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1984 studies report that cesium chloride is effective against cancer by changing the acidic pH range of the cancer cell towards weak alkalinity in which the survival of the cancer cell is endangered, and the formation of acidic and toxic materials, normally formed in cancer cells, is neutralized and eliminated. In another 1984 research, predetermined amounts of cesium chloride or carbonate, zinc gluconate and vitamin A were used together to alter growth of colon carcinoma implants in mice.
A research conducted by Hellfried Sartori, also in 1984, reported a total of 50 patients treated over a 3-year period with cesium chloride. In a 2003 report, cesium levels were measured to determine exposure to an alternative medical treatment.
In a 2007 study it was found that cesium chloride may have therapeutic effects against prostate cancer but may also induce acute toxicities dependent on the dosage administered.
A 2010 review on available material on cesium salts and their applications on medicine concluded that the presence of cesium in the cell does not guarantee high pH of its content, and there is no clinical evidence to support the claims that cancer cells are vulnerable to cesium. The pH therapy was created by Keith Brewer in 1984 using Otto Warburg‘s Nobel Prize winning 1931 research that cancer thrives in acidic conditions. In Brewer’s 1984 study, it was shown that potassium, rubidium, and especially cesium are most efficiently taken up by cancer cells.
The use of cesium chloride should not be confused with the use of radioactive cesium 137, an artificial isotope produced in nuclear reactors. Brewer used cesium chloride with other leading anti-cancer products in his studies so it is difficult to determine whether it was liquid cesium or the other components of the combined therapy that was the cause of the increased survival of the 30 patients he treated. Hans Nieper, who also advocated the use of liquid cesium chloride as well as other anti-cancer products, was well-known for not providing any follow up survival statistics. Assessing the therapeutic and toxicological effects of cesium chloride following administration to nude mice bearing PC-3 or LNCaP prostate cancer xenografts.
Acquired long QT syndrome and monomorphic ventricular tachycardia after alternative treatment with cesium chloride for brain cancer. Blood and tissue concentration of cesium after exposure to cesium chloride: a report of two cases. Grapes were used in the cancer grape cure Oregano Help Fight Cancer Oregano can assist in a holistic cancer treatment. Art therapy is a wonderful approach to psychotherapy that uses basic art materials as the initial tool for communication.  It is extremely beneficial for those who may not have the vocabulary needed to effectively explain what is troubling them, or for those who might be afraid or ashamed to discuss their feelings.
Art-making is a non-verbal activity (unlike traditional talk-therapy) which naturally facilitates the communication of emotions and thoughts that are difficult to put into words.  Creating artwork requires imagination, intuition, and emotional expression. Art therapy uses basic materials that are familiar to most people, such as paints, markers, pastels, clay, and collage materials.  The quality of the artwork is not important, it is not meant to be seen by anyone but the individual who created it. Once the piece of artwork is finished, the therapist and client engage in a verbal discussion about the art piece, guided by the art therapist.  It is during this process that previously hidden or repressed thoughts, feelings, or ideas can be illuminated. When I attended massage therapy school 10 years ago, I started hearing about the devastating effects that antiperspirant deodorants can cause. These kind of antiperspirant deodorants contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals that can cause severe harm to the human nervous system. After my visit with the naturopath that day, I was on a mission to find a deodorant, that worked for me, that didn’t contain aluminum.

Here are some of the top-rated ones that I tried on my finding-deodorant-without-aluminum-journey. This entry was posted on 8 May, 2013, in Healthy products and tagged aluminum free deodorant, deodorant without aluminum, natural deodorant, safe deodorant. The following video discusses the benefits of music therapy with people who have hearing conditions, specifically people who have constant ringing in their ears with no external source, otherwise known as tinnitus. In particular, music therapy is being applied to treat tinnitus, a condition of perpetually hearing ringing in the ear despite no external source. On top of the existing musical therapy treatments, Chinese music therapy is targeted towards treating the energy and balances in our body which cause psychological discomfort.
I would not say music therapy directly influences my ear ringing…it is only giving some music to your brain. You can use our job board to search for various jobs related to art therapy or anything else. Cesium chloride will not cure cancer alone but in combination with other herbs, juices and therapies, cesium chloride will boost cancer treatment effectiveness. Cesium is a rare, naturally occurring element of alkali metal similar in chemical structure to lithium, sodium, and potassium. Data showed that the use of these compounds in a treatment protocol is responsible for repression of tumor growth. The majority of the patients had been unresponsive to previous maximal modalities of cancer treatment and were considered terminal cases. This was based on cesium levels reported from two patients who were administered cesium chloride in conjunction with aloe vera as part of an alternative cancer treatment. Using Warburg’s theory, Brewer was able to create a cost efficient treatment protocol for cancer and was able to treat 30 patients with various cancers through cesium.
Oregano will not cure cancer alone but Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) f .> Commercially, Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) is a by-product of the wood industry. The creative process actively engages the right side of the brain, allowing information, which may be hidden from our conscious awareness, to be accessed. It provides an opportunity for the individual to make associations and emotional connections to symbolic components within the artwork.  This, in turn, allows healing, insight, and a sense of well-being to be experienced. The video talks about using music therapy to help heal the mental aspects as opposed to the physical aspects of tinnitus. Now, in modern day Shanghai doctors are revisiting the ancient art and prescribing it to patients. Recently music therapy has been gaining ground as a means to help people with hearing conditions. Li Ming who specializes in ear and throat treatment is examining the potential of using music therapy for other ailments. Through listening to the five ancient Chinese notes, we are looking at whether there are any problems with the five main organs. While some patients claim is not effective physically, they have benefited from the mental healing.

It was also found that cesium is only moderately toxic and exerts salubrious effects which could be gainfully investigated for application in the treatment of certain psychological disorders and some tumor. The treatment consisted of cesium chloride, some vitamins, minerals, chelating agents, and salts of selenium, potassium, and magnesium.
High level of cesium were found in brain, liver, kidney, bile, gastric content, and whole blood collected at autopsy as compared to reference levels. The quantity of cesium taken up was sufficient to raise the cell to the 8 pH range where cell mitosis ceases and the life of the cell is short. A news article reported that four cancer patients in Perth died after two weeks of Sartori’s treatment. This can be seen through gastrointestinal distress, hypotension, syncope, numbness, or tingling of the lips.
I’ve experimented with 4 of the 5 brands you listed, and while I have no problems with any of them, Lavilin just works so much better. The five notes from traditional Chinese music are believed to correspond to the five main organs of the body: the spleen, lungs, liver, heart, and kidney. The highest cesium chloride concentrations were found in the liver, followed by the kidney, and then the brain. Tests on mice fed cesium and rubidium showed marked shrinkage in the tumor masses within 2 weeks.
This involved the administration of cesium chloride, magnesium sulphate, and potassium chloride. Total cesium intakes of 6 g per day have been found to produce severe hypokalemia, hypomagnesemia, prolonged QTc interval, episodes of polymorphic ventricular tachycardia, with or without torsade de pointes, and even acute heart arrest.
However, it by Cindy Pa-acRose Hip Vitamin CSome people say that you can lose weight with Acai. Whole Foods has started stocking Lavilin – looks like they’re making a big push in the market!
The high accumulation in the liver suggests that hepatotoxicity from cesium might be an initial presenting symptom in cesium chloride poisoning. A fifth patient, who also underwent the same treatment, stopped after five days following unbearable pain and being told to control the pain with his mind. There was a 26% and 24% death within the initial 2 weeks and 12 months of treatment, respectively. A consistent finding in these patients was the disappearance of pain within the initial 3 days of cesium chloride treatment.

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