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As a cancer hospital, we do our best to treat the cancers they are suffering from.As a care provider, we give our best to realize the quality life they are longing for and act as their spouse, parent, children, siblings, friend or even just an acquaintance. There are many treatment methods for skin cancer, such as Ar-He knife, particle implantation , body cell immunotherapy , targeted therapy with integrative Chinese and Western medicine, so the appropriate therapy should be selected according to the specific diseases. Proper treatment methods for skin cancer should be based on its histological types, and its anatomical sites, patienta€™ age, gender, general health condition, etc should also be considered.
Both basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma are very sensitive to the radiation therapy, so before treatment plan is given, the patienta€™s age, sex, history of tumor, anatomical sites must be considered, so as to guarantee final treatment effect.125I particle is an energetic radionuclide, which can send out continuous and short-range gamma rays to kill tumor cells.
Body cell immunotherapy infuses immune cells (which are active to fight cancer) into patienta€™s body, so as to directly kill tumor or activate immune response to fight against tumor.
Combined advantages of Chinese medicine with Western medicine to fight against cancer, the therapy receives greater efficacy than that of any single therapy.
Sea cucumber extracts help in killing the cancer cells and prevents the growth of tumor cells.
This is most of the widely used herb in traditional Chinese medicine which helps in boosting the immunity and preventing infection. This is another kind of Chinese herb which is in fact, not very popular but is highly effective to deal with cancer. Chinese skullcap which is also known as Baikal skullcap helps in preventing the formation of tumors in the lung cancer patients.
Source: By Alvin Chumari for Health Xchange, with expert input from the Department of Oncology Pharmacy, National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS), a member of the SingHealth group. A popular misconception among cancer patients is that since Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is all-natural, it is perfectly safe and complements conventional cancer treatment. The most common reason why cancer patients use TCM to complement conventional cancer treatment is the belief that it strengthens the body against the side effects of chemotherapy.
Acupuncture, also a part of TCM, is generally safe but it may be best to avoid it if there is blockage of the lymph vessels (lymphoedema) as it may cause infection. Even without TCM, there are simple lifestyle changes that a cancer patient can adopt to better cope with cancer or chemotherapy side effects. While some conditions respond very well to acupuncture alone, other symptoms are best treated with herbal therapy. Chinese herbs are prescribed differently than what you may be used to from your local herb shop or health food store.
We can provide herbs in a way that matches both your diagnosis and your lifestyle, which may include loose herbs that are cooked into a tea, powders that can be dissolved in hot water, or pills. Chinese herbs are quite safe when prescribed by a trained herbalist for an individual patient. For this same reason, we are careful about combining herbal medicine with any prescription drugs you may be taking.
Finally, the herbs used in this clinic are purchased from distributors with impeccable reputations for quality control. As to anatomical regions, attention should be paid to certain areas that are prone to recur after operation such as the area around the eyes, nose, ears, etc. If the patient is suffering from coagulation disorders or under anticoagulation therapy (ACT), the treatment with no bleeding must be adopted, such as Ar-He knife, particle implantation, and immunotherapy. When argon is released rapidly from the tip of needle, in ten seconds tumor tissue can be frozen to - 120a„?~ - 165a„?, forming an ice ball, thus tumor tissue within ice ball will be "hungry and cold"( hunger because it is lack of blood supply and oxygen, while coldness comes from the super low temperature) causing coagulation and then necrosis of the tumor tissue. It can achieve the effect of radiotherapy on tumor as surgery does, so it is known as the particle knife.

