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Walk into an herb store in any city’s Chinatown and you will see shelves full of herbal products that are for external use only. While there may be secret recipes and closely guarded techniques for preparing these medicines, the basic method of making them is quite simple: soak herbs in alcohol for months to years, strain off liquid and use it. I have read a lot about making liniments and I’ve experimented with different recipes to come up with a couple that I like. So just to review quickly, the Trauma Liniment would be used in the case of a recent, acute injury. This month, some of my most shared posts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook involved self-healing trigger points. Your body has all the tools it needs to manage your pain—you just need to learn to tap into those internal self-healing mechanisms. Following principles used in acupuncture, reflexology, and Chinese medicine, gently manipulating your own self-healing trigger points can help relieve some of your most stubborn pains.
While Chinese medicine has long used acupressure points for pain relief, research laboratories have only recently begun to objectively measure their effectiveness.
To release each point, apply gentle pressure with your thumb, holding it flat, and moving it slowly in a circular motion for 10 seconds. Where it is: Count four to five fingers from the back of your ear, aiming for your hairline at the base of your skull. Where it is: With your index finger on your front hipbone, locate the most prominent part of your back hipbone with your thumb.
What it does: The Unlock the Back Point is great for acute lower back pain, when the pain is so intense that you can’t take any pressure on your spine. What it does: In Chinese medicine, painful periods are believed to be caused by weak or deficient kidney qi, which obstructs movement of your qi and blood. Where it is: This point is halfway between the Achilles tendon and the crease of the knee, directly in middle of the leg (on the midline). What it does: The Let It Go point helps relieve painful constipation, especially in women who are angry, moody, and tend to keep all their feelings bottled up inside.
Where it is: This point is between the fourth and fifth toes, two to three fingers up from the little toe, at the tendon when you flex your little toe. What it does: The Clear Vision Point helps with decision-making and pain in the upper back and shoulder. This medical illustration displays an anterior view of the left shoulder including the muscles and skeletal structures associated with the rotator cuff.

Pain-relieving ointments, oils and patches, creams and lotions for your skin and on and on. Both of these types of liniments have their roots in martial arts tradition and they are used to treat injuries that may happen in the course of training. Of course there is a little more finesse required in determining the herbs to use, the dosages and the type of alcohol to soak in.
If you are an acupuncturist or other healthcare provider who would like to sell these products out of your office, you can also let us know via the email link.
I love these simple techniques because you can use them to release pain, relieve stress, and center yourself anytime, anywhere, with very little practice.
These points help you tap into energy meridians in the body that have specific therapeutic effects on the corresponding organs of the body, as well as release muscular tension, stimulate circulation, disperse accumulated toxins, and bring oxygenated blood throughout the body. Just last week, a study published in the journal Pain Management Nursing found that 78 percent experienced a moderate to high degree of lower back pain relief by using self-healing trigger points three times a week for 30 minutes during the week of their period.
Please always consult your physician, especially if you are pregnant, your pain is acute or intense, or if your symptoms are combined with fever and abdominal discomfort. This point increases the blood supply to your brain, face, and middle ear, helping you think more clearly and confidently.
Count four flat fingers down toward your buttock and then use your thumb to locate the pressure point. Your thumbs work away from the swelling to release the muscles pulling on your back, such as the gluteus muscles in your buttocks, also relieving sciatic pain. The Happy Pelvis Points are similar to acupressure’s Kidney 3 and Kidney 6 and help with pelvic pain, lower back pain, menstrual cramps, and hip pain.
If you’re struggling with hemorrhoids or constipation and you feel like you can’t make any decisions, if you have insomnia and headaches, your right large intestine may be filling up with toxins—and this point will help you let it all go. The image highlights the suturing of the supraspinatus muscle tendon during the operative repair.
The intersection of martial arts and Chinese medicine is a strong one, with many martial arts masters being proficient in the use of Chinese herbs and acupuncture (or acupressure) techniques. Traditionally, rice wine was used to make the liniments and other herbal preparations (the ancients in China probably didn’t have very easy access to Nikolai 100 proof vodka!) Some of the chemical constituents in herbs are soluble in water and some in alcohol, so I like the balance that the 100 proof vodka gives you. For today’s newsletter, I’ve selected five points that help soothe my patients most common sources of pain.  Pick one and try it today. I move forward.” Then breathe out through your mouth, feeling the pain moving out of your muscles, and repeat, “I am balanced.

The Empowering Point also relieves tension headaches and sinus issues and helps lessen insomnia, fatigue, and vertigo.
Unlock the Back is safe for low back pain during pregnancy, and also relieves premenstrual pain, encouraging lymphatic drainage and blood flow. The point outside of the ankle helps the lateral gut and pelvic muscles, increasing blood flow to the ovaries, and for men, the testicles. When you are feeling self-doubt and overload, Clear Vision releases the gall bladder, calms the mind, and quiets any excess brain chattering.
With men and lower back pain, it’s always a good idea to rule out prostate or bowel issues. A secondary decompression to the acromioclavicular joint space can be seen in the upper aspect of the image.
Being the tinkerer that I am, I have played around with making some herbal preparations over the years, mainly salves, balms and liniments.
Many martial arts schools have specific recipes for liniments that are passed down through generations and kept secret from outsiders. After one year, 75 percent of those who received trigger-point training were moderately to highly satisfied with acupressure as a form of pain relief. Use it to quickly wipe away fear and confusion, help you make tough decisions, and feel rooted in your own power.
In today’s post I wanted to talk about how I make liniments for external application. The Tendon Lotion is applied the same way the Trauma Liniment is, although if you can warm the area up before applying the Tendon Lotion, that’s even better. I let go.” Repeat the full cycle 3 to 5 times, or until you can feel less resistance, that the muscle isn’t as tight and your thumb can go deeper.
Both of these liniments are great to have on hand at home, they are a valuable part of your home medicine kit. You can incorporate trigger point therapy throughout your day–when you first wake up, before you go to sleep, and any time during the day that you need release.
If you’ve been in the office, you might have noticed a few of these bottles sitting around.

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