to succulent, juicy fruits like raspberry, orange, apple and even tart but deliciously sweet pomegranate. While white teas are "less processed" than greens, they are usually somewhat more oxidized.
YiXing (pronounced ee-shing) teapots have long been known in China for their simple beauty and unique tea brewing qualities, but are relatively unheard of in the United States and the rest of the world. We stock over 60 different types of tea that includes selections of Green tea, Oolong tea, Puer tea, White tea, Jasmine tea, Flowering Tea, Herbal tea and Taiwan Oolong teas. We accept return if the goods are damaged, or there're any shipping errors, such as you received a wrong model, wrong size or wrong color.
Bamboo Tea Tray Displaying And Serveing Tea Tea Tray Handicraft Chinese Congou Tea Set Chinese Teaism Practice. One of the nice things about the hotel I’m staying at is that it’s right in the middle of what they call Richmond’s Golden Village with its high concentration of Asian-themed stores and restaurants (they say something like 200 various Asian restaurants).
They have no glazes on them, inside or out, and because of the porous nature of the clay, they tend to absorb the flavor, smell, and color of the tea brewed in them. For this reason, the zisha teapots, which are always small and intended for individual use, are often dedicated by the Chinese to a single flavor of tea so as not to contaminate the smell and taste of a particular teapot. Made in Japan and crafted from quality ceramic, this Japanese Wave ceramic rice bowls set comes with six stylish matching bowls perfect for serving soup, salad, rice, and dessert dishes.
Featuring a vibrant deep blue exterior with black speckles, this Japanese Wave ceramic rice bowls set showcases a modern interpretation of the traditional Japanese karakusa wave design on the interior. In a classic white and featuring bold lines in dark blue forming stylized motifs of Japanese waves, this ceramic rice bowls set combines the classic design of karakusa waves with a contemporary twist. Bold, vibrant, and chic, this Modern Japanese Wave ceramic rice bowls set comes packaged in a paper box and makes a tasteful and fun housewarming gift.

The leaves are allowed to fully oxidize, creating their black color before they are dried, giving black tea more complexity, more astringency and fewer vegetal overtones than are typically found in other teas.
As with black tea and milk or sugar, flowers were added to green tea originally to disguise a less than favorable taste in the poorer varieties.
Mild oxidation occurs during the "wilting" stage, when white tea is air-dried after it is first picked.
It is one of the rarest types of tea, with long, slow production giving it a mellower, sweeter and riper flavour than green tea, as well as a refreshing cool feeling that lingers in the throat.
We also have a wide range of tea related products from exquisite porcelain teaware to glass teapots and tea cups, Yixing teapots, tea trays and everything else you need to make the perfect cup of Chinese tea. We regularly host Gongfu Cha tea ceremonry and tea tastings sessions in our little and cosy tea shop. Shipped by EMS, enjoy door to door service, within 5-15 business days to receive the package.
Over time they become a living repository of olfactory memories—hundreds or thousands of tea times stacked one upon the other. In fact, back in the day, the Chinese would carry their own teapots with them wherever they went and drink directly from the  spout—no cup needed. Astringency is the "dry mouth" sensation left by tannins in tea, familiar to drinkers of a cabernet sauvignon, or other wine. Dark teas from Hunan Province steep up medium-bodied, very smooth, and usually with a natural sweet note as opposed to the dark earthiness of puer. While the look is more along the lines of black teas, the taste is closer to the green teas but with a touch more oomph and a rounded mouthfeel. This is still the case with many commercially produced flower teas, which hide the taste of very cheap tea behind a strong flowery presence. White tea is then baked and dried further, and it may be very lightly rolled, but little is done to change what was picked from the plant.
After prolonged use Zisha teapots will develop a rich patina inside which enhances the taste, color and aroma of the tea. Oolongs are commonly produced in the Fujian province of China and on the island of Taiwan, formerly called Formosa, from which one of the more famous oolong teas is named. However, just as Earl Grey black tea infused with Bergamot oil came to represent some of the finest tea made in the west, Chinese varieties can also be found combining really fine quality teas with a subtle but distinct flavor.

One way to tell that white tea is slightly oxidized is that white teas don't usually need to be steeped as carefully as greens.
And it is also good for the further maintenance of the teapot, and it also can avoid the “abrupt break” of teapot in some cold area (such as north-east China).How to care zisha clay teapotThe teapot maintenance request your patience, DO NOT use any sand-contained polishing cloth to clean the teapot, otherwise the surface of the teapot will be hurt and scratched. Externally the unglazed surface absorbs oil from being handled, and with use grows more  lustrous. Achieving the right balance of astringency is one of the leading indicators of quality in a black tea. Like puer, dark teas age well and are probiotic.Traditionally, all dark teas are rinsed with hot water, then are made with boiling water and steeped a short time (1-5 minutes), but they can be steeped much longer for a much stronger brew. Steeping white tea with boiling water or for longer time periods can still produce good results. It is suggested to use cotton cloth and nylon brush to clean the teapot, and wash directly with clear water. These come from Yixing, China and are made from a unique purple clay (the teapots first appeared during the Sung Dynasty, 960-1279).
Be careful do not wash too hard to break the teapot.Care the teapot with your heart, and use right gesture to pour the tea water, it is suggested use the thumb or index finger to press the lid when pouring. We normally do not drink the first-time tea water, which can be use to pour on the surface of the teapot. Use the cloth to clean the teapot frequently, otherwise the tea dirt will cover the surface of the teapot and will reduce its value.
A well-maintained teapot will have “natural-coating”, which should be introvert “dark” or “dim” colour, on the surface of the teapot. Black tea, Puer tea and Oolong are best for teapot maintenance.The teapot also need time to rest, normally a teapot should be rest in well-ventilated place (away from direct sunshine)for about 20 days after 2-3 months use , which can make the teapot better absorb the tea flavour and the “natural coating” more beautiful.
It is suggested to take a photo before using the teapot, then again after use 3 month, you will be glad to find the improvement on the teapot by your careful maintenance.

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