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Die zwei beliebtesten Killer aus dem Weltraum messen ihre Krafte, wobei ahnungslose Erdenmenschen zwischen die Fronten geraten und kraftig bluten mussen. Ein Raumschiff der Predator-Rasse wird von einem versehentlich an Bord gebrachten Alien gekapert und sturzt in der kleinen Stadt Gunnison ab. Derweil kehrt Dallas Howard (Stephen Pasquale) nach Gunnison zuruck, wird aber nicht gerade freundlich empfangen. Wahrend Dallas mit der Ablehnung durch ehemalige Bekannte zu kampfen hat, landet ein Raumschiff der Predatoren nahe Gunnison.
Nun konnte man argumentieren, die Last auf den Schultern der Strause-Bruder sei enorm gewesen.
Um so etwas wie eine halbwegs akzeptable Hintergrundgeschichte bemuhen sich die Strause-Bruder erst gar nicht. Nicht viel besser sieht es mit den au?erirdischen Besuchern aus: Versuchte Paul Anderson in „Aliens vs. Selbst die Alien-Kreaturen werden auf stumpfe Morderbestien ohne jeglichen Verstand reduziert. Diese Beliebigkeit zieht sich wie ein Roter Faden durch den Plot: Ersetzte man die Alien-Kreaturen durch Lowen und das abgesturzte Predatoren-Raumschiff durch einen verungluckten Tiertransporter, wurde das Ergebnis im Wesentlichen nicht anders aussehen. Wer sich wenigstens eine uppige Abschlachtplatte erwartet, wird sich ebenso hinters Licht gefuhrt sehen, und das im wortwortlichen Sinne. Von ausgefeilter Dramaturgie, langsamem Spannungsaufbau oder interessanten Kameraperspektiven kann bei „Aliens vs. The Show must go on, und in diesem Fall ist es der x-te Aufguss des Themas „Kleinstadtburger mussen sich gegen Monstren verteidigen“.
It brings this tale to life, both a gripping thriller and future parable dealing with invasion of privacy, advertisers given rights to our own irises, and the moral dilemma of arresting someone for a murder they did not commit… but will. Anderton is not a simple hero, grieving over the loss of his murdered son before Precrime was created.
Minority Report is peppered with complex and entertaining action sequences, perfect summer fodder although at least with a purpose. The film would not work unless it felt plausible, and money on-screen that produces the end result allows for a convincing future. All of this is retained in this Blu-ray effort, along with the exceptional, rich detail that comes with the simply flawless sharpness. Sequences inside the garden of Iris (Lois Smith) around 55:47 are amazingly rendered and crisp. Certain sequences carry a heightened noise, and these are the times where this healthy encode can really showcase itself. Minority Report is an example of pure Hollywood audio design, loud, boisterous, and all around you.
Into the warehouse assault where cars are being assembled, non-lethal guns are fired generating a tremendous amount of force in the low-end. Extras here are lengthy, informative, and all kept on a second disc to keep the first disc looking as pure as possible. The Blu-ray edition gets even more though, including a 34-minute interview with Spielberg as he discusses his project with enthusiasm back in 2002. The disc rounds off with a series of shorter featurettes, including one on the props, another on the advertisements utilized, the science of it all, some raw footage from the set, and pre-vis. Tags:AVC, Blu-Ray, Colin Farrell, DTS-HD Master Audio, max von sydow, Neal McDonough, paramount, phillip k.
A clip from a news footage featuring the "jump" can be viewed here, along with a few scenes from the film. The five serve as agents of the International Science Organization in Tokyo in the near future. Directed by Toya Sato (Kaiji, Gokusen), with screenplay by Yusuke Watanabe (20th Century Boys, Gantz, Bloody Monday, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods), Gatchaman premieres August 24th.
All images and videos here are property of their respective owners and used for reference purpose only. I felt sad that only few of Sentai actor managed to be popular actor while many of them only became supporting actors unlike actors from Kamen Rider.Lord Tori-san very work hard to became popular one. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Your Torchlight product key has been emailed to your Arc registered email address, you can redeem this key in game.
