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The tongue is linked through meridians to all organs of the body.Illnesses and disturbances can therefore be read from the surfaceof the tongue. Our team members have more than 30 years of clinical experience, and have been lecturing at renowned universities such as the School of Chinese Medicine at the Hong Kong Baptist University. According to traditional Chinese medicine theory, our body consists of a giant web called the meridian system linking different parts together; its channels making up a comprehensive yet complex body map that supplies qi (vital energy) to every part of the body, assists the distribution of blood and body fluids, maintains the balance between yin and yang elements, and protects the body against disease.
The meridian system is made up by a series of channels, which are sequential to each other in the circulation of qi (vital energy). Chinese Medicine includes various forms of physical body work as an important part of its therapies. Moxibustion: commonly just called moxa it is a form of heat treatment that uses the herb mugwort as a way of providing energy and warmth to the acupuncture meridians, while it is often combined with acupuncture it may commonly be used without it. Cupping: is an technique that involves the placing glass or bamboo cups on the surface of the body, held in place by a vacuum. Qi Gong: combines mental visualization, breathing and excise to promote health and long life, it is sometimes referred to as moving meditation.
External Exercise: the Chinese have developed many sets of exercise for general strength and flexibility improvement. We have renowned TCM experts in the treatment of various infertility issues, cancers and immunity weaknesses. Along these channels, acupoints are the sites through which the qi of the organs and meridians is transported to the body surface.

They are distributed symmetrically on both sides of the body and are paired with their corresponding internal organs.
All the twelve meridians run through the limbs, with certain meridians and their corresponding organs creating an interior and exterior relationship.
As with Acupuncture and Herbal medicine these treatments are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory and its understanding of Qi and meridians.
It relies on various manipulation and massage techniques to affect the flow of Qi in the meridians. It is very good for helping with pain, digestive upsets, and generally strenthening the body. A massage oil is used to lubricate the skin for the scrapping and initial treatment tends to draw some bruising to the surface. Qi gong may appear similar to Tai Qi however there are many forms and it is often specific for certain illnesses or the strengthen particular internal organs. They often derive from the wu shu (martial arts) traditions and may be prescribed as a part of a treatment plan.
Our doctors are certified and licensed Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners specialized in the treatment of infertility, allergies, asthma, digestive issues, menopause, PMS and cancer. It is generally believed that diseases can be treated when the affected meridians or the affected organs are cleared. There are also twelve small collaterals for controlling the muscles and tendons, and smaller collaterals disturbed on the skin surface, and the eight extra meridians to enhance the communications and functions within the system.

For example, the lung meridian (greater yin of arm) and the large intestine meridian (brightness yang of arm) are paired based on their pathways, and clinically they are closely related; problems in the lung or its meridian can also be treated by using various points on the larger intestine meridian.
The effect varies depending on the strength of vacuum, the duration and whether they are left stationary or moved.
Qi Gong is known as an internal exercise as its focus in on the internal organs while external exercise is more focused on strength and flexibility.
Read more about our areas of expertise and book your Chinese Medicine doctor consultation today. Acupuncturists work on these points to regulate corresponding organs or meridians so that the body can return to a state of balance and health. Tui na is often used for pediatric treatment as it is well suited to babies and young children.
In Chinese medicine, to be knowledgeable about the meridian system is as important as anatomy and physiology in Western medicine. For example, problems in the lung or its meridian (greater yin of arm) can be treated by using various points on its communication partner the spleen meridian (greater yin of leg), besides the ones on the lung meridian.

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