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Each of these have a two hour period where they are the primary meridian and are linked to particular parts of the body, thoughts and emotions and other spiritual aspects.
Eat a balanced wholesome diet to support your organs, providing fuel for replenishment and to increase your vital life force.
From a Chinese medical perspective, the cause of pain and disease is due to blocked energy or a decrease of the flow of CHI through your body. Acupuncture can treat arthritis of the knee and many other knee injuries such as a meniscal tear.
Even though the swelling associated with this problem is a normal healing response, the acupuncturist aims to reduce the swelling using local and distal acupuncture points. Some acupuncture points may even be used on the other non-injured leg as well as on the abdomen. In Chinese medicine theory, any injury results in the meridian energy flow and blood circulation becoming hindered and blocked in the area.
Mr Alan Jansson, a well-known acupuncturist on Queensland’s Gold Coast and Brisbane’s famous Gabba Cricket Ground treats many high profile athletes and sports people including the Brisbane Lions football team. Heiko Lade, who has a master’s degree in Traditional Chinese medicine from the University of Technology in Sydney also advocates the use of Chinese herbs as an external wash in the treatment of any knee swelling. About Heiko LadeHi, I'm Heiko Lade - qualified acupuncturist at The Acupuncture Clinic in Hastings, New Zealand. Chinese Herbal Medicine is a sophisticated form of natural medicine that has been practiced safely and effectively for centuries and can treat a wide variety of modern diseases by naturally supporting and supplementing the body.
During the course of your treatment I may prescribe Chinese herbal remedies or supplements if I think they will assist your healing process. 1 April 2013 by Heiko Lade Leave a Comment Polycystic ovary syndrome known as PCOS can affect up to 10 % of women and is a major cause of ovulation related infertility. Recent research in the States has now confirmed that acupuncture has been proven to regulate the sex hormones that influence PCOS.
The research showed that the sex hormone levels were improved in the blood as well as in the ovaries. Ovulation frequency also improved with the acupuncture hence confirming its ability to increase fertility.
PCOS also affects insulin levels causing obesity and it is well known that acupuncture for weight loss is an effective drug free treatment. Other symptoms associated with PCOS such as irregular periods, amenorrhea (diminished periods) and cholesterol imbalances can all be regulated with acupuncture. Women’s problems and their treatment with acupuncture and Chinese herbs has been a specialist modality in China for hundreds of years. In Australian universities there is now a master’s degree program specializing in Traditional Chinese medicine and women’s health.  Heiko Lade has a master’s degree in traditional Chinese medicine from the University of Technology, Sydney and he used to lecture in Christchurch and Auckland both in acupuncture and Chinese herbs. Inspection is a diagnostic method that doctors learn the state of disease through visually observing relevant parts of the patients and their excrements and secretions.

Auscultation-olfaction is a diagnostic method to learn the state of disease through hearing patients’ voices and smelling them. Palpation is a diagnostic method to learn the state of disease through touching, pressing, felling special parts of the body and the pulse of the patient. The Chinese Diagnostic Method is a unique diagnosis method in the Chinese Traditional Medicine.
Practical Traditional Chinese MedicineThe book is reader-friendly, explaining profound concepts in simple terms. They’re also partnered together as Yin (receiving energy) and Yang (expressing energy) of an element – Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire. Exercise allows the free flow of energy and chi optimally through to all parts of your body. My energy was at an all time low and now I go home with the tools and motivation I need to look after myself better! The TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) diet is a little different from the western style of diet. In the knee there is a bursa which is fluid-filled sac that acts as a shock absorber between the tendon and bone. The treatment of prepatellar bursitis is also no exception and is commonly treated successfully by ACC accredited members of the New Zealand Register of Acupuncturists Inc, which has over 500 members throughout New Zealand. The basic aim of acupuncture is to restore normal energy and blood circulation so as to encourage the body to stimulate its own healing and recovery process. He said “This type of sports injury of the knee  is common among footballers because of the severe impact that can occur with players hitting into each other and the sheer numbers of kms that players clock up in the course of a season.
He said “This type of external use of herbs is called die da and has a history of being used since the Shaolin days.
Even Kung Fu monks are covered by ACC if they are travelling in New Zealand and injure themselves. If you would like to make an appointment for a consultation and treatment, please contact me.
I use high quality raw, granule, tincture, and tea pill formulas, which are easy to ingest and convenient for use at home or on-the-go.
Acupuncture for fertility has in fact been used for centuries in China as well as being used for male hair growth patterns in females. The acupuncture actually helped to down regulate testosterone and balances the masculinizing hormones causing unwanted hair growth and acne.
This is of interest because acupuncturists using what is known as the 8 extra meridians are able to access reserves of constitution energy that in turn can address weak genetic disposition. PCOS is commonly and effectively treated in China with acupuncture and herbs and western medicine is only used to help diagnose the problem. For example, the Tongue Observation, namely the Tongue Diagnosis, refers to observing the tongue’s quality and changes of the tongue coat to determine the state of disease and prognosis, which is an important step of the Observation Diagnosis.

Voice Hearing means learning changes in such voices as talking, breathing, coughing and vomiting. It is a complete subject of science which consists of theories, methods, technologies and appliances and that was formed along with the continuously medical practice of the Chinese Traditional Medicine.
It is recommended to drink a glass of warm lemon juice to stimulate the bowels, get the lymph system moving and to remove toxins from the night’s cleansing. Enzymes from the pancreas continue the digestive process and carbohydrate energy is made available. This is also an acceptable time to eat your largest meal of the day. This not only increases health on the physical but also on the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves. Practitioners can give you advice on a better diet and lifestyle suitable for your health condition.
In the event of a hit or injury to the knee the bursa can become inflamed and then fill with fluid.
Western medicine does not know what causes PCOS and has no effective treatment for this problem.
Since then, the Diagnostic Method of Chinese Traditional Medicine was continuously perfected and inherited by doctors of later dynasties in clinic practices, and a number of classic books about the diagnostic method emerged. The Stomach and Spleen are paired together in Chinese Medicine and are intimately connected. Starting at around 2pm your brain demands about 80% of the the glucose (or sugar) in your bloodstream. It is during this time that your Liver stores the blood and begins cooling it down from the day.
Many spiritual practices like meditation and yoga are said to be more effective in the early morning hours. It can also happen to people who kneel a lot like carpet layers and cleaners and even though it is painful, often the knee still has full range of movement. The pain relief is just a side effect.” Alan went on to say “Professional players are recommended to rest and elevate the leg by their medical team because this is the normal procedure. In addition, The Diagnostic Method of Chinese Traditional Medicine has been included into the List of National Intangible Cultural Heritage. You may not be eating well, are stressed, overusing stimulants or drugs or may be holding anger or resentment.
Many people who are grieving the loss of something in their lives experience loss of sleep during this time.
Avoiding stimulants, eat protein with each meal, drink adequate amounts of water and exercise to prevent this slump in energy.

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