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Dragon Mart, a sprawling Chinese market complex on the outskirts of Dubai, is to open a similar outlet in Qatar by the end of 2013, the Chinese Embassy in Doha told local press. The 20,000 sqm shopping development, which will only sell Chinese goods, will open on the Qatari capital's Barwa Commercial Avenue and will be developed by Barwa Real Estate. The market is expected to emerge as a gateway for the supply of Chinese products into the country and offer manufacturers from the country a trading platform. The existing Dragon Mart complex in Dubai is one of the largest centres for trading Chinese goods outside of the Asian giant, which is the world's second largest economy. Bilateral trade relation between China and Qatar registered a 40 percent growth in 2012, in comparison to the previous year. Bureaus of two leading Chinese media groups, state-run media outlet Xinhua and China Radio, have also opened in Doha. Disclaimer:The view expressed here by our readers are not necessarily shared by Arabian Business, its employees, sponsors or its advertisers. Muscat International Folklore Festival was successfully executed by International Folklore Development Association with the sponsorship of  Muscat Municiapality. Which is very notable  about this festival that it is first of its kind to be held in the Sultanate and proved to be a big success. Director of the Group: Fernando Medrano Vireya, is one of the most talented choreographers of Cuba,  specialized in Dance and Master in Theoretic Studies of Dance from the Superior Institute of Arts of Cuba.
Georgian Youth Folkloric Ballet “Egrisi” was found in 1995 in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi.
The founder of the group is Vladimir Pilishvili, former leading soloist of the National Ballet Company of Iliko Sukhishvili.
The Art Leader and the Choreographer: George Pilishvili, a leading soloist of the State Folk Dance Group “Mamuli” of Ministry of Defense. Today Georgian Youth Folkloric Ballet “Egrisi” actively performs on the best, prestigious stages of Georgia, participates in numerous festivals in various countries in the world, is in constant creative search, developing traditions and being by one of the bright representatives of creative forces, paints of a rich folklore, dancing heritage of Georgia.
The “Akragas Folk Dance Group” was founded by a group of young people, keen of popular traditions, with the mandate of researching, spreading and staging, the folkloristic, historic and cultural traditions of the Sicilian people.  The costumes worn by the group members represent a well defined historical period that is the end of the nineteenth century. Jung Jongjin National Dance Company was founded in 1995 by its Choreographer and Director Mr.JUNG YONGJIN and considered one of the best traditional dance ensembles in South Korea.
Director of the group, Mr.JUNG YONGJIN, is Lecturer of Dance Department of SangMyung University as well as lecturer in Dance Department of MyongJi University. Company participated in numerous festivals around the world, as well as represented Korea in official ceremonies abroad.
Since then, for 34 years it has created more than 80 choreographies or Russian Folklore dances and dances of peoples of Russia. Luis Guerrero Perez is the manager and Carmen Guerrero and Jorge Gomez are choreographers of this group directed these creations. Yasmine dance ensemble under the leadership of Saloua Kamoun the founder and the choreographer is more than a dance group- it is an academy that teaches dancing to all ages -be it modern or traditional.