The initial request for these ships comes from the Leads Team six or more months ahead of when the ship will actually go live; in the case of the anniversary ships, we knew we needed it much farther in advance. Since these ships are centered around the anniversary, we discussed which direction to go in from an IP perspective. The conceptual design of a new ship is always an exciting process; it takes input and inspiration from many sources, and results in a new creation that is at once both recognizable and refreshingly new. The starting point for any new design is the touchstone of basic stylistic elements for that ship’s given faction. From here, the next step is for the concept artist to generate a series of rough thumbnail sketches, working closely with the Art Lead, the Ship Team, and the Design Lead. The Dyson Science Destroyers gave us a unique opportunity to push this design process even further outside the usual boundaries, creating a new fusion of powerful alien technology and familiar faction-based elements. The result allowed us to stretch the artistic boundaries while remaining true to the core design principles of our respective factions, creating truly unique designs that also fit firmly within the Star Trek universe. While the Concept Art and Systems Teams are working on both the artistic and functional design of the ship, we’re already working on the lore as well.
For these ships, we knew they were based on technology found by alliance teams in the Solanae Dyson Sphere, but that it wouldn’t rely on Omega particles. Upon the completion of concepts, we can usually start building the ships in 3D right away, using a variety of software to complete this part of the task.
We take these textures and apply them to a material template, where we plug in specific textures to various nodes which help define reflectivity, luminosity, and specularity, among many others. After creating the 3D model and material, the next step is to get the ship in-game and ready for primetime.
Upon completion of the laundry list of data setup, our end result is the flyable ship, in-game, ready to be given its stats.
We wanted this ship to do something that we’ve never done before, so we came up with the idea of having the ship perform some dynamic bridge officer power swapping.
The end result is a ship that is very versatile and includes several features that haven’t been seen before in Star Trek Online. Making the FX for something like the anniversary ships takes a fair bit of coordination between art and design. Once the ships’ powers are designed and mocked up, we begin working out the details of what will be needed. The interesting part comes when testing any new powers or mechanics that invariably shows up on new ships.
Later in the cycle, when the ship is being finalized, QA runs all of its standard checks, making sure there aren’t any anomalous issues before the ship becomes available to the public.
As you’ve read thus far, creating a ship from start to finish is a huge undertaking with many intricate steps.
In addition to the above focuses, we also seek out feedback on specific aspects of a new ship. During the testing period, focus test members are invited to provide their feedback to the development team via a private forum. One of the most exciting aspects of the ship development cycle is the point when it’s finally time to reveal our latest creation to the playerbase, and we typically sit down several weeks before our initial reveal to decide on a release plan.

The second item on the plan includes decisions how we are going to get detailed information about the ship(s) out to the community. Dev Blogs are typically written (by the Dev writing it) a week in advance before they are published, if not before that – this allows the community team to have the most up-to-date development information, time to review it and make an edit pass, time to take all the screenshots used, and to have it localized into French and German.
Next, we submit design requests to our publishing design teams to have launcher ads made, as well as any images that will be used in our bi-weekly newsletters. We hope you’ve enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at how we make ships and are just as excited about these exciting new ships as we are. Click here to learn more about Legacy of Romulus, our free-to-play expansion for Star Trek Online. Check out highlights from some of your favorite Arc games, including Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, Livelock and more.
It’s been over 6 years since Star Trek Online first launched, and a lot has happened in those 6 years!
Die sich rasch vermehrende Alien-Brut uberlebt den Absturz und halt sich vorlaufig in den Waldern versteckt.
