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If you have already consulted a doctor, then you know that cysts are nothing to worry about. If you can prepare the formation of chalk by mixing equal proportion of water and lime powder, it helps in treating cysts. Turmeric, an Indian spice is the best natural antibiotic used in curing cysts sitting at home.
You need to make a dense turmeric paste and apply over the cyst and coat the affected area with gauze.
Aloe Vera has its own healing power so applying Aloe 4-5 times a day on the cyst helps a lot.
You also need to maintain a healthy diet and drink lot of water to prevent cysts and other infections.
Gout is generally caused by factors such as consumption of a diet rich in purine, intake of alcohol and kidney diseases. Drinking dandelion tea prepared by boiling dried dandelion in water can also help in the excretion of uric acid from the body. Bromelain can be used to obtain relief from the pain and inflammation associated with gout.
Folliculitis can be defined as the soreness of hair follicles caused by certain reasons like infection of hair follicles by bacteria.This is one of the commonly seen skin disorders and many types of folliculitis including scalp folliculitis, also known as scalp acne can be noticed nowadays.
Increased sweating, accumulation of oil in the hair follicles, lack of hair care, use of harmful hair tonics etc. Washing your scalp using lukewarm water can be regarded as one of the effective and simplest method to cure the problem of scalp folliculitis. Massaging your scalp can be regarded as an important remedy in the case of scalp folliculitis or scalp acne. Massaging scalp in circular motion by using fingers can be beneficial in curing the problem very effectively and efficiently.
Fresh aloe vera gel can be directly applied on the affected area to reduce the pain and itching resulting from poison ivy. Direct application of aloe vera juice on the affected area can also give the desired results. Frequent application of a paste created by mashing boiled potatoes on the affected area can reduce skin irritation and itching resulting from poison ivy. An individual can create a thick paste with the use of baking soda powder (3 teaspoons) and water (1 tablespoon) and apply this paste on the affected area to treat the problem of poison ivy. Regular application of cooked oatmeal paste on the affected area can reduce the rashes and itching resulting from poison ivy. Direct application of a paste created with the use of goldenseal powder (2 teaspoons) and water (2 teaspoons) can reduce the itching, stiffness and pain resulting from poison ivy. To obtain better results, water can be replaced with apple cider vinegar (1 teaspoon).
Direct application of the juice extracted from peppermint leaves on the affected area can provide a soothing effect and relief from the itching or burning sensation resulting from poison ivy.
Buttermilk can be directly applied on the affected area to treat the problem of poison ivy. A pasted created with the use of epsom salt and water can also be directly applied on the affected area to reduce the itching resulting from poison ivy. Bleach, it’s the best for Poison ivy ~ as soon as you think you have been in it mowing ect. Symptoms of this problem include burning and gritty sensation in the eyes, crusting of the eyelids, sensitivity to light, itchy and swollen eyelids, matting and loss of the eyelashes and dry eyes.
A person can prepare a solution by mixing boiled water with baking soda and use it to clean the eyelids with the help of a cotton ball. Fish is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids that can help in the treatment of blepharitis.
A piece of cloth can be soaked in a mixture of aloe vera juice and water and placed on the eyes to cure the infection.
A person can place wet green tea bags on the eyes to reduce redness, dryness, itching and burning sensation resulting from the eye infection.
Bleeding gums, bad breath and tooth sensitivity are all signs of receding gums so in order to keep the gums healthy, it is important to curb the infection to prevent more serious gum diseases and tooth loss. Neem is a time tested remedy for all kinds of diseases and disorders and all kind of oral infections and maladies. The multitudinous healing and curative powers of neem will make short work of the infection, reduce the inflammation and stop the bleeding.
The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of mustard oil will annihilate the infection and heal the damaged tissues.
Blepharitis is a common eye condition that affects your eyelids and the eyelash hair follicles. This eye condition is usually caused by excessive growth of bacteria that is found on skin.
