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Generally, polyps are of many types and the reason behind their occurrence vary depending on the types of polyps. Nasal polyps are abnormal growths that are present inside the lining of the nasal passages. Curcumin, which is an extract from turmeric is anti-inflammatory and can prevent tumors in the colon. They are developed around the walls of the cervix or uterus which may be resulted in heavy bleeding or bleeding between the periods and abdominal pain.
Taking herbal tea can increase the immunity system and help in the regulation of the reproductive system. The extracts from its ripe fruit are used to make medicine with the combination of other herbs.
You can also join a gym for a regular workout, but it’s always better if you can stick only with aerobic, rather than preferring strength exercise. Stomach ache can be treated at home by using various home remedies. Following are some of the home remedies for the treatment of stomach ache.
Consumption of juice extracted from lemon with lukewarm water can be considered as an effective remedy for the treatment of stomach ache.
It is preferable to consume pomegranate seeds with salt and black pepper in order to improve the taste. Drinking a glass of water at frequent intervals can also be used as an effective remedy to cure stomach ache.
However, it is important to note that an individual should consume apple without peeling its outer layer. A massage of ginger oil or ginger juice on abdominal area may also help in reducing stomach ache. Apple cider vinegar mixed with honey and water may also be considered as a natural remedy for the treatment of stomach ache. The material in this site is intended to be of general informational use and is not intended to constitute medical advice, probable diagnosis, or recommended treatments. Powdered cardamom is mixed with the decoction prepared using Horse-Purslane (Boerhavia Diffusa).
Cardamom is used to treat high cholesterol levels and its associated diseases like high blood pressure, atherosclerosis etc. There are three types of hysterectomy – total hysterectomy, hysterectomy with bilateral oophorectomy and radical hysterectomy. Hormonal replacement therapy could help to treat most physical difficulties experienced after hysterectomy such as hot flashes and vaginal dryness.
It also has strong antioxidant properties which detoxify the body, enhance the immune system and protect all its important organs from all kinds of infections and diseases. Chew three or four cloves of garlic every morning. It also contains curcumin which is a powerful antioxidant and which destroys all the harmful free radicals from the body and increases its immunity. Avocados are full of health giving nutrients which keep the body free from infections and diseases. Avocados contain huge quantities of folic acid, folate, vitamin E and glutathione which inhibit the chlamydial infection and propound the body back on the healthy track.
Yogurt is very nourishing and is full of calcium, potassium and B vitamins which stimulate and enhance the immune system.
Besides curbing the infection it also alleviates the pain and burning sensation felt during urination. If you have any problem in the gall bladder then you should change your eating habits immediately.

Healthy oils that are found in fish, flaxseeds, canola and olives are very helpful to reduce pain caused due to gall bladder attack.
Always use pain killers and anti inflammatory medicines to reduce pain in the gall bladder. Surgery is mostly prescribed to curb them, but some natural remedies are equally helpful to prevent them. They may be resulted in running nose, pain in the nose, loss of taste and smell among patients. It is done with the help of the Neti Pot, a kind of device through which the nasal passages can be cleaned, refreshed and protected from infection. It is recommended to mix 2 cups of grinding horseradish with two cups of honey and take it regularly twice a day. Fish-oil supplements are recommended for patients with colon polyps as it can lower the risk of cancer cells in the colon. Regular treatments with 2 hours of exercise daily (1 hour in morning and 1 hour in the evening) can give you a great relief for polyps.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Stomach ache may result from various factors such as excessive gas, severe constipation, food poisoning, indigestion, etc. An individual can drink a cup of lukewarm water mixed with baking soda (at least one spoon) in order to get relief from stomach ache. It is important to note that ginger tea may also be consumed for dealing with the problem of indigestion.
An individual should drink at least two cups of mint tea in order to get relief from stomach ache.
Carom water can be prepared by boiling carom seeds in a glass of water (for five to eight minutes). It is an important member among spices.Cardamom is known by its small triangular seed pods with black seeds that are used as a flavoring agent in foods and drinks. Glaucoma of the eyes caused by the damage of optic nerves can be effectively treated with cardamom. Two teaspoons of cardamom powder is mixed in the decoction prepared by cumin seeds and is taken thrice daily to reduce the bad cholesterol levels and help in the natural treatment of high blood pressure and other problems of heart. Your doctor might explain the reasons to undergo this important surgical procedure, in which parts of the reproductive system are removed. Estrogen creams are prescribed for treating vaginal dryness that develops after hysterectomy.
Generally the urethra in the males and the cervix in the females get infected.  Men usually experience pain during urination. Women have vaginal discharge, pain in the lower abdomen, pain during intercourse and burning sensation during urination. It has powerful antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties which make short work of the bacteria and heal the body quickly.
Its antibiotic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties destroy the infection and relieve the pain most efficaciously. Mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder in a cup of warm milk and drink it every morning and every night before going to bed. They are also rich in potassium, magnesium, iron and calcium and have vast inflammatory properties which relieve pain and swelling. It is also full of good bacteria that combat the chlamydia trachomatis successfully and prevent them from infecting the urinary tract.

It is rich in polyphenols which are powerful antioxidants and which inhibit the chlamydial infection.
Juices like apple juice,pear juice and lemon juices are very helpful to reduce pain caused due to gall bladder infections. If the disease reaches an advanced stage then you may require a surgery to remove the gall bladder. They are abnormal growth of cells normally found in the stomach, nose, sinus, colon, urinary bladder and uterus.
We will talk about some of the common polyps problems and the natural treatment available for them. Let the herbal ingredients get completely boiled in water, and then simmer it for some minutes and straining them out. An individual suffering from stomach ache should avoid junk, oily and gas producing food items. However, in case it is not possible to chew mint leaves directly, mint tea can also be consumed to treat stomach ache. This will be expelled from the body through urine, thereby giving complete cure from bladder stones.
The powdered seeds from three cardamom pods are mixed in 15mL of honey and this has to be taken before bed for three months.This remedy can give cure from glaucoma. Even benign uterine growths that obstruct the bladder or the intestine might require hysterectomy. In such cases it may lead to the formation of gall stones in stones in gall bladder which in turn blocks the flow of the bile.
Recent studies say that grape seed extracts can slow down the growth of colon cancer cells. The uterus, top of the vagina and most tissues inside the pelvic region around the cervix are removed in radical hysterectomy.
In the absence of proper medications, hysterectomy might be the only option available for treating fibroid tumors, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, uterine prolapse and chronic pelvic pain. In fact, hysterectomy helps to increase sexual pleasure my removing the conditions that caused painful intercourse before the operation.
However, coping with life after hysterectomy could be difficult for young women who have not yet started a family. Hysterectomy might be needed to stop uterine bleeding that could not be stopped by other methods.
If hysterectomy required removal of the ovaries, you might require hormone replacement therapy to improve your sexual activities. This may cause diseases like gall bladder infection or gall bladder attack.Today many people in the world are affected by gall bladder diseases. It also helps to get relief from fatigue.Cardamom is also effective in the natural treatment of bladder stones.
Fatigue, insomnia, weight gain, osteoporosis, risk of heart disease and urinary incontinence might develop after hysterectomy.

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