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With the oncoming season of allergies and the accompanying symptoms, I am seeing more patients in the clinic who want to address this. As most of us know, either from personal experience, friends or family who deal with this, or from seeing the blitz of commercials advertising allergy medication at this time of year, the common symptoms range from sneezing, dry or sore throat, itchy watery eyes, and a runny or congested nose.
So, now our treatment plan takes shape; to clear the wind and heat or cold from the yang external meridians (energetic pathways running throughout the body) which are causing the symptoms, and also to boost the immune system to guard against these influences.
With acupuncture, we will target the meridians which affect the nose, sinuses, and head in general.
We can see from this image that this Yang meridian (Yang Ming- Bright Yang-??)has a connection to the nasal area. We can also see from this other image (below left) that this meridian (Tai Yang – Great yang- ??) starts at the upper sinus area, runs over the head, and down the back. In addition to using acupuncture to treat the symptoms affecting the head and face area, we will also provide an herbal formula that will aid in expelling the pathogenic influences in addition to strengthening the immune system.
This can be combined with some simple dietary changes that may be influencing the condition, as well as some recommendations for vitamins which will supplement the immune boosting focus of the treatment plan. Please feel free to contact me should you have any further questions, or would like to start on a treatment plan to address any of these (or any other) health concerns. Ryan has had an acupuncture license since 2002 and a Traditional Chinese Medicine (herbal) Practitioner license since 2003. Please check your shipping address before completing your transaction with Paypal!Money back guarantee on all orders. Acupressure Facial Rejuvenation Points help to promote healthy skin by improving overall health and well being to the whole body.
Laminated 8.5 X 11 chart with the smoking cessation formula and you get formulas for weight loss, alcoholism and drug addiction. It is possible to rub certain zones of your face to relieve a backache or the beginnings of a migraine. In Facial Reflexology Marie-France Muller introduces this healing practice to the English-speaking world for the first time. The following for ancient Chinese music may be witnessing a decline, but Liu Sola, a pioneering musician, finds it contemporary.
The faces of individuals with this condition tends to sweat uncontrollably even with light physical activities with sweat beads forming continually on the forehead, the nose, above the lips or the whole face. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the stomach meridian and large intestine meridian runs through the face, therefore excessive facial sweating is usually associated with internal heat or damp-heat accumulations brought in by the two meridians to the head region. Children are more likely to have excessive head sweating than adults, particularly during sleeping, since they have active metabolisms and their internal systems are under development. People with excessive sweating on the facial and head regions may also have thirst, fatigue, abdominal distention, feverish sensation of the body, yellowish urine, burning urination, and a yellow, greasy tongue; the pulse is soft, floating and rapid. Sample prescription: Five Ingredients Powder with Poria plus wormwood herb, gypsum and corktree bark.
People with excessive sweating on the head may also suffer from irritability, a red face, anorexia despite hunger, a red tongue covered by yellow fur, and a rapid pulse.
Sample prescription: Gardenia fruit and Fermented Soybean Decoction plus bamboo shavings, tangerine peel, bupleurum root and baical skullcap root. People with excessive sweating on the face or head may also be pale, have shortness of breath, sensitivity to low temperatures, limb coldness, fatigue, a pale tongue and a weak pulse. People with excessive sweating on the head may also have shortness of breath, fatigue, general weakness, paleness and a poor appetite. Since people with excessive face and head sweating tend to have a sensitive digestive system, they should maintain a light and easily digestible diet. While Western doctors explain colds and flus with the presence of bacteria or viruses, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) says that all sorts of ailments have to do with imbalances in the body. Use these photos to locate the points that should be massaged to help ease common cold and flu symptoms. Symptoms: Green or yellow colour phlegm, accompanied by cough, chest infection, sore throat, red tongue with yellow greasy coating and slippery rapid pulse.
