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As old as San Francisco itself, Chinatown is the second-largest Asian community in North America. Built in 1970 to anchor the neighborhood’s southern entrance, the unique Dragon’s Gate was constructed in the proper Chinese style: out of stone, not wood. While you can find rolling carts full of shu mai almost anywhere in the Bay Area, dim sum in Chinatown is a must.
Chinatown is surprisingly diverse, and for 50 years, the Chinese Cultural Center has been documenting the artistic endeavors of the immigrant populations who’ve made their lives there.
Housed in a Julia Morgan-designed landmark building, the Chinese Historical Society of America charges patrons a mere $5 to learn about Chinese-American contributions to culture and history beyond San Francisco, and you may see a wedding tea ceremony if you stop in on a weekend. Grant Avenue is lined with herbal shops and trinket stores of all kinds, but the Chinatown Kite Shop stands out. Even locals who sneer at touristy activities confess to loving the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Company, which has been cranking out these takeout staples since 1962.
As some of Chinatown’s grander banquet halls have shuttered, the three floor, 225-seat R&G Lounge chugs forward, serving lychee martinis and salt-and-pepper crab to the clamoring hordes. One of Anthony Bourdain’s favorites, this 77-year-old watering hole named for an ancient poet is famous for its Chinese Mai Tai and for the golden Buddha behind the wraparound bar. This late-night Cantonese seafood restaurant (open until 3am five nights a week) might be Chinatown’s nocturnal capital.
A time-honored brand in traditional Chinese medicine is trying something new: breaking into the herbal tea industry as health-care markets boom and flourish in China. Tongrentang (TRT), a famous Beijing-based health-care company, is promoting two herbal teas - TRT herbal tea and Maca oolong tea - to diversify its product portfolio.
Zhang Hong, deputy general manager of TRT Beijing, said that the herbal tea is a good reflection of the TRT brand, adding that with momordica grosvenori in the recipe, it tastes good.
Zhang said that TRT is expanding its marketing channels, trying to connect different industries by an O2O model to publicize the charm of the TRT brand. TRT has been recommended as one of 16 Chinese enterprises to become world famous brands by the China Federation of Industrial Economics and the China Top Brand Strategy Promotion Committee, media reports said. Founded in 1669, TRT was appointed to provide medicines for the royal pharmacy of the imperial palace of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) for eight generations of Qing emperors, a total of 188 years, according to the TRT official website. Back in the 1960s, San Francisco made it onto the television screens of nearly every home in America, accompanied by strains of “Rice-a-Roni, the San Francisco Treat.” While the ad campaign was a huge success, putting Rice-a-Roni on the map, it also did a huge disservice to San Francisco’s image as a gastronomic capital.

For completely authentic Chinese fare, head up to San Francisco’s Chinatown, the largest and oldest Chinatown in the United States – in fact it has the largest Chinese community outside of Asia. If you’re looking for somewhere to stay in San Francisco while you are on your culinary tour, the downtown area is home to all of the major upscale hotel chains.
Finally, if you are looking for a truly different experience, head up to San Francisco’s Little Italy, located in North Beach, and look up the Stinking Rose. I'm Maggie, a food-loving, curiosity-seeking mom raising two boys, a dog, and a tankful of fish next to the beach.
Animalfish AlphabetC is for cowfish blowing sand from rocky reefs to uncover tasty crab and shrimp.
Life in a Skillet is a food and lifestyle blog by a curiosity-seeking mother raising two boys next to the beach, serving up bite-sized thoughts, recipes, and photographs. Perennially popular, it’s both a legitimate dining destination and a wonderland of interesting sights.
Both it and the golden dragon streetlights beyond draw visitors up to Grant Avenue’s shops. Great Eastern Restaurant might be the neighborhood’s crown jewel, although it forgoes the carts for menus. Located on the third floor of the Hilton, the CCC’s visual exhibitions run the gamut from street art to avant-garde photography, and admission is free. Yes, it’s the best place for dragon kites and handmade treasures, but you can also find iPad cases and random oddities. Take a tour, buy a bag to go, and satisfy your curiosity about how exactly they get those fortunes in there before the dough hardens.
Hip but not slavishly trendy, R&G balances elaborate, traditional Cantonese dishes with the cravings of even the most Americanized palates. Full of aunties and uncles by day, it transitions to a hangout for club kids and other night owls sharing a last Tsingtao over a plate of spare ribs.
Indeed, San Francisco has some of the most enticing foods and confections in North America, if not the world.
San Francisco is home to Ghirardelli, which has been making luxury chocolate products for more than 160 years.
Established in 1848, it continues to maintain its own unique identity, languages and customs, immersing the visitor in a world filled with herbal shops, pagodas, and dragon parades.

However, for a unique experience, it is often better to find a boutique hotel that lets you experience the atmosphere that makes San Francisco what it is.
This is the original location of the well-known restaurant, which is dedicated to perfecting the culinary masterpiece that is garlic. If there’s a trick to enjoying it fully, however, it’s to recognize that there are actually two Chinatowns centered on parallel blocks: Grant Avenue (for tourists) and Stockton Street (for locals). An affordable spot for dumplings, buns, and more unusual fare, Great Eastern happens to be President Obama’s choice. It’s worth taking a trip there just to sample all the different cuisines that are on offer. It was founded by Domingo Ghirardelli all the way back in 1852, who set up the company during the California Gold Rush. To sample what Chinatown has on offer, drop in to one of the many excellent restaurants and try some of the best dim sum you have ever tasted. Another idea to consider is staying in Nob Hill, a prestigious neighborhood located in the city center. His genius lay in the realization that miners coming back from the gold fields were starved of luxury goods, and so he started to sell high-end chocolates to fill the need. Places to visit include You’s Dim Sum, the Good Mong Kok Bakery, and the Gold Mountain Restaurant. For instance, Powell Place at Nob Hill is only half a block away from San Francisco’s famous cable car tracks, and Chinatown lies just beyond.
The restaurant also features garlic-themed dining rooms, as well as the world’s largest garlic braid, which weaves its pungent way through the establishment.
Get a taste of San Francisco’s Chinatown with this one-day itinerary filled with food, history, shopping and more.
So, if you are in San Francisco, why not drop in to the Original Ghirardelli Chocolate Manufactory in Ghirardelli Square and pick up a taste of heaven?

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