The group has participated since its creation in 1985 in many festivals –whether in Tunisia or outside it (Germany, France, Turkey, South Korea, Serbia, Italy, etc) and their shows have been met with great admiration. Dancers have very unique steps and movements due to their young age, motivation and skills instilled by their choreographer. The group successfully performed in the biggest cities of Russia, CIS, on best Moscow stages.
Every year Devchata participate in international folk festivals in Bulgaria, Egypt, Italy, Turkey, UAE, Czech Republic, Belgium, Spain, and Portugal.
AFTUD is working on preserving the traditional rich cultural elements of Anatolia on universal standards, by using the most contemporary techniques, with children and adults. With the upcoming projects, AFTUD is aiming to embody musical and theatrical works on stage too.
Beside these regional folk dances, ensemble can present solo performances such as “Asuk-Masuk”, “ Zeybek” ,” Roman” ,”  Hancer (Dagger) Show” and special productions from 5 to 60 minutes.
After successfully finalizing this festival, the committee announced acceptance of applications for the MIFF 2014. WienWP Cumulus Flash tag cloud by Roy Tanck and Luke Morton requires Flash Player 9 or better.
Champix Initiation Pack tablets are designed to relieve cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with stopping smoking.Champix is indicated for the smoking cessation in adults over 18. For patients who have successfully stopped smoking at the end of 12 weeks, an additional course of 12 weeks treatment with CHAMPIX at 1mg twice daily may be considered.
Always take these tablets as your doctor has told you, if you are not sure please check with your doctor or pharmacist.
UK, Channel Islands, N Ireland, Highlands and Islands - Standard delivery arrives 2-3 days after dispatch or for heavy parcels Courier next day after dispatch Mon-Thu.Europe - Royal Mail International Services or Courier arrives 7-10 days after dispatch. Express delivery arrives 1-2 days after dispatch or for heavy parcels Courier 1-2 days after dispatch Mon-Thu. World no.1 Carolina Wozniacki of Denmark eased into the quarter-finals of 2011 Qatar Ladies Open after defeating the 2006 winner Nadia Petrova in two straight sets 6-3 6-2 on Wednesday. The third day of the tournament did not pass without surprises as 2010 Roland Garros winner Francesca Schiavone was knocked out by Chinese qualifier Shuai Peng. Czech Republic’s Klara Zakopalova produced another surprise by defeating 2011 Australian Open finalist, Na LI of China 6-2 6-1.
This event hosted ten dance ensembles from around the world and 2 Omani traditional dance groups. Talented groups, lovely audience, very good organization, all these added to the MIFF success.
Being one of the most important ensembles of the country, it has professional status,with performances in more than 400 cities around the world. The Ensemble has gained many diplomas and was several times given an official honor of laureate for the successful creative achievements that was highlighted by TV and radio in the native country as well as abroad.

It can be considered as an embodiment of mythological, historical, cultural and sociological heritage and traditionally passed on to posterity. Over the centuries, innovations and creativity has moulded it, without changing the original purpose and essence, into a spiritual, divine, and a meaningful addition to our society.
The musical instruments, the songs, the dances and the stagings instead embrace a greater historical period which includes: the Greek, Roman, Turkish, Arabic, Spanish and Norman dominations of the Island, all of which have molded, throughout the centuries,Sicily. At the beginning, we performed in squares and popularY streets at local celebrations, cultural events etc.
Shows are inspired from the intangible cultural heritage of Tunisia and generally they tell a visual story. AFTUD already has around 130 dancers, 50 children and 80 adult including trainees at a social level, around 35.
Smoking cessation therapies are more likely to succeed for patients who are motivated to stop smoking and who are provided with additional advice and support.
Additionally, a number of Chinese companies are involved in Qatara€™s key development projects, including the New Doha Port.
According to many scholars dance is considered to have the magical power that provides the source of happiness to people and nations around the universe.
So far as there is room for improvisations and imaginative interpretations, Bharata Natyam or classical dance as such, is a science in itself. In these performances the group interpreted the most typical Andalusia songs and dances.  The group increased its artistic range and has been awarded with prizes for flamenco theatre. Patients who cannot tolerate adverse reactions of CHAMPIX may have the dose lowered temporarily or permanently to 0.5 mg twice daily. Consult your doctor before taking Champix if you have depression, anxiety, bipolar or schizophrenia. If you return a medicine to us all we can do is dispose of it correctly for you as it cannot be resold.Of course, if we have made a mistake or the product is faulty or damaged, we will accept returns as long as you contact us within 10 days of receiving the order and received the product back within 30 days. Sage Bharata in his Natyashastra says that dance or Natya implies in it, the three forms of fine arts namely, Nataka, Natya and Sangeetha (Iyal, Isai and Natakam).
The Natyashastra of Bharata is well-known as an encyclopedic work on different aspects of the theatrical arts, dance, drama and music.
The ensemble continues to actively participate in events held in the city and province as well as around the world.

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