Dem futuristischen Gefahrt entsteigt ein Predator, dessen Aufgabe es ist, jegliche Spuren, die zu seiner bzw. Predator 2“ am Offensichtlichsten von samtlichen anderen Filmen der „Alien“- sowie „Predator“-Reihe unterscheidet, ist die Besetzung des Regiestuhls. Doch dem widerspricht die muntere Sorglosigkeit, mit der die beiden Debutanten, die lediglich die Mitarbeit in den Special-Effects-Teams einiger Filme zu Buche stehen hatten, den Mythos der Aliens und Predatoren in Grund und Boden stampfen. Die Entmystifizierung der Alien-Kreaturen, die bereits in Jean-Pierre Jeunets Beitrag zur Filmreihe begonnen hatte, wird hier konsequent zu Ende gefuhrt: „Monster laufen herum und killen Menschen“ als Basisplot. Die meisten Kampf- und Angriffsszenen spielen in der Dunkelheit, wahrend es wie aus Kubeln regnet. Dagegen ware auch nichts einzuwenden, wenn nicht ausgerechnet eine der einstmals brillantesten Filmreihen als Hintergrund dieses B-Movie-Szenarios gewahlt worden ware.
Everything is placed for a purpose, the new age, sci-fi designs of the Precrime building are stunning and practical. Dick’s short story is turned into an extravagant film, one a bit longer than it probably needs to be, yet it never loses focus.
He uses drugs to calm his nerves between arrests, himself the Chief of the entire operation. A jetpack fight shows Anderton’s friends still have respect for him, even after he is pegged as a murderer, and the in-movie technology on display is a joy to watch. Spielberg and his longtime cinematographer Janusz Kaminski created a film loaded with noise and heightened grain that is thankfully fully resolved by this high bitrate AVC encode (that will surely keep the bitrate watchers satisfied). Close-ups are consistently spectacular, whether in the Precog pool (despite heavy white lighting) or outdoors in the future city. The interiors of the greenhouse, with the hefty lighting scheme creates brilliant whites, while maintaining both the black levels and shadow detail.
The highlight is surely the chase on the jetpacks, where engines flare in the subwoofer with incredible aggressiveness, and surround the viewer with precision placement in the rears. The first set of five featurettes are pulled from the DVD edition, about 70-minutes or so worth of content not including trailers and the like. Inside the World of Precrime is a 10-minute look at the commercials used in the film, along with pre-production stuff tossed in with it. Here, lead star Tori Matsuzaka (Samurai Sentai Shinkenger) performs a wire stunt, similar on what he had done for the film. Galactor, a mysterious group whose technology far surpasses that of humans, has declared war on the entire world and has already subjugated half of it. Any failure to comply with these restrictions may constitute a violation of laws of any such jurisdiction.
This Presentation does not constitute a recommendation regarding the securities of the Company. Remember to not share ac- count information as the site you are attempting to reach is not affiliated with Arc Games.
Over the course of this blog, the Star Trek Online development team will be detailing the entire process of creating the 4-Year Anniversary ships for the game. At the point where we decide that a ship needs to get made, we don’t know what it is or what it will be, just that we need it. Here, we incorporated key common design elements found within the Solanae Dyson Sphere - interlocking geometric patterns, webbing and latticework to provide negative space, overlapping plates, and a sharp contrast between pearl, obsidian and indigo textures. It made sense that a joint team of engineers would work on the ships, but the alliance is fragile and there are still conflicts. Materials used in the sphere’s construction are more advanced than the standard alloys used in ship construction, so mentioning that they were used to build this new class of ship provided the justification we needed for utilizing the ship in the episode. We need a name that invokes the inspirations that went into the ship, but also one that describes the ship’s use.
Not all concepts we receive are completely fleshed out, so sometimes we get to fill in the blanks. We also wanted it to feature a special weapon that becomes available only when the ship entered Tactical Mode.
Each ship has its own transformation mode requiring different animation, FX, and powers that all need to be crafted together to achieve the final result. That is, each ship has a number of standard features that must be checked, as well as new features developed specifically for each ship. The mode-switching of the Dyson Science Destroyers is totally new, and like everything new, it requires QA to think about how to break, exploit, min-max, or otherwise bend it into something unintended. Once the ship passes QA checks, we clear it to leave spacedock on its way to the final frontier, you, our players.
