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The conclusion of a recent report of a Japanese parliamentary panel that the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant disaster was rooted in government-industry a€?collusiona€? and thus was a€?man-madea€? is mirrored throughout the world.
Thata€™s because radioactivity embrittles their metal components and degrades other parts after 40 years, making the plants unsafe to operate.
Moreover, the NRCa€™s chairman, Gregory Jaczko, recently resigned in the face of an assault on him by the nuclear industry and his four fellow NRC members led by William D. A recent survey that examined 38,114 Fukushima children found that 36 percent have abnormal thyroid growths. The NRC was set up to be an independent regulator of nuclear power to replace the AEC which was established by Congress under the Atomic Energy Act of 1946. How could regulatory agencies allow nuclear power plants a€“ like the tsunami-flooded Fukushima Dai-ichi plant shown here and the two plants in Southern California a€“ to be so vulnerable to earthquakes and tsunamis where those catastrophes are common? Squamous cell frequently originating in the larger bronchi and sometimes spreading by extension and lymph node metastasis. This journal is a member of and subscribes to the principles of the Committee on Publication Ethics. Blood vessel – wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, The blood vessels are the part of the circulatory system that transports blood throughout the human body. Children with anogenital symptoms and signs referred for, Research from jama pediatrics — children with anogenital symptoms and signs referred for sexual abuse evaluations. Luteal phase support in assisted reproductive technology, Luteal phase support in assisted reproductive technology treatment: focus on endometrin® (progesterone) vaginal insert. Reproducing content presented on this site in any form is prohibited without written permission.
Cancer type: breast cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, prostate cancer, thyroid cancer and ovarian cancer. The blood-sugar level is increased when the pancreas gland is unable to produce much-needed insulin, giving rise to Diabetes Mellitus. Obesity, lack of exercise, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption could lead to hypertension, which is often accompanied by heart disease and stroke.
The high natural antioxidant content in Buah Merah increased CD4 levels and helped boost the immune system of HIV patients. Beta-cartone, which is provitamin A gets converted into vitamin A in the body and helps cure eye obstruction that is caused due to lack of vitamin A.
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A new type of radiation treatment may soon be offered for patients who suffer from prostate cancer. Rather than the standard radiation therapy currently given, this new therapy is called stereotactic body radiotherapy. It is a safe and effective alternative, and uses x-rays to more precisely target the sites where the radiation is to be delivered. Traditional cancer radiation therapy for prostate cancer can cause urinary problems and damage to the rectal area. With the new therapy, patients were able to receive radiation treatment every other day instead of every day, which may have reduced complications.
So far, three years after receiving the new treatment, none of the patients has had their cancer return.
However, it is too soon to tell whether or not this type of radiation therapy will replace traditional radiation therapy as the standard of care of treatment for prostate cancer; further studies are ongoing. This site exercises the 1st amendment right and is used for information and educational purposes only.
Your health and wellness depends on your awareness and commitment to learn and follow through on keeping yourself healthy. The American Thyroid Association (ATA) reports that thyroid problems from nuclear events occur when radioactive iodine is leaked into the atmosphere. The a€?regulatory capturea€? cited by the panel is the pattern among nuclear agencies right up to the International Atomic Energy Agency. Therefore, we conclude that the accident was clearly a€?man-made,a€™a€? said the report of the panel established by the National Diet or parliament of Japan.
Nuclear Regulatory Commission and its predecessor agency, the Atomic Energy Commission, never denied a construction or operating license for a nuclear power plant anywhere, anytime.
The AEC was given the dual missions of promoting and regulating nuclear power a€“ a conflict of interest, Congress realized in 1974, so it eliminated the AEC and created the NRC as regulator and, later, the Department of Energy as promoter of nuclear power.

