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Action Stations Ladies - Race for Life is here and we need to unite against the enemy - Cancer! See the list below for events in your area  - and take part for you, for a loved one, for everyone affected by cancer and enter your local 5K or 10K Race for Life. Make Heart the soundtrack to your day and you could be a winner with great prizes up for grabs throughout the day.
Discolored toenails may be due to a fungal infection, or a symptom of a medical issue such as diabetes. Discolored toenails that are also painful or difficult to maintain may need to be checked out by a podiatrist. Public bathrooms pose a risk of a toe infection, particularly to people who walk barefoot through them.
The most common causes of discolored toenails are fungal and bacterial infections, but bruising and bleeding under the nail might also be to blame. Fungal spores are pretty common, and they’re found in most places, from soil and dust to food and waste.
Bacterial infection also can discolor toenails, and nails with this sort of infection will typically soften and take on a green color. Minor discolorations or changes in color and texture that happen slowly over time might be an indication of a much more serious medical condition.
Most medical experts recommend that anyone who notices changes in their toenail coloring, no matter how minor it may seem, get the problem evaluated to rule out serious conditions. Women should always remove their toenail polish before going to the doctor, especially for a physical.
One day I was talking to a colleague and she asked me if I would like to support Breast Cancer Research with a donation.

In some cases discoloration is an indication of a much more serious condition, like diabetes, liver failure, or heart disease. Fungi are small strains of mold or other parasitic cells that invade a host and essentially use it as a breeding ground. Warm, moist, and humid environments cause them to thrive, and as a result pools, shower rooms, and public bathrooms pose an increased risk, particularly to people who walk barefoot through them. Regularly rotating shoes can reduce the chances of developing an infection that might cause discolored toenails, and people who are very concerned about infection might go so far as to select shoes that are vented or that otherwise allow air to flow in order to prevent moisture from collecting. In most cases, these happen as a result of an injury or trauma that has left part of the skin or nail bed exposed to outside elements. This most frequently happens because of a stubbed toe, something heavy that has been dropped on the foot, or an ingrown toenail. Diabetes and several liver ailments can cause color changes in the finger and toenails, for instance, as do heart disease and some forms of kidney failure. This course helped her realize the mistakes she made whenever she got into a debate with anyone especially when she was emotionally attached to the subject. Many doctors and care providers make an effort to examine patients’ nails during routine check-ups to monitor for problems that may first appear as color variation in the finger or toenails. When these cells get into the toenails, they often cause the nails to turn yellow or brown, depending on the variety or particular strain involved. A smashed toe that isn’t properly bandaged is one example; a pedicure that clips too much of the delicate cuticle tissue or that breaks the skin under the nail is another. These will usually go away on their own after a time, though it can take a few weeks for the trapped blood to be broken down and absorbed by the body. Here you will learn real empathy – how to put yourself in others shoes and learn to see a situation from their point of view.

At first the discoloration is usually very small, often appearing just as a dot on the surface of the nail.
Strains of bacteria typically enter through broken skin, then begin invading the toenail and surrounding tissues. In these cases nail changes are usually just one of many different symptoms throughout the body, but they are often an easy place to start.
An emotional subject was chosen and the class was asked which side of the debate they believed in. You will find yourself getting into less heated arguments and into more intellectual (educational) discussions. If things are allowed to progress, though, all nails on one or both feet might change color and even shape, often dramatically. Any blood that doesn’t go away, as well as spots that seem to be growing larger instead of shrinking, should usually be checked out by a medical professional, though, as these could indicate circulatory or other blood problems. The class was then divided and to their surprise, they had to debate for the opposite side.
How can you expand your learning if your mind stays closed to other ideas? What’s worse, you end up building grudges with anyone who disagrees with you. She also said that I didn’t know how it felt to lose someone close to me from this disease as had happened to her. I felt terrible so I tried to explain myself, however, the more I tried, the worse the situation became.

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