In addition to our intensive internal testing, most of our recent ship releases (since the Vesta line of Multi-Mission Reconnaissance Explorers) have also included volunteer focus testing by members of the community, your peers.
For the Dyson Science Destroyers, this includes transforming in and out of Tactical Mode, the brand-new Solanae Secondary Deflector, and the Dual Heavy Proton Cannons.
This also allows for the opportunity of testers to talk with each other about their feedback and thoughts, ask additional questions, and plan coordinated testing sessions.
Continue to provide constructive feedback on your Tribble playtests in the Tribble forums and you never know – you might even be selected to join us for future testing!
For this, we typically decide to create a series of Dev Blogs consisting of copy written by our Ship Artists and Systems Designers. STO is fully localized into these languages, and the localized versions of the blogs are released simultaneously in all 3 languages. As mentioned, more details about them, including stats and abilities, will be posted in a Dev Blog during the middle of next week, and we look forward to seeing you flying a Dyson Science Destroyer in-game soon! Like Star Trek Online on Facebook for more exclusive content and follow us on Twitter – tweet us your questions! Wie man bei „20th Century Fox“ auf die Idee kam, zwei Regiedebutanten mit der Fortsetzung des extraterrestrischen Goldesels zu betrauen, durfte zu den gro?en Ratseln der Filmgeschichte zahlen. Predator 2“, stellt sich gro?e Skepsis ein, ob die Beiden auch nur einen einzigen „Alien“-Film gesehen haben. Und um auch jegliche Spannung oder wenigstens zunftige Splattereffekte im Keim zu ersticken, sorgt der akkordartige Schnitt fur Kopfschmerzen und vollige Unkenntnis, was auf der Leinwand gerade passiert. The computers, accessed with a fancy motion control scheme, are used naturally, not inserted as some new toy. He wholeheartedly believes it is flawless, carrying a vendetta against anyone even considering murder as if they were killing his own son. The Hollywood dose of humor is intact, a woman furious this possible killer is destroying her kitchen, not because he may kill her family.

Lenses create hazy blooming effects, and the harsh contrast creates a deep sense of image depth. Rarely is anything lost to the rich, inky blacks as they always serve to enhance the eye candy. Before this at 44:18 as Cruise hops along the cars on the vertical freeway, whipping winds are generated with wonderful immersive qualities. As expected, the amount of stereo and rear speaker utilization is spectacular, a fully realized soundfield if there ever was one. Discussions on the story (and how it was adapted) make up section one, the world of the film is in Deconstructing Minority Report, stunts continue on into a third portion, the visual effects of ILM make up number four, and small variety of features (mostly promos) make up section five. In other words its more like spin-off series but with different storyline and different characters. We’ll be covering everything from the initial request to make the ships, through the multiple levels of their creation, and finishing this up on how the ships get live to you. Since this is an anniversary ship, the release date gets blocked into an internal calendar and I schedule a meeting a couple of months before the ship’s actual release so the Leads and Systems Team can decide what the ship will actually be.
Several options were presented in the meeting, but the most appealing was mixing Dyson technology with alliance technology. These building blocks give us the basic starting silhouette and elements for any new design. Then, we select the elements that work best and combine them in further concept art revisions, as we narrow the field to a single design which best communicates the feel or attitude for the new ship. So each faction would put their own spin on the ship, giving us the differing appearances for a group of ships that are very similar under the hull plating. While modeling the vessel we must consider a number of factors including potential variants, animation, special weapons and powers. This allows a high amount of detail while keeping systems requirements low, as various surfaces on the 3D model will use the same section of textures, albeit mirrored, scaled and rotated differently to appear unique. Throughout the process of getting the ship in-game, we set up what parts are, or are not, customizable, what kind of effects will be used, and the name of all the parts. Next, we considered what made the most logical sense for a ship class that would include Dyson technology. The Dyson Science Destroyers have been both a challenge, and a lot of fun to bring into the game. Ship Consoles also go through this process as they add more special abilities to the ships that have them equipped. Whether it is an attack in one mode or a buff in the other, it creates a visual language that players can read and react to. The vast majority of the mundane tests are captured in our ship test plan, which is one of our more detailed test plans. While any changes and updates that are made to the ship(s) are decided on by the Dev team, focus group feedback is strongly considered. For this, the community team will first need access to the ships internally to familiarize ourselves with them before taking the winning screenshot to be used in the reveal.
