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The classy and classic 5 O’clock Shadow is our first pick of the crop for quite a number of reasons: it’s easy to nail, timeless and downright sexy. Yep, it was impossible to write a list about facial hair styles without regarding hipsters. Even though it is quite similar to the circle beard, the French beard is like a new and improved version for fancy tastes.
Also known as the Chin Strap, the Chin Curtain is rumored to be one of the most stylish facial hair styles in 2015. It was impossible for us to make a list of facial hair styles without regarding the timeless moustache. When To Use Silver Wound Dressings After SurgeryPosted on August 6, 2014 by wintel • 0 CommentsDo you worry about the healing process of your surgical incision? A topical antimicrobial dressing applied to your surgical wound can help avoid problems as well as cure problematic wounds.
And most importantly, when should you use silver wound dressings on your post surgery wound?
Because of its well known antibacterial properties, silver has been used for ages as a wound care product. The ancient Romans and Greeks already used silver to disinfect their food supplies and water. Prior to the 1800s, silver foil was applied to surgical wounds in order to improve wound healing and reduce post operative infections.
In our modern times, silver coatings on urinary catheters and endotracheal breathing tubes in hospitals help prevent bacterial infections. Silver has particularly been used in preventing and treating high risk wound infection, most commonly on chronic wounds and burns. Modern science demonstrates that silver ions are relatively effective in fighting off bacteria (germicidal effect) including  antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as MRSA and VRE and even viruses, fungi, and parasites. Silver ions seem to have certain advantages over regular antibiotics because the bacteria can’t develop resistance.
Some laboratory studies suggest that silver, next to its antibacterial properties, may have additional beneficial effects on wound healing. Some researchers have concluded that silver has a negative effect on the migration and the shape of skin cells.
Skin cells deformed and one particular source mentions that after 3 weeks keratinocytes and fibroblasts were all eliminated. Some in vitro studies demonstrate that some silver-containing dressings are cytotoxic to skin cells and delay wound healing in animal wound models. In one study the researchers examined the cytotoxic effects of silver on keratinocytes (the predominant cell type (95%) in the epidermis which is the outer layer of the human skin,) and fibroblasts (play a critical role in wound healing and connective tissue).
Simply put, silver impregnated wound dressings release silver ions at the wound surface which kill bacteria. In wound care, elemental silver or silver releasing compounds are utilized in several formulations such as silver sulfadiazine, alginate, and nitrate.
Silver nitrate is no longer widely used as a wound care methodology, but silver sulphadiazine (SSD) and silver releasing dressings remain popular.
Despite its declined use as a wound care agent silver nitrate applicators are still popular, used widely, and reviewed well. More recent studies have led to a change in perception of this established wound treatment modality. According to a recent Cochrane review, silver sulfadiazine may increase healing times – wounds may take longer to heal if treated with this drug and it is therefore not recommended.
Although its us as a general wound healing commodity, there is little evidence to support silver sulfadiazine  as an effective wound infection agent. Also burning and painful sensations are known to occur although these generally aren’t long-lasting.
The silver ions can lead to local discoloration of the skin, especially if the treated area is exposed to ultraviolet light. Silver sulfadiazine (Ag-SD) prevents the growth of a wide array of bacteria, as well as yeast, on the damaged skin. Other studies however demonstrated that silver sulfadiazine helped wounds heal far better than for example povidone-iodine and bacitracin.
Many silver dressings are not intended to promote wound healing from beginning to end stage.

