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Hong Kong (Heung góng in Cantonese, meaning fragrant harbour) is a place with multiple personalities, as a result of being both Cantonese Chinese and under a more recent contemporary ex-British influence. Imbued with the unique vision of Whole Person Education championed by its founding fathers, Hong Kong Baptist University started life in 1956 as a private post-secondary college grounded in a Christian heritage. In 1983, the then Hong Kong Baptist College became a fully-funded public tertiary institution.
Since then, the University has gone from strength to strength, enjoying dynamic growth in both physical size and academic stature. To prepare you for a future where the eyes of the world are set on Asia, Hong Kong is the perfect opportunity for you to understand the 21st century business environment and regional market conditions. From the lively nightlife of Lan Kwai Fong on Hong Kong Island, to the long distance walking trails in the hills of the New Territories, to the lively Chinese festivals celebrated around the city, Hong Kong offers students an exciting mix of activities to choose from. Throughout the year, many colorful Chinese festivals are celebrated, drawing you into a culture stretching back 5,000 years. There is also a lively arts scene and a wide selection of clubs, concerts, and creative events that keep Hong Kong going.
For those who prefer some peace and quiet, country parks and scenic walks are widely available in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) offers one semester and one year exchanges, and the freedom to take courses from across the undergraduate programs. Students are free to choose and enroll in any courses they want (provided they meet the prerequisite requirements, if any, of the courses).
Applicants should list on the enrolment application, in order of priority, six to eight courses which they wish to study (six to eight courses should be listed in the event that some of the courses are not available due to time scheduling conflicts, etc.).
HKBU strives to create positive living environments at our four student residence halls: Cai Hall, Soong Hall, Zhou Hall, and Yang Hall. Sports facilities at HKBU include two multi-purpose gymnasiums, squash and tennis courts, a swimming pool, fitness room, and full-size outdoor athletics stadium. The Hong Kong Baptist University's Information Systems Section (ISS) wanted to save on manpower while improving system performance and reliability, streamline manageability, eliminate storage concerns, and improve backup and recovery.
Founded in 1956, the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) is today an autonomous and publicly-funded university that enrolls more than 8,000 students.
Information Systems Section (ISS) was established to provide management information to the senior management of the University for decision making, developing and supporting mission-critical applications for student registration and study progress information, human resource management, and finance management. After an extensive search which included presentations from several vendors, ISS bought its first AIX-based IBM server for systems development.
Since then, ISS had brought two more AIX-based IBM servers for user-acceptance testing and for production run. When ISS began developing Web-based Java applications, it tried to bring in another hardware brand.
IBM eServer pSeries is driven by POWER4+ microprocessors with an enhanced "SMP-on-a-chip" design that uses two high-speed processors in a single chip module. At the same time, the IBM pSeries 650 adopts several innovations from IBM autonomic computing initiative that freed ISS from laborious maintenance tasks. The deployment of IBM eServer pSeries 650 also turned the entire ISS server infrastructure into an IBM-only or 'True Blue' server environment, which provided further benefits to ISS. Best of all, the new Shark cut the data downtime to zero iV a fact that certainly impressed Ms Lau and her team.