Body cell immunotherapy is a green therapy to fight against skin cancer, which can completely remove residual cancer cells and dormant cells in blood and lymph, and has irreplaceable advantages in killing tumor cells, resisting tumor recurrence and metastasis.
Through a minimally invasive targeting technology, tumor will be directionally, accurately cleaned and killed, so as to maximally reduce harm to body brought by the treatment.
If you find our website useful, please follow our FaceBook and YouTube, health information will be updated regularly. The death rates have continued to increase when we started recording them and this is worrying most of the research scientists across the world.
A special compound present in sea cucumber kills multiple types of cancer cells including leukemia, colon cancer, skin, breast, prostate, pancreatic etc. It helps in inhibiting tumor growth, reduces the immunity suppressing effects caused due to chemotherapy etc. There are several active compounds in this amazing herb which help in reducing the symptoms of cancer. This amazing Chinese herb helps in killing the cancerous cells without damaging the healthy cells.
People who are undergoing cancer treatments can use this Chinese herb to experience better results.
It is an umbrella term used to describe conditions that involve abnormal cell growth in different parts of the body.
Treatment depends on the cancer type and stage, an the patient’s age and health condition.
Yes, many types of cancers are preventable, especially those that are linked to lifestyle choices and behaviors like lung cancer (commonly caused by smoking tobacco) or liver cancer (may be triggered by drinking alcohol).
For example, consuming ‘blood invigorating’ Chinese herbs like gingko biloba may increase the risk of bleeding during chemotherapy, while taking excessive ‘cooling herbs’ or ‘detox’ herbal supplements might cause diarrhoea,” says Mr Ricky Ang, Senior Pharmacist, Department of Oncology Pharmacy, National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS), a member of the SingHealth group. Your practitioner will advise you during your first or second treatment as to whether or not she would recommend herbs. Even though herbs work at a more subtle and holistic level than Western drugs, they are can be quite powerful and may produce negative reactions if taken by someone other than the patient. Most of the time, the herbs will not interact with your drugs, but it is very important that you let your practitioner know about any prescriptions, vitamins and supplements you may be taking. This assures us that you will receive exactly the herbs you are prescribed and that they will be free from contaminants. In acute conditions, such as a cold or flu, you may need to take the herbs only a few days. For those who cannot bear the treatment mentioned above, such as the old and sick people, female patients who cannot bear a long period of radiotherapy, targeted therapy with integrative Chinese and Western medicine.
When helium is rapidly released from the tip of the needle, the temperature will be increase to 20 a„? ~40 a„?, causing thawing and then blasting of the ice ball, so as to destroy the tumor tissue and prevent damage to normal tissue. Therefore, body cell immunotherapy can well make up for the damage on bodya€™s immunity caused by surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, so as to bring hope to the skin cancer treatment. At the same time, it combines traditional Chinese medicine to regulate entirely body function, in order to reinforce the healthy qi to fight against cancer, enhancing immunity and physical health. We have only heard about chemotherapy and radiation treatments for treating a cancer patient.
Also, this traditional Chinese herb enhances the T-cells which can, in turn, kill the cancer cells. This herb has healing powers that help reduce the compounds that promote the growth of cancer.

This incredible Chinese herb helps in treating breast cancer by inhibiting the growth of the cancerous cells. In fact, there are over 100 types of cancer, the most common of which are breast, skin, lung, colon, and prostate. Patients usually receive a combination of treatment which may include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy, gene therapy, and immunotherapy. Skin cancer can be prevented by minimizing sun exposure, and wearing sunscreen before going outdoors. Instead, we create “formulas” or recipes of approximately 8-15 herbs together that will address your complaint and your individual physical and emotional constitution. If you do elect to take an herbal formula, please know that the herbs you are given were specifically combined for your particular case. Furthermore, we would be happy to provide information about your herbs to your doctor to make sure you are getting the safest and most effective care possible. For more chronic concerns like digestive or menstrual problems, you make take the herbs several months.
Besides, surgery can be done but before that the beautifying, appearance of wounds, and skin function should be considered. But, there are certain Chinese herbs that help in eradicating cancer and the whole world is now interested to know about these Chinese herbs and how they work. When injected, this herb helps reduce vascular permeability and inflammation, making it difficult for the growth of the cancer-promoting compounds. Apart from treating lung cancer patients, this herb helps treat liver cancer, breast cancer etc. These include radiation (x-ray or gamma), tobacco, asbestos, arsenic, and chemicals in the car exhaust fumes.
Many naturalists also promote the use of anti-cancer herbs, as discussed in the article below.
A healthy lifestyle (healthy eating plus regular exercise) is also another excellent cancer preventive measure. Combining herbs in this way also creates a checks and balances system so that the strong effects of one herb may be mediated or softened by another herb. They may not be effective for someone else with similar symptoms, and should not be shared with others. Even the National Cancer Institute have confirmed the effectiveness of these incredible Chinese herbs and in the research experiments, they have shown great results in treating ovarian cancer, lung cancer, melanoma, colon cancer etc. Other common signs and symptoms include excessive sweating, fatigue, fever, anemia, and unexplained and sudden drop in weight.
Chinese doctors have mentioned that using these herbs helped in reducing the cancer symptoms in 85 out of 100 patients. Instead, they should treat the imbalance and then let your body take over it’s natural homeostatic inclination.

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