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Prepare the garlic oil by stir-frying the garlic in the oil until they turn light to golden brown. To kick off 2013, I am sharing with you my Chinese chicken noodle soup recipe, which is utterly healthy, delicious, and easy to make.
My favorite part of this Chinese chicken noodle soup is the garlic oil, which infuses the chicken broth with the deep aroma of the fried garlic. I wish all my readers a very healthy and happy 2013 and may the new year bring you inspirations, love, and well-being! I made something so similar to this last night, except I added a bit of miso paste in my broth and used fu pei (stuffed beancurd skin) that I got from Ipoh. The soup is good for my mom bcoz she’s been coughing lately but is too bland for my grandma. I made this using what I had on hand, that is substituting spinach for bok choi, and just simple ramen noodles, otherwise as per recipe.
In this thanksgiving season, to show my gratitude to someone who is very important in my life, who enlightened me in making kuih.
Kuih Kosui, very popular in Malaysia and Singapore, is a kind of Nyonya kuih that using jaggery sugar or palm sugar. Until today, I still can remember the taste I ate my first ever Kuih Kosui when I was 10 years old!
Is up to you to use whether a big or small teacup.For this recipe i made 1 small mold and 10 big cups.
Sichuan Red Oil Wontons – delicious and mouthwatering spicy wontons in Sichuan red oil and black vinegar sauce. To wrap the wontons, place about a teaspoon of the Filling in the center of a wonton wrapper. Sichuan Red Oil Wontons – delicious and mouthwatering spicy wontons in Sichuan red oil and black vinegar sauce. I usually store the chili oil in an air tight glass jar up to 3-4 months, it still taste great. Thank you for sharing the technique for folding these wontons – they look absolutely amazing! I found this recipe while searching for a way to recreate some delicious Szechuan dumplings I ate at the Z and Y Restaurant in San Francisco’s Chinatown. You had the recipe for Sichuan Spicy Chili Oil on this page before, is there a way to get it back? Hi Bee, can see the recipe for the wontons, but I believe that you had the recipe for the chili oil itself at one point? Lemon Herb Roasted Potatoes – BEST roasted potatoes you’ll ever make, loaded with butter, lemon, garlic and herb. Roast the potato for 1 hour, basting the oil mixture at 30 minute interval using the remaining Oil Mixture. My friend in the East Coast just messaged and told me that they just had the first snow of the season. This lemon-herb roasted potato is absolutely delightful, made with olive oil, melted butter, garlic, lemon juice, herb and honey. To make sure that your roasted potatoes get the amazing flavors of the herb and lemon, slice each potato horizontally like hasselback potatoes, but without cutting through. If potatoes are large you can cut them in half lengthwise, stand the potatoes on the flat end & then cut.
I make potatoes similar to this recipe in the cut I put a very thin slice of onion for the grill and wrap them in foil.
Thai Pineapple fried rice – amazing fried rice recipe with pineapple, shrimp and cashew nuts.
The pineapple fried rice whipped up by two Penangites in the kitchen should be as good, if not better, than how the Thais do it! Tiga – yes, actually this pineapple fried rice tasted much better than the ones at the my neighborhood Thai restaurant lah, no joke I tell you.
I promise this is no joke, First this is absolutely delicious and secondly,I woke up this morning thinking pineapple fried rice. Tell your sister, if she is going to run a restaurant in Penang, I’ll definitely be her 1st customer. I recently bought a very sweet pineapple (grown in Costa Rica) it was amazing, I’m going to go get another for this rice.
Hi Bee, when you refer to 1 teaspoon shrimp paste, is or Malaysian belachan that you are referencing to? Wrap the wontons with the wonton wrappers by placing a piece of the wonton wrapper on your palm. Heat up some cooking oil in a wok or frying pan and deep fry the wontons until golden brown. These chicken wontons are filled with ground chicken, shrimp, and then deep-fried to golden perfection. To wrap the wonton, as the method indicated, just put the filling in the middle, and then pull the other 4 sides of the wonton wrapper up towards the middle.