Symptoms: Thick white phlegm, poor appetite, tightness in chest, white coating, soft, slippery pulse. Symptoms: Sticky dry phlegm, difficulty in getting it out, shortness of breath, red tongue, no coating, thirst, thready and slippery pulse, usually seen in cases of chronic asthma. Phlegm is characterised by an accumulation of dampness as a pathological product resulting from disturbances in water metabolism. On returning to England, he noticed that he had green sticky phlegm stuck in his throat all the time. I also remember, back in 1988 when I came to the UK and started teaching Qigong, the very first thing I taught was the 18 Movement Taiji Qigong. Having practised the 18 Movements from 1982 to 1994 I found that the exercises were not challenging enough. Grandmaster Wu Chunyuen (who is 75) and for Wing Chun Kuen, Grandmaster Ip Chun (who is 77). I agree with the Chinese way, eat healthily, whatever you like as long as it is organic, natural and in moderation, exercise daily, have plenty of fresh air, enough sleep and no stress. I have found that when you want to be healthy, you need to keep your body supple and in good condition, your joints should be in good condition, your bones should be strong and your muscles should have a certain amount of strength. So, Healthy Living Gong is based on all my experience from Dayan Qigong, Taijiquan, Shaolin Quan and Wing Chun, also movements from everyday life, Chinese stories, animals and imagination, all to develop the body so that it is healthy. Many people who do Qigong are actually only at the first level, they are only relaxing themselves, but they are not fit (not meaning muscular), because they do not have strength when it is required. If you think your Qi is strong, but you have no strength, then it means your bones are weak. So you should not forget that to be healthy your exercises have to include relaxation, good co-ordination and also fitness. When we are affected by active movements and strong emotions, the weak side of the brain will be affected. It can help with illnesses such as constipation, illnesses with the reproductive organs especially for women, but will help men as well. As most of you will have read in the PO Box, it has been decided to close the Hawaii office.

I’d like to breakdown the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) approach to diagnosing and treating this very common condition.
The pathogen of ‘wind’ has the characteristics of coming on quickly and leaving quickly, moving around the body, and often ‘enters’ through the head. We will also choose some systemic points on the body to strengthen the overall immune system. We can also choose some local and distal points from this meridian to help clear the head, and nose.
A common treatment plan in TCM in a case like this would be: ????,???? – to benefit the energy and solidify the exterior defense, and strengthen the immunity while chasing out the pathogenic influence. He finished his studies at the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences in Nelson, BC at the top of his class, receiving his Diploma of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Treating the acupoints of the face promotes the flow of Qi and increases blood flow throughout the skin on the face while helping remove toxins. She describes the mechanics of facial reflexology--facial diagnosis, facial pressure points, reflex zones, massage and pressure techniques--and provides healing routines both for treating acute ailments and maintaining overall good health.
Radishes can clear a stuffy nose, ease sore joints, even help you sober up, writes Zhang Qian.The array of food available in winter is beguiling and it's not season-bound any more. Excessive sweating may occur on the neck and scalp as well, making the skin and hair look oily or dirty.
On the other hand, it may also due to internal weakness that fails to nourish the corresponding area on the body surface. Take note if they also have difficulty sleeping, are easily irritated and have sparse hair.
The remedy should warm yang, replenish qi (vital energy), reconsolidate the exterior body and arrest sweating.
They should also drink plenty of water to replace lost body fluids and which helps dissipate the excessive heat through urination. The photos have been selected based on instructions given in the Swedish book “Kinesisk Medicin” by Suzanne Schonstrom. The pressure should be pretty strong, but don’t press so hard that you are not able to relax at the same time, she advises. Generally feeling cold, with pale tongue with white greasy coating and slippery and slow pulse.
TCM refers to phlegm as due to deficiency of Spleen Qi which fails to transport the body fluids to the normal channels, thus resulting in retention of phlegm. Those suffering from catarrh should avoid eating foods which are fatty and greasy, such as cheese, cream, chocolate. The reason I created the Healthy Living Gong was to help beginners so that they are better prepared for the more advanced levels of Qigong and are able to do them better.
