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Martial arts legend Jackie Chan teams with Johnny Knoxville in the buddy action-comedy, Skiptrace. Jackie Chan's been in a couple of buddy comedy pairings over his long career already, including Rush Hour (with Chris Tucker) and Shanghai Noon (with Owen Wilson). The action-comedy's directed by Renny Harlin, best known for such action flicks as Die Hard 2: Die Harder and Cliffhanger, so there should be plenty of solid set-pieces in Skiptrace, even if Chan (and Knoxville for that matter) no longer pulls off the kind of gonzo stunts he once did.
Skiptrace opensin US cinemas on the 2nd September following a run on the streaming service DirecTV.
The co-writer of Spectre and Edge Of Tomorrow gets to work on the script for Cruella, starring Emma Stone. Benedict Cumberbacth will tackle another adaptation of a classic British novel, Geoffrey Household’s Rogue Male.
Channing Tatum and Jillian Bell will star in the upcoming remake of Splash with an unconventional casting strategy. Skiptrace sees the martial arts legend team up with Johnny Knoxville, the former Jackass guy who plays an American fugitive fleeing some particularly nasty Chinese gangsters here. Still, the fight scenes look great fun - fending off an opponent with outsized Matryoshka dolls is pure Jackie Chan. Chan, meanwhile, plays a detective who winds up in Knoxville's orbit when the latter witnesses some sort of hideous crime.

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