Yam Cake Recipe (Or Kuih) recipe – This is basically a steamed cake made from yam pieces, dried prawns and rice flour. Whenever I go home to Malaysia, I would always stuff myself crazy with all sorts of kuih (local sweet or savory cake). I was very excited when Bee asked me if I would like to write a guest post for her blog–I mean, this was Rasa Malaysia, one of my favourite food blogs out there! One of the things I’ve always enjoyed eating is yam cake (“or kuih” in Hokkien, where “or” = yam, “kuih” = snack or cake). I grew up eating my grandma’s or kuih, and I remember thinking how it would be so cool if I knew how to make it.
Hi, can I know if the bowl which you mentioned is the normal bowl we (Chinese) used to eat rice? I like to eat yam cake and tried to make this dish but have doubt on the ingredient, 5 shallot or 5 onion?
Hi, I would like to get some clarification of the bowl used as a measurement for this Yam Cake. And, if the paste we get after pouring in the rice flour mix is suppose to be real sticky before we steam it? Onde-onde (Ondeh-ondeh) recipe – These cute little pastries are infused with pandan (screwpine leaf) juice and filled with “Gula Melaka” or palm sugar and then rolled in with some fresh grated coconut. Mix the grated coconut with a pinch of salt and steam for about 2 – 3 minutes and let it cool completely.
Today, I would like to introduce another Malaysian blogger to you—Angie at Sea Salt with Food. Onde-Onde is one of the traditional kuih in Malaysia (kuih is term for Malaysian cakes, pastries if you will).

I have never tried these onde-onde before but they sure looks cute and I am sure they are very delicious. I’ve not heard of kelepon but I have heard some places Malaysia referring to the sesame ball you described as onde-onde. The best ondeh-ondeh I had have is from my kampung, sells by an old man during the Pasar Ramathan only,and it just cost 50 cents! Many traditional onde-onde recipes do not use gultinous rice flour but use mashed sweet potato with some tapioca flour. Thanks for the tips, yes, my aunt uses sweet potato with tapioca flour to make her onde-onde. Rachel, this is a bit of a long time after your comment but I just wanted to let you know that you CAN get fresh grated coconut in London. For me, health is the most important thing and it ranks the highest on my resolution list this year. For the Chinese, noodles means longevity, so it’s good to eat something that signifies great health at the start of the year. Generally if I cook a pot of Chicken soup, I’ll always throw in some noodles and extra veges to make noodles soup. No part of the content (digital photographs, recipes, articles, etc.) or this site may be reproduced without prior written permission. I am writing this especially for my shifu (Nyonya Mama) who teached me to make my first Nyonya kuih. Place jaggery sugar in a pot with water, Pandan leaves of & cook until sugar is dissolved to make syrup. Dab your index finger into the small bowl of water, and then trace the outer edges of the wonton wrapper.
Gently drop all the wontons into the water and gently stir the wontons with a ladle to prevent sticking. First of all, the filling—traditionally seasoned ground pork, or a combination of shrimp and pork, as in Cantonese style shrimp wontons. One bite of the savory wonton accompanied by the heat of the chili oil is enough to warm the stomach and the heart.
Could these be boiled, then quickly browned in a pan like a potsticker and then tossed in the sauce? I followed the recipe almost exactly (using the larger amount of chili oi), except 1) my chili oil didn’t have any flakes of chili (like I saw in your picture), so I also added about a tablespoon of chili paste in oil. Bookmarked this over a year ago and I see it has been replaced by the recommendation to purchase it ready made! Prep it, sit down in front of TV, watch a show, or catch the news, and this side dish will be ready. Well, with honey, I think these might be terrific with the roasted pork with applesauce I’m making this weekend. With the addition of fresh pineapple, flavored with shrimp paste and fish sauce, pineapple fried rice is the only fried rice I really wanted to eat. I prepped the ingredients for about 10-15 minutes, then fired up the wok and cook the rice.