The a€?regulatory capturea€? cited in the Japanese panela€™s report has occurred all over the world a€“ with the nuclear industry and those promoting nuclear power in governments making sure that the nuclear foxes are in charge of the nuclear hen houses. With some very important exceptions, people have not adequately taken on the nuclear authorities.
The beta-carotene and tocopherol in Buah Merah act as antioxidants and enhance the immune system of the body by working to prevent the growth of cancer cells. The tocopherol in Buah Merah helps improve the performance of the pancreas, thus helping to prevent this condition. The tocopherol present in Buah Merah helped dilute the blood enabling the smooth circulation of blood to the different parts of the body. The antivirus and antioxidants in Buah Merah help prevent formation of cancer cells and also speed up regeneration of liver cells. It supplies the bones with much-needed calcium that can help prevent osteoporosis, which is primarily caused by lack of calcium. Fertility in men as well as women is also increased due to the tocopherol and the vitamin E that is present in the fruit. Patients who received stereotactic body radiotherapy had no greater number of side effects, and had fewer complications. All material provided on this website is provided for informational or educational purposes only. Empowered Truth For YouBusting these 10 cancer myths can help bring light to cancer prevention, cancer treatment and cancer remission.Continue reading "10 Cancer Myths. My articles are in offering to begin to dive deeper into awareness for understanding cancer on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.
The NRC has been busy in recent times not only giving the go-ahead to new nuclear power plant construction in the U.S. Magwood is typical of most NRC and AEC commissioners through the decades a€“ a zealous promoter of nuclear power.
Helen Caldicott said, a€?You would not expect abnormalities to appear so early a€“ within the first year or so a€“ therefore one can assume that they must have received a high dose of (radiation).a€? Here, officials in protective gear check for signs of radiation on children from the evacuation area near the nuclear plant. He a€?led the creation,a€? according to his NRC biography, of DOE programs pushing nuclear power, a€?Nuclear Power 2010a€? and a€?Generation IV.a€? Prior to that, he worked for the Edison Electric Institute and Westinghouse, a major nuclear power plant manufacturer. But both the NRC and DOE have ended up pushing nuclear power with revolving doors between them and the governmenta€™s national nuclear laboratories a€“ and the nuclear industry. Later came Hans Blix after he led a move in his native Sweden against an effort to close nuclear plants there.
Lung cells usually reproduce to maintain healthy lung tissue and repair old, aged, damaged cells.
Score 2 (c and d) was considered in the presence of a membranous pattern of staining in less than 50% of tumors cells, either in scattered cells with complete membrane outlining (c) or with partial membrane staining in most tumor cells (d).
The beta-carotene in Buah Merah slowed down the blockage in the arteries, helping smooth flow of blood to the heart and the brain.
He came to the NRC after running Advanced Energy Strategies, through which he served as a consultant to various companies involved with nuclear power, including many in Japan a€“ among them Tepco.
The nuclear promoters have set up a corrupt system to enable them to get their way with their deadly technology. If for some reason the growth mechanism is off, the cell growth can become too much and the cells can divide too fast. Score 3 was clearly recognizable by a membranous, usually intense, staining in more than 50% of tumors cells (e and f).
A Cancer Survivors Health JourneyDetox your body for cellular cleansing and vibrant holistic health.
This process can continue and grow in an uncontrolled way causing a tumor.Carcinoma of the lung has the ability to metastasize early. A Cancer Survivors Health Journey"Jun 03, 2015Laetrile-Powerful Cancer Treatment And MoreBenefits of laetrile a non- toxic cancer treatment.
We believe that it is also of great importance to build the body’s immune system while doing an anti-tumor program. Learn what it powerfully does to cancer cells!Continue reading "Laetrile-Powerful Cancer Treatment And More"Jun 02, 2015Cancer Prevention Diet. Pneumonia Chest, shoulder, or arm pain Weight loss Bone pain Hoarseness Headaches or seizures Swelling of the face Pleural effusion is when there is some fluid in the lung or lungs. Detect Cancer And Viral Infections EarlyLearn why getting nagalase test results can help you catch cancer and other disease before it becomes life threatening.Continue reading "Nagalase Test Results. Risk Factors of Lung Cancer:It is believed that cigarette smoking is the number one reason for lung cancers.

The more cigarettes smoked in a day and the younger the age of starting to smoke, the greater the risk of lungs being affected with cancer. Cancer healing options that are non-toxic and bring your body back into balance to help you survive cancer.Continue reading "Alternative Cancer Treatment. The major chemicals in cigarettes other than nicotine are polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHS), nicotine by-products, metals such as cadmium and nickel, tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs), and radioactive polonium 210 (210Po).
Elements of cigarette vapor include oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, water, nitrogen oxides, formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide, benzene, and toluene.New studies are showing that alcoholism is associated with significant immune suppression. The correlation is shown by changes in the interferon system and by the altered activity of the natural killer cells.This form of cancer develops in regions of scar areas such as scars from tuberculosis. How to help avoid a cancer recurrence after surgery for cancer.Continue reading "Cancer Surgery.
Some possible air pollutants are diesel exhaust, tar and pitch, arsenic, dioxin, cadmium, chromium, and nickel compounds.A diet low in fruit and vegetables is is also blamed for an increase in cancer of the lungs. Studies show a positive correlation between the intake of cholesterol and dietary fat and lung cancer.Lung surgery is performed to cure the patient in the early stages. Health choices from traditional to atternative breast cancer treatment.Continue reading "Advanced Breast Cancer.
The success rate depends on the condition of the lungs and which state of cancer he or she is in.
Biopsy: the removal and examination of a small piece of tissue from the living body to determine if cancer cells are present.
What Traditional Cancer Treatment Does Not Teach.Envision an increase in lung cancer survival rates.
Bronchioles: the smaller air passages that lead from the bronchi further into the lung tissue. Bronchoscope: an instrument for inspecting the interior of the lungs and allows a way to get specimens for culture or biopsy. Lung cancer statistics can be transformed with focus and education.Continue reading "Lung Cancer Survival Rates. Body, Mind Wisdom and Effective Cancer Treatment.Gain expanded cancer knowledge beyond lung cancer stages. Healthy, holistic healing options for all stages of lung cancer.Continue reading "Lung Cancer Stages.
Stop feeling helpless to your disease…you still have options! Are you looking for an Alternative, complementary treatment that Really works?
Healthy Nutrition Guidance A wellness diet cancer treatment offers nutritional balance and tools for healing cancer naturally.Continue reading "Diet Cancer Treatment.
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Help Prevent Cancer For Vibrant Living.Holistic diet nutrition health for help in cancer prevention, cancer treatment and chronic disease prevention. Help Prevent Cancer and Treat CancerVital nutrition for kids gives them a chance in childhood cancer prevention. Remove toxic foods for cancer treatment also.Continue reading "Most Unhealthy Foods Linked To Cancer. Why eating organic food helps in cancer prevention, chronic dis-ease and vibrant health!Continue reading "Organic Food Health. Learn Tips and Tools.Many bone cancer treatment options from alternative cancer treatment to conventional.

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