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Western-based experts see the integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and conventional Western medicine as the future of medical science.
The State Council has recently published a five-year plan targeting the development of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).
The scheme is aimed at increasing the presence of TCM services in health care and making them more competitive in the international medical arena.
According to China's cabinet, the country will continually see reforms in medical-related measures for the periods 2015 until 2020. The plan also covers the promotion of the TCM culture, injecting it on various services on health maintenance, recovery and elderly care. The government furthermore urges private companies to invest in TCM services, adding that more favorable policies are underway to support the development scheme. TCM services will be available in all community health hubs, township medical establishments and in the majority of village clinics, the plan added. Moreover, TCM facilities and institutions will also be subject to close control and monitoring, including regular assessment methods geared at enriching examination services.
The aid of information technology will also be utilized to efficiently and effectively enhance the country's traditional medicine sector. TCM can be traced to as far back as 2,000 years ago; hence many see this as a true Chinese treasure.
The State Council released on Thursday a five-year plan to develop traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) with the aims of increasing its proportion in the healthcare system and make it more competitive abroad, China News Service reported.
The plan puts forward some requirements on the reform of the medical system, including a standardization of the industry, promotion of Chinese medical culture and foreign trade of Chinese medicine service to deepen medical reform. The reform recognizes the benefits of the combined use of modern medicine and Chinese traditional medicine in treating chronic illnesses.
A 6-member delegation of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of the People’s Republic of China, led by the Deputy Minister of the PRC Ministry of Health, Mr. The delegation commended the TC-CTCMPAO on the significant progress made in developing regulations for TCM to achieve self-regulatory status within the Ontario health professions regulatory system.

The delegates recognized the challenges facing the TC-CTCMPAO and the government in bringing traditional Chinese medicine into the health regulatory system and in ensuring that patients receive safe service from qualified practitioners. The College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario is financially supported by the Ontario Government.
China is planning to make traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) a pillar industry, according to Xinhua News agency, citing a blueprint released by the State Council on Friday. The plan calls for equal attention between TCM and Western medicine, arranging tasks such as "Internet + TCM," incorporating TCM with elderly care and tourism, creating new drugs especially for communicable diseases and severe conditions, preserving inherited TCM knowledge and technology and enhancing industrial production of TCM.
The initiative suggests a modification to the existing law and standardization as well as teaching basic TCM to students in the primary and middle school. Earlier this month, Catalonia commissioned the first ever Centre of Chinese Traditional Medicine to be established outside Asia following an agreement inked between the Catalan government and a Chinese consortium led by the government Beijing.
If you are thinking of purchasing the new OnePlus 3, here is a breakdown of the phone's key features and other important things to look out for. This harmony is acheived through the use of heat, moisture, acupuncture and herbs to ensure the correct distribution of energy throughout the body. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics,  8,600 people were employed as complementary health therapists in 2006. The leading occupations were naturopaths (2,980) and chiropractors (2,490), up 56% and 45% respectively from 1996. As well, the government will also boost its effort in improving public health, a key driver for the nation's economic growth. This kind of medicine utilized over 1,000 kind of materials that mainly come from plants, animals and minerals. It's located in east-central Henan in China, and is known for the oldest extant Jewish community in the country, as well as its bustling night market.
It also includes a remit requiring insurance companies to encourage the use of TCM throughout the health system, wherever possible. Guo Qiang WANG, visited the Transitional Council of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario (TC-CTCMPAO) on June 15, 2010.

Stephen CHENG, Senior Policy Analyst of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, and staff of the transitional Council. CHENG and the Registrar provided an overview on the health regulatory system in Canada and in Ontario. WANG spoke and suggested a number of approaches to regulation which coincided with the approaches and directions taken by the TC-CTCMPAO. The TC-CTCMPAO is currently working closely with other provinces and sharing their experiences under the Canadian Alliance of Regulatory Bodies for Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists (CARB) and references the experience of other countries, including the Chinese Medicine Council of Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore.
However, the views expressed on this site do not necessarily reflect those of the Province. Aside from the TCM, the country also aims to support research and development of new drugs using indigenous intellectual property under the 13th Five-year plan. The National Health and Family Planning Commission has revealed that around 20 new drugs (such as anti-tumor icotinib hydrochloride Chidamide and the hand-foot-mouth disease inactivated EV71 vaccine) were developed within the 12th Five-year plan (between 2011 and 2015) - a threefold increase from those developed 50 years before. This was 80% higher than the number in 1996 (although some of the increase was due to classification changes). They may provide specialist skills in treatment for women and children and in traumatology treatment. Over the same period, the Australian population increased by 12% and the total number of health professionals rose by 31%. They were least prominent among traditional Chinese medicine practitioners (42%) and chiropractors (33%).

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