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To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. In the two years since he came to power, Kim Jong-un has wrought significant changes on his nation. Satellite images show that the regime has embarked on a massive expansion programme of its already extensive network of labour camps and prisons, which hold as many as 130,000 inmates in appalling conditions. The Sui Dynasty fell during its defeat in the attempted invasion Goguryeu in the Korean Peninsula.
It took 10 years before Gaozu’s last rival was defeated before the Tang established its Dynasty by putting the house in order. Buddhism also flourished during this time and many Chinese pilgrims who went to India for trade brought with them Buddhist scriptures and the renewal of their faith and increases many Chinese Buddhist texts. The reign of Xuanzong (685 – 761) known as the Radiant Emperor is the summit of Tang’s Dynasty which many Chinese regarded.
During the 8th and 9th centuries the Tang Dynasty gradually weakened and created disputes, ransacking the capital and other cities, and the appearance of bandits. Women during the Tang Dynasty have been considered lucky because of the open-mindedness and liberal ideas at this instance.
During feudal times, a woman has no say as to their marriage where it was arranged for them by their father, brothers and other male members of the family, and it was expected that the woman would obey all the rules set by the male members.
With a low familial and social status, these women do not have much chance in place among the male dominance of China’s society. Women of the royal family, during the Tang Dynasty, were not subject to the marital restrictions or constraints much like the common people.
There were a lot of privileges women had during this dynasty and they were able to enjoy the freedom of their male counterparts.
Being given such freedom the women of the Tang dynasty could express themselves freely as well as carry themselves in society without much propriety. Personal life Previous leaders of North Korea have kept their wives and mistresses firmly in the background. A report by Amnesty International in early December suggested that new housing blocks have been built at Camp 16, which covers some 216 sq. Increasing ruthlessness To stamp out any form of dissent, Mr Kim has become even more intolerant of alternative opinions than his famously stern father. With the Emperor at its head the Tang established a pyramidal type of administration having two-policy formulating ministries, Department countries (xian) this has become the regional breakdowns designed to discourage the rise of regional powers, which persists up to this day.

Taizong was regarded as the greatest emperors of China in China’s history where he established through the military, silk routes which then contributed to the influx of traders and the internalization of the Chinese society. With the presence of wars and other internal disputes the Tang Dynasty slowly disintegrated. In the Tang code a couple who wishes to divorce on the foundation of mutual approval and peaceful procedure were not punished. They conducted themselves in business, expressed themselves, even sung loudly, and drank to their heart’s content and other things that they couldn’t do from the former dynasties. Kim Jong-un has torn that rule up and began to parade Ri Sol-ju around from the summer of 2012, just six months after inheriting the leadership of the nation from Kim Jong-il. According to intelligence reports from South Korea, there were 17 public executions in 2012, the first full year that Mr Kim was in power. The cities of Chang’an, Luoyang and Guangzhou (formerly Canton) became the center of trade which created different communities brought by foreign countries particularly those coming from Japan, Indonesia, Persia, India, and Malaysia who established trading and brought with them their arts, culture, religion, music, food, and artistic traditions. The preoccupation of Emperor Xuanzong in the arts, music, Tantric Buddhism, and Taoism left the affairs of the state to his administrators which caused the rebellion of Lushan, one of his generals in the north, who was able to build a huge power base in the region and attacked the capital Chang’an. Before, society was male centered and the domination of men was well maintained and guaranteed by patriarchal customs such as the guidance of husband over wife, father and son, and other society ideals that they have to maintain and follow. The husband alternatively, can leave his wife if the wife is guilty with the seven sins of being jealous, barren, unfilial, lascivious, stealing, meddling, or subject to a disease. Women had the same rights as the men and enjoyed the privilege of education, marriage choice, work and all other privileges excluded to men. The Tang Dynasty attached great value to education and the women were given much value on this as their men.
Even the royal families enjoyed these privileges and granted the same rights that shook the foundations of traditional and feudal cultures as well as ethics.
An estimated 30,000 inmates have simply vanished from the notorious Camp 22, in North Hamyog Province, according to a report by The Committee for Human Rights in North Korea. The most high-profile execution to date this year has been Jang Song-thaek, Mr Kim's uncle and mentor and an official so high in the national hierarchy that he was believed to be untouchable.
Women have been given too many rules to follow or risk losing her husband, family, sons, because of certain regulations.
They were also given a favorable law as to owning land, having the freedom to conduct business and other things that only their male counterparts could do in the previous dynasties.
Women had the chance to learn politics, economics, history and military skills as well as participated in battles.

Detainees are "relentlessly subjected to malnutrition, forced labour, and to other cruel and unusual punishment," the report said. Li Yuan, posthumously called Gaozu established the Tang Dynasty which many Chinese regarded as the most glorious dynasty ever.
In short, women of the past dynasties did not have much freedom, no voice in expressing themselves, no education, and no rights in deciding for their future. Mrs Ri vanished from sight in October of 2012 and apparently gave birth to a daughter around the end of the year.
Mr Kim also ordered the execution of a former mistress, Hyon Song-wol, along with a dozen other musicians and singers from North Korea's three most popular pop bands. All were machine-gunned, while their families were forced to watch, after being accused of making videos of themselves performing sex acts and selling them. Mr Kim and his older brother, Kim Jong-chul, who heads his personal protection detail, are also big Eric Clapton fans and it would come as no surprise had they approached the veteran musician to sound him out about performing in Pyongyang.
Projects for the people Previous generations of the Kim dynasty simply did not care very much about the well-being or happiness of the people; money went to the armed forces, under the "military-first" policy, or was spent on luxuries for the elite in society.
Apparently influenced by the years he spent at a private school in Switzerland, Mr Kim has apparently decided to spend some of the nation's cash on projects to keep the people happy.
Or at least the privileged few who are loyal to the regime and permitted to live in Pyongyang. A brightly coloured water park has opened in the capital, residential districts have been spruced up and new hospitals, schools and gyms constructed.
Defectors Kim Jong-il staged occasional crackdowns on would-be defectors, but this has been raised to new levels under Kim Jong-un. Additional army units have been posted to the border to supplement frontier police and there are reports that officials that in the past were happy to take bribes to look the other way are being punished. As well as attempting to halt the defections, the North's agents are working more closely with the Chinese authorities to recapture groups that have made the perilous crossing and are trying to traverse Chinese territory to safety in a third country.
After appearing on state television to insist that they were delighted to be home, the nine were reportedly executed.

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