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Moving a little down from the head is the neck, a very important body part indeed, although head is the site of the brain, but it is the neck that has the power to turn it whichever way it wants. The causes of neck and shoulder pain and stiffness are many and can range from silly reasons like sleeping in a wrong posture to serious ones like arthritis and meningitis which can leave us with a sore and painful neck for several days. In all these cases it is usual to feel discomfit to numbing pains in the neck and shoulder region which is easily cured with simple exercises within a few days. Neck and shoulder pains can be quite menacing and hinder our day to day activities, but instead of restoring to temporary solutions like pain killers use reflexology to heal the aliment from within and move towards overall wellness and complete harmony between mind and body. Acupressure is a complete healing therapy that is rooted in ancient eastern healing arts which helps in curing the mid and irritating as well as the all-consuming throbbing pains that has become a part of modern life. Shoulder Well- This point is located on the shoulder muscle, half way between the base of the neck and the end of the shoulder muscle. Completion Bone- This point is located on the occipital ridge, in the depression behind the ear in the SCM muscle. Heaven’s Pillar- This point is located on the occipital ridge, just at the side of where the spine enters the skull in the tendon. Celestial Window- This point is located in the muscle, under and slightly behind the earlobe. Now that you know the specific acupressure points that can be stimulated to alleviate the pain in neck and shoulder region, here are a few simple tips that you can use to make the session an unforgettable experience for the receiver. Acupressure has an extensive history and has been used effectively for ages to cure various ailments and diseases.
Headaches, stiff neck, eye and jaw pain as well as aching and tingling in the back and arms may indicate trapezius muscle dysfunction.
The trapezius covers a large portion of the back of the neck, back of the shoulder and upper to mid back. You use the trapezius muscle to raise and lower your shoulders, lift and lower your arms, tilt your head side to side, turn your head side to side, and straighten your neck. Sombra Warm Therapy Pain Relieving Gel is a pain relieving gel that I use both personally and professionally in my massage therapy practice. Unlike other over the counter heating creams, it provides warmth without burning heat. Biofreeze Pain Relieving Gel is an excellent pain relieving gel that I use on clients who have sudden onset muscle pain or recent injuries. Elasto-Gel Cervical Collar can be used for heat or cold therapy to the neck, upper shoulder area. Any failure to a particular nerve will affect the function of that part of the body the nerve controls.
When the nerves in and around the cervical spine (neck) get compressed or inflamed, it can result to symptoms like headaches and neck pain or even twitching (spasm) of facial muscles. Traumas or poor posture like FORWARD HEAD POSTURE could cause the nerves around the neck to become inflamed or be compressed by the spinal bones. Many people suffer from pain, weakness, numbness in the legs and even have difficulty walking.
Apart from injuries and diseases of the spine and nerves, some of the most common conditions are Lumbar Spinal Stenosis and Sciatica. Chiropractic has been effective for relieving nerve pressure by alleviating nerve impingements due to misaligned spinal bones. Although stiff neck only lasts for a couple of days, other cases have long-term effects which usually affect one’s daily activities.
We begin with a comprehensive assessment of your headache problem, involving your full headache history, neurological examination and investigation as appropriate, all of which can be provided at our location, The Global Clinic, in-house.
Together establishing a long-term reduction in the frequency and severity of your headache pattern. The contribution to Headache from the Neck has a long history of enquiry, and further study exposes anatomical connections that can explain the relationship. Headache sufferers may experience a single recurring pattern of pain symptoms, but frequently suffer from more than one sort of Headache.
Each of these nerve systems transmits sensations from their region to the brain, but the route is not direct.
In respect of muscle dynamics, which are a special interest to this clinic, recent research has highlighted potential benefits from Botox treatment in a specially-selected group of patients with Chronic Migraine. Greater Occipital Nerve Block has been quite widely practised for a number of years, and currently finds favour in the management of Cluster Headache in leading headache centres.