I disagree with the Western concept of health and exercise, going to the gym, just looking fit with strong muscles, a skinny body with no wrinkles, a strict diet and taking vitamin pills. If you just exercise and your thinking is not right, even if your movements are good, you will still be ill. Taiji Qigong is good for the beginners, but after that you need something which challenges you. It should work when you press all the buttons, but if some of the buttons do not work, then it might start out as a small problem, but eventually it will become a big problem, so we need to fix it. For example, if you need to move your furniture, if you want to take the lid of a jar which you bought from the supermarket.
This will make your body healthy, but also your thinking needs to be healthy and this is very important. Let the Laogong point pass the Sky-eye and then pass along the Ren Channel down to your Dantian.
As you lower your left hand down, shift your weight slowly to the right and start to raise up the right hand.
Keep rotating your arms, as one hand comes in the other is going down, if one hand is at the Sky-eye the other must be at the Dantian, so your hands are always opposite and balanced. Breathe naturally through your nose, you do not need to think about your breathing too hard.
We cannot have good health without the brain being able to think clearly and control the movements of the body. In the Balancing Gong, the hands form a full circle and the Hegu points face the Daimai points. That does not mean to say America will be forgotten, rather the seeds that have been planted will continue to be nurtured in the hope that they will grow into strong trees and bear fruit.
It goes up around the nose, encircling the bridge of the nose (the third eye), and at the same time goes down around the mouth and up each cheek to the forehead. This is often combined with heat, which will lead to symptoms like fever, inflammation in the sinuses, or throat, and red itchy eyes. This is considered to be the most external meridian in the body and thus is often the first affected by external pathogenic influence. The chart includes the Chinese face microsystem, Chinese scalp system, Chinese nose system, lip microsystem from traditional Ayurvedic and teeth organ relationship. Facial reflexology, one of the simplest and most effective healthcare methods, provides rapid relief for many of these common ailments. Included is an extensive dictionary of more than 200 common ailments, accompanied by therapeutic instructions and easy-to-follow diagrams of the points to be stimulated, for complaints such as indigestion, asthma, pinched nerves, fatigue, insomnia, menstrual cramps, migraines, high blood pressure, sprains, pulled muscles, and even the common cold. Despite the tempting choices and varieties, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) doctors recommend you base your choices more on your constitution than your taste buds.Many people believe that hot (yang) foods like mutton are always the best choices in winter since they help keep us warm, TCM-wise, in the cold weather.
For example, the nose is considered the opening of the lung system; a deficiency of the lung will lead to excessive sweating on the nose.
Herbs usually prescribed are astragalus root, aconite root, ginseng, fossil bone and oyster shell. Regular exercise helps strengthen the body?¦s control of sweating and reduce the stress that triggers sweating. Concrete phlegm refers to the visible, palpable and audible parenchymatous phlegm, whereas formless retention of phlegm refers to the various conditions caused by the retention of phlegm, such as dizziness, chest tightness, depression and epilepsy, characterised by a greasy coating on the tongue and a slippery pulse.
Visible phlegm can be further divided into Heat phlegm, Cold phlegm, Damp phlegm and Dry phlegm.

The phlegm blocked his nose, causing him to snore so loudly at night that his wife had to go to another bedroom to sleep.
Often I talked with some of my students and asked them whether they thought the standard of the more junior students was good enough.
The sad thing is that many of these people actually learnt these exercises from me and they made these books and videos without asking me or allowing me to check their movements and understanding, to make sure their standard was good enough and what they were doing was not wrong.
That was even before I had met my teacher Grandmaster Yang Meijun, who is the 27th Generation Heir to Dayan (Wild Goose) Qigong. For example, if you only use your right hand, you should use your left hand as well, otherwise it will be weak.
This is because at the end, when your body is full of Qi, it is stored in the marrow in the bones and stays there.
