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While we're still singing a cappella to the first film's soundtrack, Pitch Perfect 2 is well underway! In celebration of Banks' pride and joy, we're breaking down five things you didn't know about the cast. Treblemakers front man Skylar Astin’s ability to sing and dance shouldn’t come as a surprise – he starred alongside Frozen’s Jonathan Groff and Glee’s Lea Michele in the Broadway musical, Spring Awakening from 2006 to 2008.
Actor and comedian Adam Devine found his way into the film franchise with a very special audition song… the theme from Full House! While keeping relatively quiet in the film, Hana Mae Lee dabbles in Korean folk singing and even auditioned for the first film with her own traditional tune. We wouldn't have ever known the greatness that is Fat Amy if actress Rebel Wilson hadn't contracted malaria while she was in Africa.
Trung Trac, Vietnam's maiden hero who liberated her homeland after 247 years of Chinese domination, vs.

Next match-up will be: Troupes de Marine, when France has a problem overseas, these guys are deployed to deal with it, vs. We recently caught up with Elizabeth Banks – who produced and appeared in the first film, and is directing the sequel – and she told us just how proud she is of the franchise. Ester Dean is a renowned producer and songwriter with an impressive record of number one hits including Rihanna's "S&M" (which we heard her sing at the riff off) and other smash songs for Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, and even Beyonce.
Boudica, the rebellious "Queen of Celts" who took what is now London away from the powerful Romans. She walks into her home and discovers her father's body hanging against the wall with nails holding up his lifeless body. She rubs her hand up and down her elephant's trunk and hums and sings gently Quan h?, a traditional Vietnamese folk song.
She darts outside and sees that her elephant was speared several times with several Lanceas still stuck within his body.

Tears well up in Trung's eyes as she rushes back inside her abode and discovers a tall, pale woman carrying the exact spear that killed her elephant. As she swings down, Trung draws her Dao Gam and stabs it into Boudica's thigh, directly into her femoral artery. The Celt charges at full speed, but Trung jumps out the window into a stack of banana leaves.

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