In our clinic, an extended systematic treatment of the relevant muscles has been found to potentially promote much longer-term benefits as dysfunctional Cervical muscles are rehabilitated as a set. Principal muscles affecting the Cervical Nuclear levels are those of the Suboccipital Triangle. There are a number of defined muscles that can influence this region, producing a critical stress of this important chain of nuclei, resulting in the brain perceiving a sensation of pain at the front or at the back of the head.
Tertiary forces involve muscles in the front of the neck, which abreact to the dominant extensors of the first two groups.
Pain Management strategies in recent years have relied significantly on finding sources or pathways of pain, with a view to focal reduction of the inflammation or sensitivity of those sites. The first line intervention is through infiltrating an injection of anti-inflammatory steroid, usually mixed with local anaesthetic. Second line treatment such as Radiofrequency Lesion applications aim to achieve persistent pain reduction by heat damage to sensitive structures.
In the Norfolk Migraine Clinic, we have evolved our techniques to use muscle endplate injections of steroid and local anaesthetic, which initially numb the pain, and then provide an anti-inflammatory effect for several weeks. The amount of treatment required varies from one patient to another according to extent, severity, and duration of symptoms. But with modern day technology and computer centric life style we are more often plagued with pains and discomfort in the neck and shoulder region which is often the cause of throbbing headaches as well. But in some cases the neck pain can be persistent, for several days or weeks with a stiffness that can spread to shoulders, back and even lead to head ache. We have shown these points in the diagram with help of numbers from 1 to 7 starting from the forehead.
Feel the soothing touch of this intense therapy as it enters your being and restores the balance between your body and the natural elements. She has done her post graduation in English from The University of Calcutta and has flair to write articles on Massages, Acupressure, Reflexology, Acupuncture and Etc. It connects the skull, neck vertebra, upper and mid back vertebra to the shoulder blade and joint of the shoulder. When a friend massages your neck and shoulders it is the trapezius muscle that they are usually massaging. This wrap works with trapezius muscle induced head and neck pain because it comes up to the base of the skull and covers the back of the neck.
Overtime, the numbness and tingling may progress to muscle weakness, spasm, pain and even joint problems. Causes of the said condition typically include improper sleeping position, flu, and stress.
Insufficient support to the neck caused by the use of too bulky or too flat pillows cause strain or muscle spasm to the neck, while head jutting can be due to poor posture, and other strange head angles. Despite the prevalence of such a common presenting symptom it is fortunate that the sinister causes of pain such as tumour and raised intracranial pressure are extremely uncommon, and of diminishing likelihood in the context of a long history of Headache without other neurological symptoms.
The pathway involves a relay stage chain in the upper neck, called the Spinal Trigeminal Nuclei. The way in which this helps is not proven; and unfortunately its effects have not been shown to be sustained in a number of studies.
These interconnect the 1st and 2nd vertebrae and the major common muscle attachment at the Occiput. These muscles may become over-reactive because of a variety of preceding conditions, usually involving trauma (e.g.
This reduces pain activity and spasm in joints or muscles, downregulating their receptors, but causing no persisting nerve deficit. Further techniques such as surgical or chemical ablation, of nerves or other structures, are more radical.
This cycle-breaking intervention reduces muscle inhibition and allows function to be regained through an exercise programme. Most patients need two treatment sessions 8-12 weeks apart, though some more, but some only one. All the points situated in the head and neck regions are yang points, with excessive energy flow through them and reflexology can be used effectively in providing permanent relief to discomfort and nasty pains in these regions.
These 6 simple acupressure points can be stimulated on your own or a therapeutic acupressure session can be given to a loved one in order to relieve pain and stiffness of the neck and shoulder.

Stimulating all these points simultaneously helps in relieving neck pains caused by arthritis and frontal headaches. To treat the trapezius, pull the pack up to the base of the skull and let it lie on the upper shoulders and back. The secret to using the Neck King is to follow the directions carefully and to slowly build up the time spent using the tool.
We can also improve or prevent that by correcting our daily postural habits, stretch often and reduce physical and emotional stress. Migraine or Tension Headache etc., will have a recognised time frame, distribution, and set of secondary symptoms. There is an implicit link that Autonomic mechanisms are involved in the maintenance of Neuropathic pain. However, it is inevitable in applying this technique (though it is perceived as a Nerve block) that a key muscle attachment in the neck is also being treated: a muscle attachment that benefits the mechanisms affecting the Trigeminal Nuclei. By interrupting this vicious cycle, chronically damaged muscles regain normal function and capacity, which are sustained by an individual programme of posture and exercises. Yet more modern options involve implanted Nerve Stimulators, of considerable sophistication, - and expense. The aims of our therapy are to achieve significant reduction of frequency and severity of pain, a diminished need for painkillers, and a better response when they are deployed. Use  heat therapy for injuries over a week old and chronic pain from old injury and tight muscles. The inside of the pack contains a clay-like substance that remains soft and pliable so you can mold the pack to your body. The nerve supply of the front of the head and face are served by the Trigeminal Nerve system, and the back of the head is served by the Greater Occipital and Lesser Occipital Nerves. Whilst there are surprisingly high responses in the placebo group in the major study, Botox benefits show through over 6-12 months of repeated treatments.
This muscle group rehabilitation leads to relief of the background stress which provokes the Nuclei which generate Migraine. At best, complete and enduring abolition of the presenting Headache or Migraine is achievable.
I recommend this because it conforms to the contours of your body and is well made to last for years. The outside of the pack is wrapped with soft suede like material that does not shock the skin when touched. Because of the flu, people have the tendency to hold their bodies in a different way, which leads to stiff neck and sore throat.
Although the final common pathway of pain arises at the 1st Cervical Vertebra, contributory factors from shoulder and upper back muscles, and sources of pain generation from the lower back, must also be addressed.
My clients love this pack and it is now the only large size hot and cold pack that I use in my massage therapy practice. Stress, on the other hand, causes stiff neck in the sense that the body tensions cause several muscles to stiffen up.Stiff Neck Remedies - Popular Home SolutionsCold and hot compress are just some of the widely held stiff neck remedies that can be easily prepared at home. Through the use of ice pack or towel dipped in a hot water on the sore neck muscles, the condition is relieved. Aside from that, use of liniment and pain relievers such as aspirin and other analgesics can be good options for stiff neck remedies as well.
Rotating the head and neck gently in an alternate clockwise-counterclockwise pattern may also be helpful, just as the use of neck or ortho pillows.Stiff Neck Treatment - Other MethodsAnother known stiff neck treatment is the use of chiropractor, which gives relief through the gentle manipulation of the spine as well as taking off the pressure in the sensitive areas.
The latter eradicates pain when the condition is muscular, while the former relieves the pain by putting pressure on certain acu-points. Heat therapy employs a heating pad or heat patch to release the tension thereby eliminating the pain and tightness, while over-the-counter drugs like ibuprofen and naproxen help in dulling the pain and inflammation.

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