If you don’t have fresh pineapple, canned ones would do, but nothing beats biting into sweet, juicy, and slightly tangy fresh pineapple that bursts with freshness and flavors. Leftover brown will work however, you might want to steam it first in the microwave before frying it. I always see other people ordering this dish at Thai restaurants, but I’ve never thought to order it myself because I usually like white rice. Will that do, or do I need to get the thai version, if so is there a specific name that I need to use to find it? This chicken wontons recipe is seriously good and so easy and quick to make, a total of 20 minutes including wrapping the wontons. It is then topped with deep fried shallots, spring onions, chillis and dried prawns, and usually served with a chilli dipping sauce.
Heat a pan over medium high heat, and fry the onions and dried shrimps until they become aromatic.
Add the cubed yam to the pan, and fry it with the onion and dried shrimp mixture until it browns. In a separate bowl, mix the rice flour, wheat starch and water, and stir until it forms a smooth paste. To serve, sprinkle with deep fried shallots, chopped spring onions, sliced chillies and chopped dried shrimp. One of my favorite is or kuih, or yam cake made of yam (in the US, yam is referred as taro). She’s taught me so much about Malaysian and Chinese cooking, and it is truly an honour to have a chance to do this.
It is a popular snack amongst the Malaysian and Singaporean communities, and is basically a steamed kuih made from yam pieces, dried prawns and rice flour. However I would always be at school when she made or kuih, so I never really learnt how it was made.
I have yet to find a restaurant here that serves decent or kuih, which is highly disappointing. You may need to clarify or give a rough estimate for the bowl to be used as I feel the 0.5 teaspoon salt is not enough if bigger bowl is used. If you read the post, you’ll see that it mentions any Chinese rice bowl (which to my knowledge, are usually fairly small, and about the same size). Based in Vancouver, BC, Sea Salt with Food is a fairly new site but it’s already packed full with many delicious and droolsome recipes. Your blog is very impressive and I love to read your blog, browse through your great recipes. For the filling, alternatively one can use grated coconut lightly sweeten with gula melaka. I have always liked the regular chicken noodle soup, but the Chinese chicken noodle soup is comfort food for me. Using the thumb and index finger of both hands, pinch and fold both corners of the wonton downwards.
The filling can also be a combination of pork and vegetables, for example: leeks, as in the popular Northern Chinese dumplings.
I absolutely love this amazing Sichuan red oil wontons recipe, it’s one that I always go back to whenever the temperature dips.
Sichuan food is utterly addictive, one bite of the incendiary chili oil and the explosive flavors, there is no turning back. That being said, for many people, this is the season of roasting: potatoes, chicken, vegetables, etc. Roasted potatoes are usually savory but I love honey, most likely because I am a Bee (my name).

Just look at these golden-hued and glossy looking roasted potatoes, they might well be the best roasted potatoes recipe you’ve ever attempted at home!
The potatoes were slightly leathery and dry in consistency and lacked that pop of flavor I was hoping for.
Not only does it look visually appealing, the taste is simply mouthwatering and utterly appetizing. Another fried rice that is seriously delectable is Malaysian belacan (shrimp paste) fried rice but I will have to share the recipe with you in the future.
I’ve seen recipes for pineapple fried rice before, but I do have to say, your photos are stunning. Btw, is there any particular reason why the sauces (fish sauce, dark soy sauce and pineapple juice) to be added towards the end of the process? Dip your index finger into some water and trace it on the outer edges of the wonton wrapper. I am also looking forward to eating some seriously good Chinese food: jiaozi, dumplings, potstickers, and so much more. So, fire up your wok, pan, or deep-fryer because everyone is going to love these chicken wontons so much. They are so cute, but I’m a little lost as to how you folded and pinched the wonton wrappers till they look like cute little bags Thank you! And if I were being perfectly honest, I was only really interested in eating it… it also didn’t help that there was always a ready supply of it.