If you have blepharitis infection in your eye, you will have crusts and oil debris accumulating often on your eyelids. Dip a clean washcloth in some warm water, wring it a little and apply over your closed eyelids for a few minutes.
If you have dandruff and dry skin, these skin conditions will worsen the symptoms and occurrences of blepharitis.
Calendula is popularly known as marigold and has flowers which have bright and beautiful orange petals. Calendula ointment is easily available in health stores and you can apply some on your eyelids to get relief from pain and inflammation.
Blepharitis causes a lot of crusting over the eyelids; you can use baby shampoo to remove the crust as it does not contain any harmful chemicals and is easy on the eyes, causing no tearing. You can place a slice of potato over each eye for fifteen minutes, thrice a day, to get relief from the symptoms of blepharitis. Coconut oil application is the simplest natural remedy you can try at home to treat blepharitis and prevent its future occurrences. Oregon grape possesses antibiotic properties and substances called berberine which are effective in killing a wide range of microbes.
One of the major causes of blepharitis is the reduction in normal oil secretions in the eyelids. If you have blepharitis, it is important to avoid eyestrain as it will worsen your condition.
If you suffer often from recurring blepharitis, then you need to take proper precautions and learn to maintain a good amount of hygiene. It is better to avoid using makeup and keep your eyes clean as cosmetic products may contain irritants that will worsen your condition. The factors such as foot arch problems, obesity, long distance running and so on may contribute to the development of plantar fasciitis. It is important to note that proper rest can play a critical role in the treatment of plantar fasciitis. Fatty Liver, commonly known as fatty liver disease (FLD), is a chronic condition associated with the build-up of triglycerides in the liver cells.
It might just sting you a little bit so in that case you can apply rose water to alleviate the burn.

You can notice a miraculous diminish in size and there are chances that your cyst shall be totally removed in some days. Fish oil supplements are very effective in healing cysts as they can provide you with a specific dose of essential skin nutrients. Soak a teabag into milk and if you leave the teabag overnight on the cyst, next morning you get up and can see the cyst shrink.
Intake of parsley on a regular basis can help in reducing the swelling resulting from gout. It is important to consume this herb under the supervision of a health consultant if an individual is taking blood thinning medicines.
Cleaning the scalp with an antiseptic soap is found to be helpful in removing the bacteria clogged inside the hair follicles. Use a sanitary cotton towel for wiping your scalp and this can help in checking the spread of infection.
Rubbing your scalp with your fingers can be helpful in increasing the blood circulation and hence helps in removing the bacteria trapped inside the hair follicles.
Applying a small quantity of freshly extracted garlic juice over the infected scalp is proved to be effective in curing the problem completely. Applying a little of turmeric powder over the inflamed areas of scalp can be beneficial in curing the problem entirely. A fine paste can be prepared by mixing a small quantity of dusted turmeric roots along with a little of water. Common symptoms of poison ivy include skin rashes, redness, itching, blisters and so on. The problem of poison ivy can last for 3 to 4 weeks. To use banana as a home remedy, an individual is required to rub a paste of mashed banana on the affected area.This remedy can provide a soothing effect and help an individual in getting quick relief from the problem of poison ivy. To obtain quick results, baking soda powder can also be added to the water used for bathing.
Applying a paste created with the use of crystal salt and water directly on the affected area can reduce the burning sensation resulting from poison ivy. Peppermint oil can also be directly applied on the affected area to obtain effective results. Consumption of a glass of buttermilk on a regular basis can also provide the desired results.
Take a bleach bath, if you break out with it take a cotton ball & dab bleach on the rash, it dries it up in no time!
Factors such as seborrheic dermatitis, allergy, lice infestation, bacterial growth on the skin, styes and rosacea can cause this problem. The symptoms associated with blepharitis can be treated with the use of different natural cures. Consumption of salmon, tuna and halibut fish multiple times in a week can relieve the inflammation of the eyelids.
