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Traditional Chinese Medicine, commonly referred to by its acronym TCM, is a two thousand year old system of medicine that utilizes herbs, acupuncture and diet to correct imbalances in the body. First you need to identify the Chinese diagnosis of your eczema as the treatment is individualized to both the presentation of the eczema and the constitution of the person. Follow the instruction below to discover your TCM eczema diagnosis and select the appropriate acupuncture points, herbs and foods for natural healing. The answers, in combination with the appearance of the patient’s tongue and the type of wrist pulse are used to determine a diagnosis and then the subsequent treatments.
Jot down your answers to the following questions to help yourself identify your TCM diagnosis. Are you a person who is generally warm or do you have a tendency to feel cooler than most people in the same environment? For ladies, this question asks about the appearance of the menstrual period as well as the flow. In TCM, hearing tells the practitioner much about the ears but also refers to kidney health as the kidney opens to the ears according to Chinese medicine principals. Using the answers from the previous questions will help you discover which Chinese diagnosis most fits your eczema and lead to the proper selection of foods, herbal medicines and acupuncture points to treat your condition. It’s important to note that a person can have a combination of more than one Chinese diagnosis at a time. If a person has signs of both wind and heat then they should look for an herbal formula and acupuncture points that address both of those conditions. Contains the following herbs: sophora , gypsum, rehmannia, articum lappa, sesame, angelica and licorice root. Herbs in this formula include dioscorea, phellodendron, plantago, paeonia and gardenia fruit.
Herbs commonly in Jia Wei Xiao Yao San are paeonia, poria, atractylodes, gardenia, bupleurum, ginger, mint and licorice. None of these formulas should be taken by pregnant or nursing mothers without the advice of an acupuncturist or physician trained in traditional Chinese medicine. Acupuncture is a medical treatment that involves penetrating specific points on the skin with very thin needles. The points correspond with different organs of the body as well as different body functions. Depending on how the needles are inserted, the acupuncturist is working to either tonify (build up) or release energy to improve health and treat diseases. If you do not have access to an acupuncturist then an alternative is to stimulate those points by either rubbing, applying pressure or by using acupressure beads that stick to the points. All of these points are bilateral, meaning that they are found on the same place on both the right and left side of the body.
Location: Located on the little finger, just below the nail, in the cuticle on the side closest to your ring finger. Look for the section of skin which transitions from whiter (or darker depending on ethnicity) skin to pinker skin as Spleen 2 is located on this transition point. An essential point for women’s health and digestion, Spleen 6 is also a major acupuncture point for skin conditions.
Also abbreviated as UB 54, urinary bladder 54 is a point that helps with lower back pain, urinary problems, hemorrhoids and constipation. Location: UB 54 is located in the lower part of your sacrum, which is the boney structure connecting your spine to your hips. UB 54 is on the hiatus of the sacrum, therefore, it’s located in the last indentation (the lowest, closest to your tailbone). This point is used to regulate the blood and is used in menstrual difficulties in addition to eczema. Liver 11 is often stimulated in eczema conditions aggravated by hormonal fluctuations such as puberty, pregnancy, the menstrual cycle or menopause. It is also useful for eczema secondary to a sluggish liver function and environmental toxicity.
Liver 11 is two thumb widths below the pubic tubercle, on the edge of a muscle called the abductor longus.
Location: Find your belly button and then go four thumb widths down towards your feet and ? of a thumb width to the right and left. Location: LI 4 is found on the hand in the fleshy mound of tissue between the thumb and pointer finger when you are holding the thumb firmly against the hand.
It is used with many skin conditions but is particularly good at clearing up eczema with any signs of damp heat.