So I decided to ask my grandma for her or kuih recipe so I could have a go at making it myself.
I like eating my or kuih with tee cheo (sweet sauce) but I think it will be impossible to get where I am. I love savoury snacks, and this is something entirely different from anything I’ve ever heard of. I love a chef that has a “global” palate, it make you appreciate food so much more, right? At any rate, it’s advisable to taste the yam mixture, and adjust the seasonings to suit your taste.
When the dough rises up the surface, remove it with a slotted spoon and shake off the excess water. Much like many Malaysians abroad, when we miss home, we cook Malaysian food furiously to ease our cravings. In Indonesia, onde-onde refers to a fried ball with red bead paste filling and wrapped by sesame. Reason behind that is because the boiled dough is suppose to act like an elastic wall that expands when you boil it. This kuih is usually steamed in small Chinese teacups (as shown in photo), but you can also use large pan mould and cut into the shape you love, tossed with fresh grated coconut.
Anyway, these were delicious, very close to what I was trying to replicate, and the hit of the party I took them too–all were eaten! I love honey in my food, and adding a bit of honey really makes the potatoes so much more delicious as the bottom part of these roasted potatoes became caramelized, ahhh, heavenly. Will the outcome be the same if i mix all the ingredients and sauces first and follow by adding the rice with quick stir.
Fold and pinch the edges of the wonton wrapper up and seal the wonton tight so there is no opening at the top and the wonton is securely enclosed. Chinese New Year (check out all my Chinese New Year recipes) is my favorite time of the year! For this recipe, I serve it with Thai sweet chili sauce, which is perfect for the chicken wontons. I would be grateful for a recipe on how to make them as they cannot be found in my country TOGO. Today, I have invited a fellow Penangite Su-Yin Koay of Bread et Butter to share the savory and mouthwatering or kuih recipe.
And you know what – I don’t know why I never tried making this before, because it is actually pretty simple! Of course, this means nothing is perfectly accurate in terms of weight, but some degree of variation actually doesn’t alter the final product too much. I don’t know if there’s something wrong with my steamer or I added too much water? Some adjustment to the salt, pepper and all spice are needed, as the original recipe was a bit bland. Roll them in your palm to form a smooth ball and cook the glutinous rice balls in the boiling water. Let’s welcome the talented Sea Salt with Food to Rasa Malaysia as she shares her onde-onde (ondeh-ondeh) recipe with us. Hence, this is a special post for Sea Salt with Food and being a guest writer on Rasa Malaysia!
Another thing you can do is to keep the cover open and boil it over medium small fire, to prevent high pressure, hence bursting it. An excellent chicken soup recipe that’s something different from the standard American fare. Wontons can be made into wonton soup, steamed shrimp wonton, Sichuan spicy red oil wonton, or fried wonton. Once you eat one, you just can’t stop until you finish everything so double up your portion and make a big batch because they will be gone in no time! Bread et Butter is a beautiful blog with many recipes: Malaysian, Chinese, baking, and all sorts of goodies. Sure, there’s a bit of prep work involved in dicing the yam, but apart from that it’s quite a breeze. It also does not matter what size your bowl is, as long as it’s a Chinese style rice bowl (i.e. When the rice balls float to the surface, remove them with a slotted spoon and shake off the excess water.
So, for this year, I resolve to eat better, healthier, and always keep my physical well-being in check.
Stir-fry for another minute or so, add the cashew nuts, stir to combine well, dish out, garnish with cilantro and serve immediately. There are also endless possibilities with the filling—ground pork (most common), chicken, turkey, vegetables, shrimp, seafood, or combinations. To me, the most enticing and delicious wontons hailed from the Sichuan province in China, where they are boiled, drained and then served in a spicy chili oil and black vinegar sauce.

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