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Inherently interdisciplinary, comparative literature begins with the insistence that any artifact of culture—be it a canvas, a poem, a film, or a novel—requires active attention and engagement.
In our department we recognize that there are many different ways of thinking about literature from a comparative perspective.
Students who choose DISCIPLINES IN DIALOGUE designate one national-linguistic tradition and one other disciplinary focus (e.g. Spanish & portuguese at the university of california, berkeley welcome to the web resource of the department of spanish and portuguese at the university of.
In progress, interactive website, under development with the help of chinese archaeologists major articles: three essays, on chia yi'shsin shu (new book), on ying.
Near eastern studies at berkeley about the department berkeley's near eastern studies department, founded in 1894, is one of the oldest and most distinguished.
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Copyright © 2015 World Economic News, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. The Southern Literary Journal, a peer-reviewed journal of the University of New Carolina Department of English and Comparative Literature, edited by Sharon P. The journal publishes articles on the literature and culture of the American South and especially encourages global and hemispheric comparative scholarship linking the American South and its literatures and cultures to other Souths.
Recent issues of SLJ include articles on the long civil rights movement, poetry and poetics from the antebellum South to the global South, disability and trauma studies, the historical and cultural implications of war on literature of the U.S. The Southern Literary Journal is published biannually by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Department of English and Comparative Literature and is distributed by the University of North Carolina Press.

Members of subscribing institutions may access full-text electronic issues through JSTOR or through Project MUSE.
Absinthe: A Journal of World Literature in Translation publishes foreign literature in English translation, with a particular focus on previously untranslated contemporary fiction, poetry and creative non-fiction by living authors. At the same time, where the national literatures designate their subjects by language or nation, comparative literature allows a pluralistic approach that bridges linguistic and cultural boundaries.
Students of comparative literature create their subject matter by determining the meaning and method of their comparative approach. The LANGUAGE AND CULTURE emphasis features comparative study across different national-linguistic traditions. In addition, the language chosen to fulfill the Foreign Language Requirement should coincide with one of these chosen traditions.
A second emphasis of study, DISCIPLINES IN DIALOGUE, allows students to combine literary study with work in a non-literary framework. Holland, Professor of American Studies at UNC-Chapel Hill and published by the University of North Carolina Press, has a long and illustrious history of almost 50 years. The magazine has its home in the Department of Comparative Literature at the University of Michigan and is edited by graduate students in the Department, as well as by occasional guest editors. Closely allied with literary and critical theory as well as with contemporary trends in globalization studies and cultural studies, comparative literature nonetheless can be defined neither in terms of a specific methodology nor a specific canon of texts. The more traditional path, LANGUAGE AND CULTURE is recommended for students who wish to study abroad, pursue graduate studies in Comparative Literature, or who simply want to acquire in-depth knowledge cultures other than their own.
This track offers an alternative for students considering a double major in literature and a non-literary field.

In addition, we strongly advise students to complete their Foreign Language Requirement in a language relevant either to their national-linguistic tradition or to their disciplinary focus. But in this post i will explain South and east asian cinema: videotapes in the media resources center, uc berkeley more clearly than another blog. The year 2015 marks a new chapter for SLJ as the journal transitions to become an interdisciplinary journal, south: a scholarly journal.
From time to time, the journal publishes special issues on such topics as memory and history, poetry, and Gulf Souths; and at times, the editors ask southern studies specialists in other disciplines to provide essays we think may be useful for literary scholars in our fields.
In recent years, examinations of the connections between literatures of the American South and other Souths such as South Africa, South America, and the Caribbean reflect the field’s growing critical engagement with the comparativist inquiries of the New Southern Studies and the shifting ground of southern literary and cultural criticism.
DISCIPLINES IN DIALOGUE is also well suited to students who want to combine literary study with creative writing, performance, or the visual arts. The book review editor is Professor Harriet Pollack of Bucknell University, and the managing editor is Kathleen Crosby, a teaching fellow and PhD Candidate in the Department of English at the University of North Carolina. Our review essays of scholarly books on southern literature and culture are a vital part of the journal’s contribution to the field.

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