Additionally, if a new mechanic is being introduced with the ship, it will have its own dedicated blog (e.g.
Nicht zuletzt auch nach einem Blick auf die Ahnengalerie: Ridley Scott, James Cameron, David Fincher, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, John McTiernan. Der eigentliche Hohepunkt des Filmes, die Schlacht zwischen Soldaten und den Au?erirdischen, verkommt zu einer banalen, geradezu langweiligen Totungssequenz, bei der die meisten Menschen ins Gras bei?en. Denn mit einem Sinneswandel bei „20th Century Fox“, was eine sorgfaltigere Produktionsvergabe betrifft, ist wohl kaum zu rechnen. It is a fusion of technology and master camerawork, panning over a variety of rooms inside the rooms as people argue, make love, and try to calm their children all to search for what seems to be an innocent man, John Anderton (Tom Cruise). It’s a perfect example of how Blu-ray can maintain the integrity of the source material, even under harsh conditions. Dick, Steven Spielberg, and Minority Report brings in Dick’s daughter for her thoughts, along with the crew.
My name is Steve Ricossa, the Lead Producer for STO, and I’ll be starting off with how the initial request comes through to create a ship (or ships, in this case) and how we decide on what to make. The driving conflict in the Sphere is over the incredibly advanced technology within it, and it would make sense for each faction to take that technology and integrate it with their own.
This process also includes placement of nodes for effects purposes, which generally tallies up to over 80 individual nodes per vessel. We tossed around the idea of the ship being an Engineer-y Science ship or a Science-y Cruiser, but ultimately we felt that had been done.
The console powers provide another challenge of needing to have FX powers that look new and cool. In regards to the Dyson Science Destroyers, we decided that this blog would be the perfect avenue for introducing them for the first time.
Predator 2“ ist ein gnadenlos schlecht inszenierter Pseudo-Horrorstreifen, der das Licht der Leinwand wohl nie erblickt hatte, wenn er nicht zumindest formal der „Alien“-Reihe zugehorig ware.
Immerhin spielte selbst dieser grottenschlechte Streifen alleine in den Kinos das Dreifache der Produktionskosten ein. There are certain scenes where print damage becomes an issue, but rarely enough to become a distraction, and most of the time it seems to blend with the photography anyway.
Sometimes, an existing ship from the canon is referenced as an example of the overall style, size, and attitude that will inspire us throughout the design process. If there is a special weapon or console, how does it fit into the lore we’ve already established for the faction that will be using the ship?
Lots of emails fly back and forth between the team during the naming process, and we whittle down long lists of names until we find the right one.
By default, this ship would be a Science vessel, but activating a power could transform it into a more Tactically-centric ship. I find myself referencing the various Star Trek series quite often for inspiration on how an effect should look and feel.
Keine einzige der Filmfiguren wachst dem Zuschauer zumindest ansatzweise ans Herz oder erweckt wenigstens loses Interesse.
In the end, my job is to make sure that when you click a button, something cool happens, and that it looks epic. In those early stages, QA and the ship designers talk directly and iterate on each of the powers until it feels like the ship is in a good place, based on its overall design. The Dyson Science Destroyers are sleek and futuristic looking, so their lore needed to reflect the advanced technology. In general we were happy with the design direction, but we needed to create concept art of many different options so we could make a final decision to complete this step. Why don’t we make a Science ship that can transform between a full-on Science ship and a Destroyer with Science ship stats? Additionally, Tactical Mode also enables powerful Dual Heavy Proton Cannons, effectively giving the ship 4 Fore weapons and 3 Aft. That sounded the most interesting to us, and as it was also a type of ship that would allow us to make a variant for each faction, we explored what that would be like.

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