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Chinese food therapy or nutrition therapy is an ancient practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine that relies mainly on the consumption of natural foods to heal the body. Chinese Medicine believes that illnesses can be treated by eating specific combination of foods and in a certain amount instead of taking medicines.
In Western countries, physicians generally regard dietary changes as an important part of medical treatment but not the primary cure to most diseases. Traditional Chinese Medicine views the nature and functions of the human body in a unique way, even how diseases manifest and how they are treated.

The proper diet should combine the five tastes in good balance to promote internal body harmony.The principles of Yin and Yang (opposing but complementary forces) which govern Traditional Chinese Medicine are also followed in Chinese food therapy.
Yin foods are cold or cool while Yang foods are hot or warm.The key to good health is to achieve balance by eating foods with properties that are opposite of the body’s constitution, which is also described as cold, cool, neutral, warm and hot.
There are specific symptoms indicated in Chinese food therapy to identify a person’s body constitution. It is important to understand the nature of foods and their critical role in preventing and treating ailments and diseases.

Even with the existence of very high-tech medical technologies today, keep in mind that food is still the most important pillar of health.

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