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According to the South African Journal of Anaesthesia and Analgesia, it is estimated that as much as 27% of the South African population use herbal medicines. The danger of herbal medicines lies in the widespread perception that because they are “natural”, it means that they are safe.
More than 70% of patients do not choose to disclose if they are using any of these drugs to their doctors and physicians treating them. Drug interactions between herbal medicines and conventional drugs are often not fully appreciated.
Out of the drugs reported in a recent survey, 27% of them altered clotting, 30% had a direct influence on heart rhythm, rate and blood pressure, and 20% increased sedation. Examples of common herbal medicines include ginger, garlic, kava, gingko and evening primrose oil – which, on the face of it, are innocuous or even beneficial to consume.
However, we know that interaction between oral contraceptives and garlic may result in contraceptive failure. Wounds are often treated with kava and the oral indications of kava include anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, muscle pain and headaches; additive drowsiness and depression of motor reflexes may be the result of kava interacting with central nervous system depressants (such as sedatives and tranquillisers) or alcohol.
When evening primrose oil interacts with anaesthetics, it could increase the risk of seizure. Some physicians may not be familiar with and underestimate the clinical effect of the herbal medication, or the mechanism of action of a specific herb.
Prolonged use of herbal medicines may result in a confusing clinical picture when patients fall ill as a result of taking them. Other herbal medicines compete for the same cytochrome pathway as anaesthetic agents commonly used, which may slow down the clearance of the anaesthetic drug administered, predisposing patients to toxic effect as a result of higher plasma concentration.
The South African Society of Anaesthesiologists (SASA) advises the public to discuss any usage of herbal medicines with medical practitioners (both the surgeon and the anaesthesiologist), well before they undergo any surgical procedures.
Most medical authorities agree that the use of herbal supplements and medicines should be stopped at least two weeks before surgery.

Perhaps you, like many others, take herbal medicines because you believe it’s the smart thing to do, and in some cases it may well be so. Struggle to get out of bed in the morning, can’t function without your morning coffee fix.. Latest Research confirms that Rooibos, Anniques main Product ingredient, has a remarkable impact on cancer, as a preventative.. A recent USPS memo issued out of its Portland headquarters warns newspapers: continue to run paid ads for medical marijuana dispensaries and herbal shops that sell cannabis-related products, or face the wrath of the federal government.
And that edict also underscores the growing struggle created by conflicting state and federal laws on legalized marijuana.
Through popular ballot initiatives, Oregon legalized medical marijuana in 1998, and recreational marijuana in 2014. They also want to know if this memo is intended to affect all states and how the USPS expected to enforce it. Congress has been making moves to protect state marijuana laws, most recently with the Rohrabacher-Farr amendment, which prevents the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) from using any funds to prevent states from implementing their own medical marijuana laws. West says the issue is not so cut and dry when states -- driven by voters -- have declared their interest in legalizing and regulating cannabis for the open market.
People choose medicines based on their preferred choice of treatment such as allopathic, homoeopathic, ayurvedic etc. A recent survey conducted in South Africa suggests that up to 51% of surgical patients use herbal medicine in the two weeks leading up to their procedure; consensus has it that this poses risks to them. Ginger alters blood pressure when it interacts with blood pressure medication, and interferes with blood pressure therapy. When ginger, evening primrose oil or gingko interacts with non-clotting agents, these interactions could result in increased risk of bleeding. When unexpected complications occur, anaesthesiologists and other physicians should make sure the patient has not omitted to reveal the use of any herbal medication.
The bioactive components contained in a single herb may contribute, in varying degree, to the observed effect and interaction, leading to difficulties in predicting and explaining herb-drug interactions.
But to tell your healthcare practitioner that you use such therapies, especially in run-up to and after a surgical procedure, may be one of the smartest things you ever do.

Postal Service from delivering the mail, that promise apparently doesn't apply to Oregon newspapers that carry marijuana ads — despite marijuana being legal in the state. Though Oregon is one of 23 states with a medical marijuana law and one of five, including the District of Columbia, with fully legalized cannabis, it remains illegal on the federal level. Postal Service spokesman, the postal service cannot deliver anything -- whether it’s cannabis, paraphernalia, or newspapers with ads promoting its sale -- through the mail.
According to Marcia Van Dyke, executive director of the Newspaper Publishers Association in neighboring Washington State, which legalized all marijuana in 2012, their newspapers never had a conflict over this particular brand of advertisement.
For those that run the advertisements, however, “it’s a big deal,” because more than ever, newspapers rely on ads to survive.
It is not clear -- and this is one of the things the Oregon lawmakers want to know -- how that law might affect the USPS' edict. As states are beginning to legalize its recreational use, critics like Kevin Sabet, head of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, which is against full legalization, have been warning of its commercialization.
One of the most dangerous adverse effects includes increased bleeding, as well as increased blood loss throughout surgery. Examples have been experienced where patients have failed to disclose herbal medicines such as omega oils, arnica tablets, evening primrose oil and St. This results in great variation between different manufacturers, with some tending to underreport or omit to mention the side effects of their therapies, while overemphasising the positive effects. John’s wort, to name a few, resulting in a return to theatre for physicians with patients suffering excessive bleeding due to use of such remedies. Retail pot shops like the ones that have sprung up in Washington and Colorado, won’t be opened until next year.

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