This point is also used to clear redness, help reduce hypertension and improve symptoms of arthritis in the upper body.
Location: Flex your elbow with your palm pointed upward and LI11 is located at the very outer edge of the crease (lateral). The ebook Eczema Free is a great resource to find additional natural strategies to eradicate eczema. Acupuncture works on specific sites on the body, used to help with the ‘qi’ or energy flow around the body along areas called ‘meridian channels’. Dry Needling on the other hand is used to help break up what are technically called ‘trigger points’, or what are often called ‘knots’.
Dry Needling is used to break up trigger points by activating your body’s natural healing response. Acupuncture can be effective when used in conjunction with other therapies in treating numerous medical conditions. Want to know more about how Dry Needling works and how it can help you… Book Your appointment with us at The Podiatry Studio TODAY! Natureology Health and Beauty Centre’s staff have over 11 years of experience in the art of foot reflexology. Massage Therapists use various techniques to stimulate circulation, enhance function and ranges of motion, aid in the healing process, eliminate muscular spasming, adhesions or trigger point development, improving neuromuscular function, while promoting relaxation and well-being. Sports Massage Therapy is performed to aid in the healing process of current acute or chronic injuries to musculature, tendons, ligaments or joints and prevents any chronic injuries from developing. This technique is used to treat myofascial adhesions and myofascial trigger points specifically; as well as stimulate peripheral nerves, improve circulation and lymphatic flow to the affected area by removing blockages and toxins and aid in nutritional supply and metabolism to the tissue. When using this technique to areas of pain, the effect is very quick and efficient to head, neck, shoulder, back, knees, ankles, elbows and wrist pain, sciatica, nerve pain, migraines, tendonitis, sprains and strains.
NeuroKinetic Therapy™ is an excellent modality for rehabilitation and preventative therapy because it not only identifies the causes of pain and dysfunction, but can also correct them quickly and quite painlessly. An NKT treatment looks very much like a massage, however, you may or may not be required to disrobe.
Having a healthy pregnancy is vital for you and your baby, it is important to get the right nutrition, follow a proper exercise plan and get plenty of rest.
By utilizing massage therapy as a healthy choice for you and your baby, you will be on your way to ensuring the healthiest and happiest pregnancy possible. MLD is a gentle rhythmic, massage-like movement that requires a trained therapist to obtain positive results. The lymphatic system has a vital role in the body by regulation the immune system, which protects the body against infection. Lymphedema is abnormal swelling that usually occurs in the arms or legs as a result of surgery (i.e. The Osteopathic practitioner examines the complex interconnectedness of the whole body’s main systems, as a single unit.
Francine Wright has finished her 5 years of study with the Canadian College of Osteopathy but still has to complete her thesis to gain accreditation. She is not an Osteopath and is unable to bill as an Osteopath until she has completed her education with the CEO but would be pleased to refer to an Osteopath in your area. Totton-Southampton Chinese Medical Centre was established in 2003 and with help and support from all of our friends and patients, our business is going from strength to strength. All of practitioners have undergone at least five years full time training in the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing, over ten years clinical experience with proven efficacy in their own fields of internal medicine, dermatology, gynaecology, surgery, etc.
Our services include acupuncture, herbal medicine, acupressure, massage, reflexology, ear candles, ear points, beauty therapy, cupping therapy and allergy testing. TCM methods take into consideration not only the appearance of the rash but also the constitution and overall health of the person.
XIAO FENG WAN – eczema sufferers with signs of wind and damp would benefit from this formula. JIA WEI XIAO YAO SAN – the herbs in this formula are indicated for those with qi stagnation and heat signs. Lung 4 is located 5 thumbwidths (use your own thumb for best accuracy) above the crease your arm makes when your elbow is flexed. It is directly 3 thumb widths above the medial malleolus, which is the boney bump of your inner ankle. Trace along your pubic bone and find the point where it bulges up a little (called the pubic tubercle).
Fresh young coconut, including the firm meat and shell: Brings moistures, improves dry eczema. It is performed to help with your body’s internal function and can have all sorts of positive effects on your immune system, connective tissue like muscles and ligaments, and even your skin.

Trigger points are hyper-irritable and contained within active sections of your muscles anywhere in the body.
Needles are placed directly into the irritable point; think of it like ‘popping a balloon’, which relaxes the muscle and releases the trigger point . With increasing knowledge of the success of acupuncture there is now ongoing research into the benefits of dry needling. For century’s Chinese medicine believed that the foot contained the root to curing ones ailments.
We use a combination of Chinese herbs and relaxing hand massage to preserve and maintain your health, beauty and well-being of the feet. Many benefits come from cupping massage modalities including deep tissue therapy, myofascia releasing, increasing range of motion, sprains and strains, fibromyalgia, drainage of excess fluids and edema as well as tight and painful muscles. The motor control centre stores patterns of movement and directs their completion through the spinal cord, nerves and muscles. You may be assessed by being asked to perform tasks (like a squat, lunge, standing on one leg, etc) or asked to stand or walk to assess posture and gait. Pregnancy massage will help your sleep and exercise requirements, reduce aches and pains, alleviate stress and anxiety, and improve circulation. MLD is helpful in decreasing swelling, lowering pain levels and is an extremely effective method of detoxification. A highly trained sense of touch, biomechanical analysis, and other tests are used to identify and correct structural imbalance and other restrictions within the body.
The herbs are used to warm regions and acupuncture points with the intention of stimulating circulation and inducing a smoother flow of blood and Qi.
Kidney 12 is used to treat eczema but it’s also recommended for impotence and uterine prolapse. They are identified by your practitioner by using a number of techniques, including experiencing discomfort when the area is agitated or poked and they often feel like a little lump in the muscle.
Numerous studies are now showing the effectiveness of treating common foot problems, including heel pain. Modern medicine has since concluded that the foot contains many blood vessels and nerve endings(Acu-Points) that are connected directly to the brain. Cupping aids in the removal of pathogenic factors through blood flow and restricted areas of the body. Then you will be positioned on a massage table and will be asked to resist a variety of movements to activate different muscle groups.
Many women also suffer from sciatica and swelling of the joints; massage therapy will help drain the swelling and reduce sciatica symptoms, this will minimize discomfort for you and your baby.
Osteopathy is a natural medicine based on removing the underlying causes of pain and illness, rather than managing symptoms.
When all the components are in balance, the body’s self-healing ability is restored, and continues to function without requiring further intervention.
By stimulating these foot reflex points through various methods of hand massage we can improve blood flow to the brain to assist in the relief of stress related headaches, leg swelling, arthritis pain and many other ailments. When a muscle, joint or other body tissue is injured, the motor control centre will find a substitute to perform the function.
In combination with skin care, bandaging, and compression garments MLD can provide very successful treatment. Often, even once healing of the injured tissue has occurred, these substitute patterns remain and lead to dysfunction and pain.  This is a situation where NKT™ can be used to re-program the motor control centre, and re-establish correct patterns of movement.
You will be given 1-3 corrective exercises to do at home that will often mimic what the therapist did during your session. Symptoms, whether involving pain, restriction of movement, digestive dysfunction, fatigue, headaches or migraines, stress, etc.
These correctives will ensure that you re-enforce the conversion from faulty to proper movement patterns, and will be important in you seeing results quickly. Your initial NKT session will take 60-90 minutes and subsequent visits may last any where from 30-60min depending on your needs and the complexity of the condition being treated.

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