Becoming a 'True Blue' customer where all the hardware solutions are from IBM furnished Ms Lau with many benefits.
One of the first things Ms Lau noticed when switching to a 'True Blue' infrastructure was the tight integration between the different IBM hardware, which in turn led to better resource management.
This allows ISS to fully utilise their available resources optimally iV a benefit that saves ISS money and precious man hours. The 'True Blue' infrastructure helps Ms Lau maintain her headcount without affecting the systems performance while streamlining her staff's tasks for better productivity.
Excellent support is another key factor for Ms Lau's ongoing faith in IBM hardware, especially when installing the SAN infrastructure.
She added that the implementation team's pragmatic approach to the project and spelling out the expectations and limitations right at the beginning impressed her the most. With a 'True Blue' infrastructure providing the backbone, Ms Lau is very satisfied with the current implementation, and feels that her expectations have been met. Duis autem vel eum iriure dolor hendrerit vulputate velit esse molestie consequat vel illum dolore eu feugiat. Today, the former British colony is a major tourism destination for China’s increasingly affluent mainland population.
In 1994, the institution achieved University status and was renamed Hong Kong Baptist University, awarding degrees in its own right. Today, the University has emerged as a center of creativity, innovation, and academic excellence.
There is an increasing focus of attention and resources on the Asia-Pacific region, in view of China’s rising economic and political influence. This former British territory offers a lifestyle so vibrant, dynamic, and varied, it has been and continues to be an irresistible destination for people to work and live in.
During the yesteryears, migrants were attracted to labor-intensive industries such as manufacturing and textiles. The lion dances and fireworks of Chinese New Year, races and rice dumplings of Dragon Boat Festival, and mooncakes and lanterns of Mid-Autumn Festival are just some of the traditional events waiting for you to explore. International arts and film festivals draw top names from around the world, while major sports events such as the world-renowned Rugby Sevens attract stars and visitors to the city. There is no better way to learn about the many changes and challenges facing China and Asian as a whole first hand - living and learning with students not only from Hong Kong, but also from China and many other countries. However, they should confer with their ISU academic adviser to seek approval for selected courses for the purpose of credit transfer. The mix of students from different backgrounds helps students broaden their world view and embrace different cultures even as they learn to be considerate and respectful of their hall mates. Moreover, guests and visitors to HKBU can avail themseleves of accommodation at HKBU's Dr. Committed to the provision of 'whole person' education, the University offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in arts, business, science and social sciences, and professional courses in Chinese medicine, business, communication and education. In addition, ISS oversees the installation and maintenance of an IT infrastructure to the support information systems it develops. So when ISS moved to a modern client-server environment, IBM was again one of the vendors chosen to provide the necessary hardware. However, the vendor's abysmal customer support and relatively short product life cycle did not live up to ISS' initial expectations.

This significantly improves performance scalability and offers exceptional configuration flexibility to meet unexpected growthiVfeatures that ISS was looking for.
Instead, with the new server onboard, ISS could now devote more resources and effort to value-adding tasks.
Two years ago, ISS was carrying out a balancing act trying to administer and manage a myriad of systems that led to data management headaches.
Increasing hardware stretched ISS in reining in data management while maintaining the servers. After looking at the available options for nine months, they decided to implement a Storage Area Network (SAN) that scores high on security, performance and availability. For example, when a database server goes down, ISS is now able to use available IBM AIX servers to mount the database. Currently, ISS only has a slim team of three persons managing the SAN, six servers for development, user acceptance testing and production, twelve middle-tier servers and eight internal servers. They were very technical professionals who understood all our concerns, solved all our issues and were backed by a strong company like IBM," said Ms Lau. We relied on the SI and the hardware vendor to provide us with professional service in order to implement the solution successfully," she said. It is also an important hub in East Asia with global connections to many of the world’s cities. With a population exceeding 7 million people, Hong Kong's society personifies the essence of both the eastern and western traditions.
Supported by a low-crime, low-corruption environment and an adherence to the rule of law, the territory has developed into a leading global business and financial center, serving as an important bridge between multinational corporations and the Mainland China market. You can well be taking in a Chinese folk dance one week, Jose Carreras the next, and Disneyland thereafter.
Our campus facilities, located in the heart of the vibrant city, offer world-class library and research resources. Living in a multi-cultural environment in the heart of Asia, you will also learn what makes another society unique and gain a fresh perspective on your own home.
Be aware that, like at Iowa State, it may not always be possible for students to get into every class they want. Likewise, backup and recovery also took up precious man hours, and Ms Lau did not have the resources to expand her systems operation team to cater for the increased workload. In the end, they chose IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server 800, or Shark, and implemented it in December 2002. It is a unique destination that has absorbed people and cultural influences from places as diverse as Vietnam and Vancouver and proudly proclaims itself to be Asia’s World City. Here in Hong Kong, not only will you be at the gateway to China but you will also receive a world-class education that counts as one of the best in the region and beyond.
This is where ancient Chinese temples are juxtaposed against towering steel and glass skyscrapers and where dragon boat races are held alongside the annual Rugby Sevens.

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