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The tongue is linked through meridians to all organs of the body.Illnesses and disturbances can therefore be read from the surfaceof the tongue. If you have a thicker tongue coating, it often indicates you are not digesting your food very well.  We can treat that. If you have a red tongue tip, that indicates you have heat in your heart.  That can cause insomnia and anxiety very easily. Your tongue is one of the signals we use to determine what your diagnosis is.  It tells us a lot, but we always consider your symptoms. In China, there are many books on tongue diagnosis.  They have page after page of tongue pictures and have case studies that explain what the diagnosis is and how it is shown on the tongue.
Tongue diagnosis is an integral part of taking a medical history in Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine practitioners believe the appearance of your tongue can reveal a lot about your health. In Chinese medicine, disease is explained by an imbalance of yin and yang and heat and cold in the human body. When the wisdom of Chinese medicine meets the technological advances of western medicine, we will all benefit.

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Therefore, many students of Chinese medicine place more emphasis on the tongue than the pulse during the early years of their practice, effectively using the tongue to teach themselves the pulse over time. Giovanni Maciocia is the author of a tongue diagnosis book.  He has written most of the books that are used in acupuncture schools in the West.
Different areas of the tongue are believed to reflect the state of the different organ systems. Chinese medicine believes that chronic imbalances will have a definite impact on the color and shape of the tongue body and the color and thickness of the tongue coating. When the tongue changes from the normal pale red to very pale, dark red, purple or blue it is a clear picture of pathological changes in the body.

We also see a central crack and a slightly thick white tongue coating in the rear of the tongue.The above is another picture of a classic pale tongue. Changes in the shape of the tongue body will indicate the severity or duration of the condition. It is relatively easy to agree whether there are teeth-marks on the edges of the tongue or cracks down its middle.
Tongue coating can change quickly and will be a clear indication whether or not the nature of the disease is one of excess or deficiency.
Likewise, it is relatively easy to agree on color, thickness and color of tongue fur, and the moistness of the tongue.

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