A person can apply tea tree oil on the eyes with the help of a cotton ball to obtain the desired results. You should adopt proper oral care measures to prevent plaque and tarter buildup which also cause the gum recession.
This oil has potent antibacterial and antifungal properties, which eradicate the infection fast and reduce the swelling and pain instantly.
Chew and eat some young and tender neem leaves with some lump sugar first thing in the morning. Its powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties destroy the infection, get rid of the harmful toxins and set the stage for rapid healing. The eyelids turn red, itchy and swollen, with scales that appear at the base of your eyelashes. You will get immediate relief from the pain, and doing this twice a day will help kill the infection. Consuming evening primrose oil daily will help restore moisture to your skin as well as hair. It can be used to get relief from the painful symptoms of blepharitis and to kill any infection at the site of application. Add a few drops of baby shampoo to some warm water and use it to clean your eyes with the help of a cotton ball. Dilute a drop of tea tree oil with a little almond oil and dip a cotton ball in this solution.
The swelling on your eyelids will also decrease considerably, and within a few days you will be completely cured of this condition. An even more effective way is to grate a potato and pack it in a piece of muslin, and then applying this over each eye. Coconut oil contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties which are very beneficial in treating this condition. It is quite similar to goldenseal but can be easily grown anywhere, so its use as medicinal plant has grown worldwide. The topical application of this herb helps to kill infection at site and helps treat blepharitis. If you have blepharitis, it is best to take flaxseed oil capsules as it will help normalize lid secretions and treat this condition effectively. The dry crusts that form on the eyelids can be very bothersome, and the inflammation is really painful. This will reduce the dryness in your eyes, which makes the blepharitis condition even worse. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
The roots, leaves and fruit of the papaya plant contain papain which may help in the treatment of swelling. Inflammation can be reduced with the consumption of foods rich in essential fatty acids such as herring, mackerel, salmon and so on.
The arch of the foot can be stretched for a period of 15 to 20 seconds to obtain relief from the tension and pain. In most cases, it is perfectly normal for individuals to have moderate amounts of fat covering their liver, however, excess accumulation of fat results in inflammation and pain, and is referred to as steatohepatitis. This herb is used extensively for preparing a wide range of dishes in Asia, especially in India, as it adds flavour as well as colour to the food.
It is important that you restrict the amount of saturated fats in your diet as they worsen the symptoms of fatty liver.
This is due to the fact that regular exercising helps in lowering bad cholesterol levels, which is responsible for causing fatty liver.You should aim at exercising at least 30-45 minutes, four to five times a week. This is due to the fact that milk thistle possesses an active ingredient named silymarian, which helps in decreasing inflammation as well as repairing liver cells.It is advisable that you inform your doctor before using milk thistle, as this herb interacts with other medications. This is due to the fact that garlic possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, which help in lowering cholesterol as well as reducing inflammation.
You will be healed rapidly and it ensures that you shall not be affected by cyst ever in future.

Then carefully wash the affected area with soap and the cyst will gradually break up naturally. Consumption of parsley supplements can also provide the desired results by flushing out excess uric acid from the body. Another alternative is to apply a paste created by mixing a lesser amount of apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper. Therefore, regular consumption of turmeric can help in reducing the inflammation resulting from the problem of gout. This tea may help in improving the digestion of proteins which may result in the dissolution of uric acid.
Scalp folliculitis can be characterized by the appearance of red pimples around each follicle. Spreading a small quantity of castor oil over the warmed leaves can be effective in reducing the inflammation as well as pain due to the problem of scalp folliculitis. Applying this paste over the scalp can be valuable in reducing the infection at a faster rate. An individual can also rub the inside part of a banana peel on the affected area to cure the symptoms of poison ivy. An individual suffering from the problem of poison ivy can also take a bath with water containing crystal salt.
