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As part of our Science curriculum in S3 we have been undertaking a series of lessons on Health and Technology. Click on the above link and you will find a summary sheet that covers most aspects of the work undertaken in the classroom on smoking.
We were very impressed with the amount of prior knowledge and detail in the independent research with parents. We had differentiated learning targets that varied from being able to state that smoking can make you unwell through to being able to state that carbon monoxide prevents blood carrying enough oxygen round the body – or to babies inside their pregnant mums. We also linked all of this work back into the lungs lessons – in particular to the work we have already done looking at the effect of exercise on our health and breathing rate.
On Tuesday several Preston Lodge pupils took part in an inter-school boccia competition at Meadowmill Sports Centre. Everyone at Preston Lodge should be rightly proud of the performance and conduct of our participating pupils – never has there been so many smiling faces in one room!
Thanks also to Mr Bennion for organising our school’s participation and for supervising the trip.
We rehearsed explaining to our patients what we were doing – in the hope that this would help both us and them relax, as being stressed is something that can affect your blood pressure and your heart rate.
We were able to advise people what a typically normal blood pressure should be and whether their own reading was in the normal range as prescribed by our simple medical chart. We decided to try one of these things out as part of our investigation into stress and high blood pressure. Almost all of us saw a drop in both our pulse rate and our blood pressure when we compared the end of the yoga lesson with the start. This last week we did some more intricate yoga moves designed for helping our digestive systems improve and we finished off with some relaxing meditation to quiet music. Watch out for ELPs, teachers and auxiliaries in the school japanese Garden some Thursday in the near future! In the last week we have introduced a new curriculum area for our ELP provision, on a trial basis – ELP Yoga. We are always keen to ensure our pupils work in as calm and productive environment as possible and are looking for ways to help our youngsters cope with the stresses of modern life and school in general – filling our minds with information is hard work!
We have decided to explore using Yoga as a means of relaxing our minds and bodies at the end of a busy week – and are connecting it to the work we are doing in Science on health and technology. Last week we tried simple meditation style yoga, involving listening to quiet music and simple meditations asking us to focus on our body and breathing.
We used a variety of specialist relaxation music tapes and Mrs Todd brought in a triangle, some fragrances to make the room feel calmer and a series of mind and body exercises for us all to try in this peaceful environment. We measured Blood Pressure and Pulse Rate of all our staff and pupils involved in this trial before and after the yoga. In ELP Senior Science recently we have been working hard on lessons that closely match those that can be taught as part of the Access Biology course Health and Technology Unit. We have found out a little more about the circulation in our bodies by using the circulation game.
This week Gossip Girl has been catching up with the Deputy Head with remit for Health Promoting Schools at Preston Lodge, Mrs Robertson.
Mrs Robertson – The veg is lovely and fresh and the people who deliver them are polite and warm and friendly.

