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MCB MasterCard Primo is your perfect credit card if you earn between Rs 2,000 and Rs 10,000 per month, or simply want to have a dedicated card for your Internet shopping. In many situations, cash continues to be the means of payment most frequently used by the Dutch when they are abroad. Less frequent use of the credit card  This trend reflects the fact that Dutch consumersa€™ cross-border payment behaviour is increasingly similar to their domestic payment behaviour.
Cross-border on-line shopping lags behindIn recent years, there has been little change in the number of Dutch people making cross-border payments from time to time. Target2 balances reflect debt positions within the Eurosystem Target2 is the payment system enabling direct transfers between commercial banks in the eurozone.
A Target2 claim does not reflect the risk in the monetary policy credit operationsThe Target2 claims of DNB or the Bundesbank do not reflect the risks to which these central banks are exposed as a consequence of the monetary policy credit operations by the Eurosystem. The effects of the establishment of the Single European Payment Area (SEPA) are becoming clearer, given that consumers more and more use similar means for their domestic and cross-border payments. This is remarkable, in particular where on-line purchases are concerned, given that on-line shopping in the Netherlands has been growing for several years.
These balances reflect the capital outflows from vulnerable eurozone countries and are, therefore, an important indicator of the intensity of the European debt crisis. These transfers can arise from many different sources, including trade transactions and interbank loans.

The lagging behind of cross-border on-line shopping may be related to language issues or uncertainty about delivery of cross-border purchases.
The Target2 balances will decrease once the vulnerable countries and their banks regain market access. Target2 payments are channelled via accounts that banks hold at their national central bank (a€?NCBa€™).
If, despite the collateral provided, a banka€™s insolvency were to result in the Eurosystem suffering losses on monetary policy credit operations, these losses will be divided among the NCBs pro rata to their share in the capital of the ECB. In addition, they are ever more satisfied about debit card use in terms of acceptance and safety, with only 4% expressing their dissatisfaction. However, DNBa€™s study also reveals that the payment itself may also play a role in explaining why cross-border on-line shopping continues to remain limited. If the banks in a particular euro country are net receivers of cross-border payments via Target2, this results in that countrya€™s NCB having a claim on the ECB, which acts as the central counterparty within the Eurosystem. The trend away from credit cards and towards debit cards in 2012 was most pronounced in consumersa€™ payments at fuelling stations and for accommodation, public transport and toll.
Although the Dutch tend to be quite happy with the safety, cost, ease of use and speed of cross-border payment options, a clear distinction can be made between people who made such cross-border payments in 2012 and those who didna€™t. In the hypothetical case of a country deciding to leave the EMU and prohibiting its central bank from meeting its obligations to the ECB, the resultant losses would also be divided among the remaining NCBs pro rata to their capital subscription.

On average, dissatisfaction about the cost is greater among people who did not make any payment to another European country in 2012, regardless of the means of payment (see Chart 2).This means that these people are also more dissatisfied about the cost of internet payments to other European countries, which is surprising given that internet payments made by consumers from the Netherlands to other European countries are free of charge, as are their domestic payments. The accounting entries representing the amounts that NCBs owe to or are owed by the ECB are referred to as a€?Target2 balancesa€™. Of course, the relative capital subscriptions of the remaining NCBs would then have to be adjusted accordingly.
In addition, the migration to IBAN means that the differences between domestic internet payments and payments to other European countries will largely disappear as far as safety, speed and ease of use are concerned. In the extreme and highly unlikely scenario of several countries leaving the EMU, the risks for the remaining NCBs would increase correspondingly as any losses would then have to be shared by fewer NCBs. A survey into IBAN awareness reveals that in September 2013 94% of Dutch consumers knew what IBAN is.

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