Stand still with your feet shoulder width apart, your knees slightly bent and your back straight. If you find that you cannot keep the balance between the hands, then it means that one side of your brain is stronger than the other. For example, if you want to move your left arm, but only ever move your right arm, then your left side will be weak. So, good co-ordination is very important as it avoids imbalances in the brain and keeps us healthy and younger. It also runs from the lower jaw, down the neck to the sternum, where it splits into two branches. If the Wind is combined with a cold pathogen, then we would see symptoms of a runny nose with clear discharge, an aversion to wind or cold, and more sneezing. Developed in 1980 by Vietnamese doctors in Ho Chi Minh City as a less invasive alternative to facial acupuncture, facial reflexology uses healing principles based on the I Ching and Buddhist teachings.
If the sweating problem is associated with an internal deficiency, certain food or tea recipes may be suitable. It is called 'formless phlegm' because this kind of phlegm shows its symptoms but has no concrete visible form, and can be cured by methods of eliminating phlegm.
In Chinese culture, you do not write a book about (or make a video) without asking your teacher's permission first and letting your teacher help you.
If you do not apply the principles of Qigong to your thinking and life, it means you separate your body and mind so of course you will eventually be ill, whether it is now or later on. If some one has clumsy movements, it means they will be prone to strokes and high bloodpressure in the future. When you want to move your weak side, it will not work properly and so the right side of the brain will have a problem. The therapy is simple enough that it can be self-administered by a beginner with immediate results and is also a valuable tool for healthcare professionals. I prescribed She Dan Chuan Bei Ye to resolve heat phlegm and Yin Huang Kou Fu Ye to clear away the Lung heat. They found that while people learnt the First 64 of the Wild Goose as their first form, although they could perform the movements, they would never be really good.
What is even sadder is that some of these people have now passed away whilst relatively still young. Listen to your body, your body will tell you what is good for you and listen to your heart as this will make you a good person. If you cannot keep your legs straight and bend down to touch your toes then you need to work on it so that you can. They continue down past the groin; a single branch runs down each leg and ends at the tips of the second toes, where it connects to the Spleen Meridian. Acute will belong to the category of Yang (Yang being the more external, hot, moving, protecting, warming, dynamic energy of the body). Some diseases and conditions, like high blood pressure, may alter the constitution, but the changing weather will not change it."A 'hot' person is extremely sensitive to heat in winter as well as other seasons, but their condition is less apparent in winter. This was because the body was not flexible enough and they did not know how to use the Dantian and allow the Qi to flow.
I feel sorry that they were not humble enough to get it right and thought so soon that they were sifus now.
The trunk is like our bones and the leaves are our skin and hair, and the roots are our legs. Blockage in the Stomach Meridian often manifests itself as vomiting, mouth sores, and nausea. This could be due to many factors such as poor lifestyle habits like smoking or a poor diet, lack of sleep, use of too many pharmaceutical medicines, or hereditary factors.
They are suitable for most people.FruitsPearDryness is one of the biggest problems in winter. The phlegm cleared up completely and the snoring ceased, however, because he had overdosed himself, the cooling herbs caused him severe stomach ache and diarrhoea. When he came back to the clinic again a few weeks later, I told him to stop the first prescription and change to Xiang She Yang Wei Wan to warm the stomach and to stop the diarrhoea.
Yet again, it is not suitable for "cold" people with digestion problems.Longan and orangesThough most fruits belong in the "cold" classification, there are exceptions.
Longan and oranges are popular "hot" fruits in winter.Longan has been prescribed as a reinforcing food in winter since ancient times. They also help with chronic stomach problems.VegetablesRadishThe large white radish has long been called "little ginseng" in China. The old saying goes that "when radishes come onto the market, nobody will go to the pharmacies."Radishes can aid digestion, dissolve phlegm, and reinforce energy. It is neutral, neither hot nor cold, and suits everyone.HerbsHerbal soup is popular in winter as it is not only tasty but reinforcing and helps to restore energy for the spring. But "cold" people with stomach pains or loose bowels should avoid it.Aweto (cordyceps, worm grass) helps reinforce lungs and kidney, nourishes yin and lungs.

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