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Alongside dirt roads twisting through the dense tropical forests of Gabon, the scaly bodies of lifeless long-snouted pangolins dangle from sticks stuck in the ground by hunters.
The pangolin, a mammal that looks like an anteater but has an armour of tough scales, has long been prized in central Africa as a bushmeat delicacy. But growing demand for it from Asia, where pangolin scales are used in medicine to help women lactate and to cure skin disorders, now threatens to hasten its demise and rob African countries of a precious resource. Conservationists say the boom is due to declining wild populations in Asia as well as high numbers of Chinese workers in Africa's remote interior.
The example of Africa's elephants, whose numbers have been slashed by demand from Asia for their ivory, have prompted a push to protect the pangolin.
The shy and near-sighted pangolins only venture out from the safety of their burrows or tree-top homes at night hunting insects.
All eight of the world's species of pangolin, which range from 30cm to 100 cm in length, are threatened with extinction.
Until recently, African exports were thought to have been small- scale, but so far this year, more than six tonnes of African pangolin scales have been seized before export to Asia, more than the combined total of all previous seizures. Cameroon seized 1.5 tonnes at Yaounde airport in June, according to senior customs department official Etienne Tabi Mbang. Cameroon has also organised workshops to educate customs officials at air and sea ports in identifying and seizing pangolin shipments. But while conservationists praise the work of some African governments, they say tougher local legislation is required to protect them. The motor neuron diseases (MND) are a group of neurological disorders that selectively affect motor neurons. 2.Lower motor neuron damage resulted in progressive spinal muscular atrophy (PSMA) and progressive bulbar palsy (PBP). The MSCs we used at ReLife are obtained from the umbilical cord tissue it is not only easily obtained but also sufficient. The time of treatment varies according to the differentiation of patient’s condition, usually about 3-4 weeks. 2.MSCs help to stimulate the regeneration and recovery of her nervous system and immune system to help the impaired cells recover to normal functions gradually, improve general condition.
Traditional Chinese Medicine is a green, safe and effective treatment method, which proposes treatment according to syndrome differentiation. As long as you can still grab a breath, you fight.People can still conceive naturally before 50.

The noni fruit together with its roots and leaves possesses many medicinal properties and because of that it is still used by the locals on the Hawaiian Islands as a healing elixir for the entire body.
Daily usage of noni juice in the diet can prevent chronic diseases from developing in the body. There are two basic things that people can do in order to improve their overall health – physical activity and diet.
Today, thanks to modern technology the beneficial properties of noni plant have been scientifically proven and this is why many pharmaceutical companies have decided to produce products based on noni plant.
Scientific research indicates that noni juice contains 10 essential vitamins, 7 minerals, 18 amino acids, fruit acids, polysaccharides and nutritional enzymes which include: vitamin C, A, niacin (B3), potassium, calcium, sodium, iron, manganese, magnesium and many others. It is good to point out that this plant can be found in other places in and near the Pacific Ocean like Hawaii, the Philippines and Indonesia but numerous studies have confirmed that the ones found in French Polynesia are more efficient.
Blood pressure – High blood pressure is a medical condition often linked with modern fast paced lifestyle. Digestive system – noni juice can be helpful for problems with the digestive tract, also you can use noni juice as a laxative. Noni plant contains scopoletin – a coumarin which expands and relaxes the blood vessels leading to lower blood pressure.
Benefits for the skin – One of the most important benefits of using noni juice are the benefits that this juice brings to the skin. Researches have also shown that the noni juice can relieve pain almost as morphine sulphate, but because its nature, it is absent of side or adverse effects. When startled, they curl up into a ball, which won't save them from cable snares set by local trackers. Gabon has three pangolin species but only one, the giant pangolin, is protected from hunters. The meat is served in the chic Montee de Louis district with cassava or banana for up to 10,000 francs (HK$150) a plate, expensive compared with other dishes. The symptom is hand weakness and atrophy, usually spreads from one side to the other side, with the progression of the upper and lower motor neuron damage.
As the most basic building blocks of the human body, stem cells are characterized by their ability to differentiate and mature into other types of cells with specialized functions. Through this treatment the symptoms will be relieved, activity capacity will be increased and the patient’s condition will take a favorable turn. This is the best way to keep up to date with our services, special offers, patient stories and also receive various tips and articles.

Noni contains over 150 biologically active ingredients and each of them has a specific role in the process of improvement of human health. This information could be useful for those who are planning to buy noni juice because this juice is not produced by only one company and different companies use noni from different places. A glass of noni juice each day can lower the high blood pressure and prevent the occurrence of more serious health issues.
There is a reason why people who live in French Polynesia have such smooth skin even though they are exposed to sun throughout the day. This might not be a direct health benefit but people who are suffering from hair loss tend to become introverted and this dissatisfaction with their appearance brings them stress. In the later course of the disease, the whole body muscles’ wasting and atrophy may leads to not rising one’s head, difficulty in breathing and finally bed-ridden.
They are also known for their ability to self-generate, a phenomenon where they divide and produce more stem cells. TCM focuses on recovering the balance of patient’s body, strengthening the body’s ability to eliminate pathogenic factor, by adjusting the balance of Qi and activating blood circulation to dissipate blood stasis dredge the channels in the lesion area. These researches have shown that the noni plant helps greatly in the fight with long-term, chronic diseases and conditions.
By drinking noni juice you can prevent hair loss and you can also use noni based creams and shampoos in order to get external effects too.
There is almost no series side effect during the treatment course except slight headache and low degree fever, so it is safe.
TCM regulate the inner body environment to enhance the effectiveness of MSC therapy, finally relax the muscle and increase the muscle strength, achieving a better health condition. Establishing healthy habits in order to improve health should be number one on your list of priorities.
They are also capable of replenishing other cells, acting as the body’s own automatic repair system. This ability makes them an ideal treatment for many diseases; this treatment is called stem cell treatment.

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