With the last two interviews staff requested photographs of their favourite star to go along side their gossip.
In the coming week in ELP Gardening we will be looking to become even greener than our lush Science Garden or our pretty little SFL Garden.
The attached file at the top of the page will be used in conjunction with a number of resources after we establish what prior knowledge the pupils actually have of composting and recycling. If anyone is interested in helping out in this project or simply offering advice to our budding gardeners please let us know. The ELP science class has this week been looking at how we can promote the idea of looking after our bodies in order to keep them healthy and fit – to other people. Having made our classroom mobiles illustrating the five main food groups, we decided that we perhaps needed to consider if we could pass on all that we have learned to other pupils. Batista may be one of the most famous wrestlers on the planet at the moment (and one of Dale’s favourites!) but he is also well known for his muscular physique. Every time Batista pins down an opponent or throws them he is using a number of these muscles to move his bones (levers).
Batista needs his magnificent muscles to stay on top of his profession and he has to work hard to maintain their size and strength – but we all need our own magnificent, if less prominent, muscles to go about our daily lives too. We introduced the idea of levers (the role that bones play in our skeleton) by looking at the garden seesaw.
We had lots of fun working out that this depended on how long the lever was and how far away the mass you were trying to lift (ie Mrs Allan) was from the end of the lever (the seesaw). We then moved on to consider how our bodies move these levers inside us – and  how some muscles do not have the job of moving levers.
A new study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine finds that public health messages on Facebook can help encourage teenagers on the social media site to make healthier sexual choices, like using condoms. Over 1,500 young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 participated in for the University of Colorado study, which split participants into two groups on Facebook. RH Reality Check points out that texting is yet another tool that some medical professionals are using to connect with teenagers on sexual health issues, since texts can help remind teens to schedule appointments for STI testing or start conversations about alcohol and sexuality they may not feel comfortable bringing up in front of their parents. As part of these lessons the pupils were challenged with as much independent research as they could manage, including doing some work at home finding out who smokes, what makes smoking so addictive and the things that can be affected adversely by smoking.
Competing against pupils from a range of East Lothian and Edinburgh schools, our pupils stood out from the crowd as having real talent and ability. He loved this photograph from a microscope that shows a white blood cell in amongst the red ones. We advised them that the sphygmomanometer might feel a bit funny as it tightened round their wrist but just to relax their hand as this would help.
We were also able to work out who was the tallest and the smallest person we measured – and see whether our predications and perceptions as to who is tall and who is small were correct.
Mrs Todd kindly agreed to take us for Yoga lessons, whilst Mrs Binnie agreed to help us make measurements of our stress levels before, during and after the Yoga. One of us stayed roughly the same, whilst one person actually went from being really relaxed to being quite anxious. Most of us lay on mats on the floor for this but the lesson was differentiated for our pupils in wheelchairs.
All of us, without fail, saw our BP and pulse rate drop – many of us from quiet high levels back down to very normal ones.

We hope that some of our pupils may be able to complete aspects of the Access 2 or Access 3 course depending on how the next two years go, whilst others will hopefully gain life skills and be better prepared for an independent adult life. We already are sure we have vessels called veins inside us – but what are the other two types called? As we encourage the pupils to think across the curriculum, we will be looking at recycling, its impact in everyday life both round the school and in our school gardens. It will soon be time to collect leaves, conkers, fir cones and the like from the leaf litter on the ground and we can use all of these again in the coming months to make Christmas decorations, leaf pictures and rubbings and have fun playing conkers with Mr Cruickshank! We never cease to be amazed at the amount of information the students can offer in their own words using personal experiences or observations as their reference point. We improvised by making our own classroom seesaw out of a plank of wood and a block to act as a pivot. Certainly, in a society that has neglected to adequately educate young adults about the tools they need to ensure healthy sexual practices, new technologies may be teenagers’ best source of information when their parents and their classrooms continue to fall short. We have been finding out how to give somebody a simple health MOT – and practised this on staff. A national boccia talent scout was at the event and commented to Mr Bennion how skilled our players were – with at least one of our boys already tagged for possible involvement at a national level from last term. We discovered that white blood cells fight disease and infection and that we need them to stay healthy.
Science and health and exercise all coming together in great cross-curricular style whilst introducing a new facet to our skills set.
Whilst we did the yoga she made observations as to how relaxed we looked and behaved and wrote these down. The aim of the meditation was to try and help everyone in the room reach  a calm, neutral state of peace where their bodies and minds were less stressed than they had been. In the coming week we will repeat this experiment using more energetic forms of yoga instead of simple meditation.
The only difference is that the school ones are a bit messy because they come straight from the farm but I have someone at home to clean them for me. We dont doubt for one moment that anything will be different when it comes to making the most of the waste in our homes and gardens.
We have increased our understanding of the effect of poor diet, pollution and unhealthy practises on our well being – and overlapped this nicely with our ELP Health lessons elsewhere in the curriculum. She also helped us getting into some of the more complicated positions whilst Mrs Todd went through the yoga instructions in a calm, quiet way with lovely soothing music to accompany her. We hope to compare results in terms of our physiology – but more importantly in terms of how we feel during it and afterwards. After the yoga session, we all had our pulse rates and blood pressures measured again by Mrs B. Once again she wrote the numbers down in a table – and we took this to science with us the next time we were there.

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