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Although majority of women still prefer tampons to maxi pads, the pads have been making a comeback lately. Women who prefer pads to tampons usually do so because of the fear of toxic shock syndrome (TSS), a rare, but life-threatening complication of bacterial infection, caused by ultra-absorbent tampons.
There are two major reasons, both suggesting that the trend might hold steady in the future. Another reason why pads are gaining momentum is the increasing popularity of online shopping. Mostly, it's science-based technology used in new generation pads, that was able to address safety issues and provide unprecedented absorption without compromising quality.
Although the idea of manufacturers putting asbestos in tampons is an urban myth, bleaching is still very common in tampons, as well as in many big brand pads.

Also, even though TSS is very rare, growth of bacteria is not, especially in more absorbent tampons. If a few years ago women were able to choose only between a few national brands, now there are tens of brands, some of them little know, but increasingly available even in chain stores. Specialty health stores or even some chain stores dedicated to natural and organic products carry many more kinds of maxi pads, including reusable cloth pads and menstrual cups. New generation menstrual pads are far superior not only to regular big brand pads, but also to any kind of tampons. Bleached paper can cause rashes and inflammation that could lead to urinary tract infections. Greater absorption rates encourage women to change tampons less often, creating ideal conditions for bacteria to grow and multiply.

Many new brands are being introduced, providing women with more choices for safer and more comfortable periods. As consumers are more and more comfortable shopping online, even for such products as personal hygiene items, they choose pads over tampons, if they are able to find what they exactly need.
There are no tampons capable of providing antibacterial and antifungal functions, nor any tampons can prevent genital inflammation and skin irritation.
Women who are more health conscious or simply prefer higher-end products, tend to shop online.

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