The irritation and burning sensation can be reduced by rinsing the eyes with cold water multiple times in a day. A person can soak a cotton swab in an eyewash prepared by boiling eyebright in water and place it on the eyes for 5 to 10 minutes (3 to 4 times in a day) to deal with the problem. A solution prepared by mixing marigold and water can be used to rinse the eyes several times in a day to obtain effective results.
The extract obtained from green tea bag (used) can be mixed with a few drops of flaxseed oil and applied on the eyes to get effective results. Mix one teaspoon of alum powder and a pinch of salt into a glass of hot water.Rinse your mouth with this solution. Now with your clean index finger massage your gums thoroughly for five minute after which rinse your mouth with warm water. Mix one teaspoon of turmeric powder with one teaspoon of dried neem leaf powder and massage your gums and rub your teeth with it three times daily. It may give you a foreign-body sensation in the eye and cause a lot of discomfort, especially when you wake up in the morning with crusting of the eyelashes. Blepharitis can sometimes become chronic; hence it is important to treat it on time using these simple natural treatments to keep it under control.
It contains substances which have great skin healing properties, and hence it can also be used to treat blepharitis. Apply on and inside your eyelid to get relief from the itching, pain and inflammation due to blepharitis. Regular application will treat the symptoms of blepharitis and help cure it within a few days. Flaxseed contains omega3 fatty acids which are very beneficial for your skin and help keep it healthy.
Avoid watching television, computer screen, or reading, as they will cause further strain on your eyes. Drinking lots of water regularly will even prevent future occurrences of this eye condition as the harmful toxins get flushed out of your system. Rolling the frozen cup across the bottom of the foot for a period of 5 to 10 minutes can provide relief. These chemicals regulate muscle contraction and are often responsible for causing migraine headaches. In addition to that, this herb has been used for almost 4000 years for treating several health conditions. Instead of saturated fats, consume foods containing omega-3 fatty acids, as they are considered good fats. Best forms of exercise for treating fatty liver include weight training, jogging, running, cycling and swimming. It is important to note that the application of cayenne pepper may result in a burning sensation. Turmeric should be used as per the instructions of a medical practitioner as it can increase the effect of blood thinning medicines. If desired results are not obtained with the use of home remedies, an individual should consult a dermatologist.
Pockets begin to form between the teeth and the gum line and trap bits and pieces of food.This entrapment makes a perfect breeding ground for bacteria which begin to multiply rapidly causing severe infection. Further, an individual may find it difficult to walk properly as a result of this condition. It has been observed that a reduction in prostaglandins resulting from the intake of feverfew may provide relief from the pain and inflammation associated with plantar fasciitis.
It is interesting to note that this form of arnica is frequently used as a component in the preparation of skin ointments. Exercises such as stair stretch and towel stretch can also be performed on a regular basis to get the desired results. This herb is known to exhibit the properties of an antioxidant and is hepatoprotective, which means that it helps in keeping your liver healthy. On the other hand, chronic gout may affect more than one joint and is characterized by inflammation and pain.
Therefore, this paste is required to be removed immediately if an individual experiences pain after the application. The infection eats away the healthy tissues of the gums and if not treated at the outset begins to attack the bone structures that support the teeth. Avoid using this herb if you are taking blood-thinning medications, as this herb thins blood as well.
Foods that possess good amounts of good fats include flax seeds, chia seeds, salmon, peanuts, olive oil, sunflower seeds and tuna. The swelling and pain will abate almost immediately and healing will set in as soon as the infection is curbed preventing further damage to the tissues.
You must also add foods that contain fibre to your diet, as fibre is considered beneficial in reducing the levels of bad cholesterol, thereby reducing the amount of fat present on the liver.Foods that contain high amounts of soluble fibre include beans, pears, oats, bran, A wheat, millet, berries, apples, sweet potatoes and prunes. Soaking the affected area in this tea (after it has cooled down) may also provide effective results.

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