Silver dressings, despite their potential side effects, should be perceived as an essential counterpart in the wound care mix.
In case silver dressings are used appropriately, positive effects are confirmed by recent systematic reviews, meta-analyses, and clinicians. Conclusion of a meta analysis conducted in 2009 was that there is efficacy but more research should be conducted. Such wounds include surgical wounds, burns, wounds with exposed bone, or wounds in patients with a weakened immune system, poor circulation, unstable diabetes or neoplastic disease. All advantages and disadvantages considered it can be concluded that silver can be a lifesaver in some circumstances. Especially hospitalized patients, due to their underlying disease or as a result of the surgery, often suffer from a suppressed immune system.
Hydrocolloid dressings however, are not recommended for infected wounds, wounds with heavy exudate, and sinus tracts. When silver dressings are the choice of treatment they should be used with caution,  only on short term and with evaluation at regular intervals. First an explanation of the different types of occlusive dressings and their recommended uses. Hydrogel dressings (and cellulose) are best for dry and painful wounds since they provide moisture to the wound.
The best silver wound dressings for post-surgery use are those that harness the power of ionic silver, releasing silver at a controlled level for broad spectrum antimicrobial action, without harming tissue cells.
Even when ionic silver is suspended in the dressing to control its release over a period several days it is still advised to use silver appropriately. The silver dressing was significantly better than the iodine dressing for overall ability to manage pain, overall comfort, wound trauma on dressing removal, exudate handling and ease of use.
Especially Convatec’s hydrofiber Aquacel AG dressings are very well-reviewed on Amazon. Number of dressings used and time to complete closure were significantly lower in the silver group than in the control group. Both brands are popular choices for those who are in the higher risk group for developing infections. If you just want to make use of the benefits of silver as a wound healing agent but don’t want or need to shell out big bucks for dedicated antibacterial dressings, American Biotech Labs Silver Gel might be a better choice. You know those before and after pictures of bearded men who have shaved and now look like 15-year-old boys going through puberty? We’re certain that this particular choice has been reigning among facial hairstyles for years and years, especially in 2013, 2014 and, of course, 2015.
Whether you’re a musician, aspiring actor or you just love looking manly, the “long hair, long beard” look will look awesome on you.
It’s a fantastic way to sport facial hair without actually having to take care of a full beard or look messy. Especially when you’re looking into facial hair styles like the tight beard, you are going to need an approximately 2-millimeter setting trimmer to get the job done right. The more intricate version of a goatee works great for both round and long shaped faces and can be easily styled, depending on your preferences. It’s a trendy way to have long hair without having it get into your face all the time and covering your eyes. This is an excellent alternative for men who have patchy facial hair growth patterns (hence the name) or who don’t want to undergo the hassle of taking care of a full beard. The Chin Curtain is defined by sporting facial hair only on your chin and above each side of your jawbone, usually without a moustache or hair on the cheeks. Although some moustaches can turn out looking completely ridiculous, there are quite a few ways you can style one to remain trendy in 2015.
Topical silver is a proven method that comes with pros and cons but is it your best option? In the form of silver wires placed in wounds, silver salt solutions, and nowadays, as a cream, (silver sulfadiazine cream (SSD cream)) and various dressings it was and still is used to prevent and cure infections. Since post-operative surgical site infections occur a lot, having access to effective treatments is essential. Silver nitrate, nanocrystalline silver, and some silver-containing dressings have demonstrated anti-inflammatory and blood vessel formation stimulating effects.
Silver is toxic and prolonged used may cause detrimental effects such as skin irritation and even skin tissue damage. There are examples where, after prolonged topical use, silver actually delayed the wound healing process.
A small part is either allocated to fight off harmful bacteria or binds to proteins in the wound or wound debris.

Ag+ is the ionic form present in silver nitrate, silversulfadiazine, or other ionic silver compounds. The Mepilex dressing on the photo is often used on low to moderately exuding wounds such as ulcers and partial thickness burns as well as on skin graft wounds. Less than 1% of patients show hypersensitivity reactions like rashes or an inflammatory skin eruption called erythema multiforme.
Generalized argyria with silver build-up in kidneys, liver and retina has been found in association with excessive long-term use, or repeated use on severe burns. It is a topical antibacterial historically used as a burn cream on second- and third-degree burns. Some studies have found that it increased healing times and is therefore no longer recommended.
Especially due to increasing resistance to antibiotics and the dramatic fall in the number of antibiotics in development. In some very severe cases amputations are necessary and even worse, life threatening situations may occur. This frequently results in wound healing problems, leaving the patient susceptible to wound infections. Contrary to silver impregnated wound products these unique dressings can be used throughout all phases of wound healing. All fun and games aside, that fact alone should really make you consider looking into facial hair styles for this year. It might be a bit harder to maintain than other facial hair styles, but it will totally be worth it if you’re looking for something different. You don’t have to go straight up weird with it, just let your beard grow naturally and accessorize it with a light-colored hat and hipster glasses for extra cool. This particular style looks a lot like the short-boxed beard, the main difference is that it continues more up the cheeks. It looks amazing for all types of hair color, as well, whether you’re blonde, dark-haired or even a ginger. The hairstyle itself is one of the most popular choices for men in 2015, so you should try it and let your beard grow out for a super manly effect. When shaving, all you have to do is leave a small patch of hair under your lower lip to enhance your features and you’re good to go.
Keep it classy and mix it up with a discrete soul patch for an awesome appearance you will want to maintain throughout the entire year. Some of us might remember our parents or grandparents putting silver coins in milk bottles to keep the milk fresh longer.
Possible consequences of long term generalized argyria include kidney disorders and anemia. Due to their compromized immune system these wound infections spread easily and can cause secondary potentially life-threatening bloodstream infections. One of the main benefits of these dressings is their adherance to both dry and moist wound beds. Especially in 2015 the clean-shave is out and beards are totally in, no matter the shape or size. Bradley Cooper, one of the most attractive male celebrities, should prove the point just right. David Beckham is a prime example of how a smart, manly and classy stubble should look like. You can try styling your circle beard with both thick and thin lines, so see which one suits you best. You can stylishly sport a beard with or without a moustache, cleanly trimmed or ruggedly grown-out… the possibilities are really endless.
This is also a great style if you have black or dark hair, like Common in the images above. Although the media and manufacturers tend to highlight the importance of grooming for women, men should be equally self-conscious regarding appearance. Facial hair can be awesomely sported regardless if you’re Caucasian, African American, Irish, Mexican or Asian, all you need to do is see which style best suits your face and personality. If you want your beard to bring all the girls to the yard, check out our carefully-studied selection of10 trendy facial hair styles in 2015 and get inspired!

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