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What is KHT?Koryo (Korean) Hand Therapy is a scientific medical system that is quite simple, easy to perform and is without side effects or danger to the patient.
Benefits: Hand acupuncture is particularly useful for pain management, musculoskeletal injuries and for maintaining general wellbeing.
The course materials written and prepared by John Tindall are now taught in many acupuncture schools in the UK and abroad.
Who should attend: This course is open to reflexologists, physiotherapists, nurses, western medical doctors, healthcare workers, therapists of all types and people interested in learning acupuncture. How to book: Please download and complete the application form and return with a ?50 deposit (deposits are non-returnable and non-refundable).
The techniques taught in this hand acupuncture course are simple, safe, effective and efficient.
Hand acupuncture is a uniquely compact system that is particularly used in Korea and throughout Asia in pain management and to improve vital functions of the body. In this workshop you will learn the layout of the hand as a hologram and the essential points necessary to utilise this form of acupuncture in a practical way. Students will also learn of lesser known uses of hand acupuncture which could be beneficial to your own client-base. This system of acupuncture is a useful tool to apply in busy ‘sit down’ clinics and also for ‘one to one’ settings where one has the space and time for more detailed work. All students attending this hand acupuncture course must undertake further supervised clinical practice hours and pass an examination, to qualify to practice and gain insurance.

The practice groups form part of the supervised clinical practice hours needed to pass a course, although, past students are also welcome to come along.
John has cultivated and perfected the skills taught in his courses over 30 years’ of clinical practice and teaching, helping people all over the world both directly, by giving acupuncture, and indirectly, by training other people in how to provide the service for themselves. John is a great teacher and his courses have revolutionised many healthcare professionals own practices.
In traditional Chinese medicine, the hand can be used to diagnose diseases because pathological information is reflected on the hand.
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Koryo Hand Therapy Meridian System is very effective in treating a wide range of ailments through the stimulation of acupuncture points found on the microsystem of the hand.
Chinese Hand Acupuncture poster with over 60 points mapped out on a full color hand, back and front. I Korea har det under de senaste 100 åren funnits en tradition att utveckla en konstitutionell medicin.
If you have pain or a problem somewhere in your body, the condition will also be mirrored on the hands in the form of tender points.
Extraordinary acupuncture point information for points not found within the main meridian system.
This method can also be used to prevent and treat disease, improve life quality, and maintain health by applying various types of stimulation to specific areas of the hand.

The function of the human body can be manipulated by stimulating the corresponding points on our hands.
Om man tittar efter lite extra så kan man se delarna som representerar armar, ben och leder. The hand as a part of the body lies in a common environment with other structures and has a close relationship with the body's internal organs. The stimulation of the hand is very effective due to the presence of a large number of sympathetic nerve fibers in the hands. Hand therapy is simple and easy to practice and safe and reliable for obtaining good therapeutic effects for a wide variety of diseases. The stimulation of the corresponding points of certain body parts initiates the hand to organ reflex first then the organ to organ reflex.
Clearly, conditions that require surgery and infectious diseases can not be cured using hand acupuncture and should be referred your  medical doctor.

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