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Are you approaching nine full months, and want to make sure you have your baby on time, or even a couple days early? You can either take the evening primrose capsules orally, or you can crush them and rub the oil onto your cervix during your final weeks of pregnancy. If you have placenta previa (where the placenta is partially or fully blocking the opening of your cervix), you shouldn’t use evening primrose oil. Along with many other choices of herbs and foods and activities that you will find out when reading about how to induce labor, you could try acupuncture or acupressure. I’m not sure if it completely works yet or not- Last week I started having false labor on Friday- Sunday night I used 1 EPO inside and took one orally. You might start thinking of some natural ways to induce labour if your due date has come and gone and still nothing has happened.This can be frustrating.

One of the more drastic natural ways to induce labour, taking castor oil is not recommended and is generally only resorted to by the most desperate of heavily pregnant ladies!It is thought that it works because castor oil is a natural laxative, and it usually gives the taker a bad case of diarrhoea, which, in turn, stimulates the womb into starting labour.Because it often makes the taker sick and gives them diarrhoea, you could become dehydrated, which could make you poorly and affect your labour. Many expecting women are wanting labor induction after more than 41 weeks of being pregnant, and need ways to induce labor – both medically or themselves. I didn’t feel comfortable inserting it internally so I took 1 the next day then the next day went to 2.
She sugested I take 1000mg of EPO 3times a day and poke a hole in a capsule and insert it into my vagina to help soften my cervix(I was only 1cm when I started to take it).
Last Friday when I was checked the baby was low- but my cervix was still completely hard and tilted back still. There isna€™t much scientific evidence that natural ways to induce labour work or are completely safe, but many have tried them and feel they are worth trying when you get to that desperate stage.

If you’re baby is down and it’s close time for your labor- EPO will help things along- it only took 4 days to help me and hopefully within the weekend our baby girl will arrive! But I believe it only helps if you’re body is trying to get ready, just needing a little help.

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