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Ketchup and catsup are simply two different spellings for the same thing, a modern, Westernized version of a condiment that European traders were introduced to while visiting the Far East in the late 17th century. It could have been ke-chiap from China's southern coastal Fujian region or it could have been kicap (a Malay word borrowed from the Cantonese dialect of Chinese, also spelled kecapand ketjap) from Indonesia, both of which are sauces based on brined or pickled fish or shellfish, herbs and spices. The early Western versions of the sauce - which, starting in 1711, was sometimes called ketchup, another Anglicization of the Malay name popularized in the book An Account of Trade in India - were pretty faithful to the original Eastern ones, with one of the earliest recipes published in England (1727) calling for anchovies, shallots, vinegar, white wine, cloves, ginger, mace, nutmeg, pepper and lemon peel. Herbs and spices are added to foods to add flavor and make it suitable to our tastes but there are also many health benefits associated with additives. Basil or Ocimum basilicum is a bushy annual herb that originates from Iran, India and tropical regions of Asia.
Turmeric or Curcuma longa is an herb that is an underground root in the same family as ginger. Cayenne pepper or Capsicum annuum is a variety of the chili pepper plant that has been used as a spice in Mexican cooking for centuries.
1 In a small bowl, mix together the salt, ground coriander, cumin, ground cloves, cinnamon, ground cardamom, black pepper, cayenne and turmeric. Whatever it was, the Europeans liked it, and as early 1690, they brought it back home with them, calling it catchup. It wasn't until almost a century later that tomatoes found their way into the sauce, in a recipe in an American cook book published in 1801. While the number of herbs and spices is immense I will focus on the herbs: basil and turmeric and the spice, cayenne.

The herb’s leaves and seeds are often used medicinally, and contain many health benefiting oils. The spice can now be found all over the world and are packed with vitamins and nutrients and has a history of being used as a digestive aid throughout the world.[5] The cayenne plant is a small shrub that should be grown in sandy soil and a warm climate. At first, it was made and locally sold by farmers, but by 1837 at least one company was producing and distributing it on a national scale. Basil is frequently used in Italian dishes and is one of the main ingredients in pesto sauce. The turmeric roots have been used in Indian and Chinese medicines and are also turned into a powder to be added to foods as a natural preservative. Sear the vegetables for 3 minutes, stirring only enough to keep them from burning, but still allowing the onions to sear. The basil plant can be grown in a pot indoors or outdoors and can be harvested and directly used. The turmeric plant can be grown in a pot or garden and fresh roots can be stored in the fridge for up to a month. If being purchased from a store it is important to note that dried basil has lower levels of nutrients than fresh basil. To create turmeric powder the root must be boiled then dried in the sun and finally it is ground into a powder. Heinz Company, a name that's synonymous with ketchup for most people today, was a relative latecomer to the game and didn't produce a tomato-based ketchup until 1876.

Fresh basil should be stored in the fridge and dried basil in a sealed glass container for up to six months. Dried and powdered cayenne should be stored in an airtight container and will last for several months.
They originally referred to their product as catsup, but switched to ketchup in the 1880s to stand out. There are many health benefits associated with turmeric powder.[3] The herb is very rich in poly-phenolic compound curcumin and the vitamin pyroxidine.
The cayenne pepper contains many health benefiting properties including having anti-bacterial, anti-carcinogenic and anti-diabetic properties thanks to the alkaloid capsaicin. Eventually, ketchup became the standard spelling in the industry and among consumers, though you can still find catsup strongholds sprinkled across the U.S. 100 grams of the pepper contain 1387% of the daily required amount of vitamin A, making it a great antioxidant!

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