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Quality management and excellence in business undertakings have brought DMI Medical Supply Co.
This 2016 International Quality Crown Award Ceremony also afforded CEOs and Business Gurus to offer different perspective, share best practices, discuss business ideas, and present good deals.
This international accolade reflected DMI-MX3’s lifework to commit to its “business with a mission”. Inc., to another international recognition during the BID Convention receiving its second international award in Gold Category – the International Quality Crown Award 2015. The recipients of the International Quality Crown like DMI- MX3 represent a force in the business world, creating opportunities and reaching agreements with professionals from different countries and even different continents.

The Company is grateful and blessed to have represented the Philippines at par with the level of excellence recognized in other countries, and it hopes to inspire other Filipino entrepreneurs to thrive in the same culture of merit.
While there is no cure for diabetes, it can be managed by lifestyle changes such as attention to diet and exercise. The MX3 capsule is a mangosteen based food supplement aggressively promoted in print and TV ads. Business Leaders and Delegates gathered at the Guoman Tower, London last November 21 and 22, 2015 to distinguish and pay tribute to the outstanding companies, organizations and entrepreneurs from all around the globe. This international forum provides an ideal backdrop for business presentations through which commercial relations can be initiated, making the Quality Award a basis for new, mutually beneficial relationships.

The qualification of DMI to the award has proven the company’s excellence in Leadership and Business Management, Quality and Overall Excellence, Business and Brand Name Prestige and Technology, Innovation and Growth.
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