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Some forms of skin cancer, including superficial basal cell cancers and Bowens Disease, or very thin SCCs can be treated with creams. SCCs a€“ of the thin type, also known as IECs or intraepidermal cancers, or Bowena€™s disease. Solar Keratosis, or Sun Spots are precancerous lesions, and may lead to thin SCCs or Bowena€™s disease. Types of skin cancers that can NOT be treated with creams include- melanomas, moles, dysplastic naevi, invasive BCCs including solid BCCs, Morpheic BCCs, micronodular BCCs, infiltrating BCCs, BCCs with nerve spread, and all forms of invasive SCCs.
Your Skin Cancer Specialist at My Skin Clinic will guide you as to what is the best method to treat your form of skin cancer.
Efudix or 5FU- this treatment has been time tested and can be an excellent method for treating sunspots, pre cancerous lesions and also IECs or Bowens Disease. Aldara a€“ this can be used to treat sun spots, solar keratosis, as well as superficial BCCs. PDT or photodynamic therapy- the most convenient method to treat sunspots, superficial BCCs, and IECs. How long will I need to apply creams for skin cancer treatment?Your skin cancer doctor will guide you as to the duration of cream treatment.
Photodynamic Therapy or PDT uses a cream called METVIX, this from of skin cancer treatment is the most convenient, as cream treatment is applied 3 hours before a laser light is used.
Other forms of creams (such as Imiquimod, or 5FU) will need to be applied by yourself for several weeks. How effective are skin cancer cream treatments?If used correctly, skin cancer creams have a very high success rate in removing sun spots as well as treating superficial skin cancers such as superficial basal cell cancers, and superficial squamous cell cancers such as Bowena€™s disease or Intraepidermal Cancers.
As with all skin cancer treatments, follow up by your skin cancer doctor is required to ensure that your sun damage or skin cancer has been cleared.
How will I know if cream treatment for my skin cancer is successful?Follow up follow skin cancer treatment is always needed. If you have had treatment for skin cancer, lifetime follow up is advisable as you are at risk for developing another skin cancer. What are the advantages of cream over surgery for skin cancer treatment?The main advantage of using cream over surgery is that skin tissue is preserved with creams- no cuts, not stitches, no blood, no needles. Cream treatment may also result in less scarring, and also less limitation on activities compared to surgery.
What are the disadvantages of creams compared to skin cancer surgery?Creams provide patients with an additional option for the removal of certain forms of skin cancer, and may NOT be the solution for your type of skin cancer.
Your skin cancer specialist will guide you as to what is the BEST method of skin cancer removal. What are the side effects of creams for skin cancer treatment?All creams will have expected and controllable reactions if applied correctly. Creams such as imiquimod or ALDARA and EFUDIX will have skin reactions that may last for up to 6-8 weeks, however photochemical creams such as PHOTODYNAMIC THERAPY or PDT reactions typically last a few days. How much do skin cancer creams cost?Creams for skin cancer vary in price according to the amount used, the number of treatments and the type of chemical.
As a guide, Efudix for sunspots cost $60-75 dollars, whist Aldara and Picato Gel is more expensive. Some health insurance companies will rebate an amount back from PDT treatment for sunspots and skin cancers. PBS scheme can approve a subsidy for Aldara for basal cell cancers, providing a sample has been taken. What other options do I have for treating skin cancers?Skin cancer treatment is always tailored according to the skin cancer type, location, and individual factors. A Surgery for skin cancer: This is the best option for solid cancers, invasive BCCs, SCCs, moles, melanomas and keratoacanthomas. Curette and Diathermy: can be used to treat BCCs or Bowens, however can result in scarring or changes in skin colour. Liquid Nitrogen: this can be used to treat very thin Basal Cell Cancers, and early sun-damage.
A Laser surgery: This is a very specialised procedure performed by Specialist Laser Dermatologist, and is ideal for treating precancerous areas on the lips, and face. A Combination PDT and Laser: Again a very specialised treatment for skin cancers of the Superficial BCC subtype and IEC. Moderate to severe sun damage- Creams such as PICATO, EFUDIX, ALDARA or PDT can be used to treat sun spots. Skin cancer creams have come along way since the use of Efudix or 5 FU over two decades ago. Photodynamic therapy is an excellent method to treat superficial BCCs anywhere on the body, but is especially useful on facial areas, as well as on the lower limbs. Other creams we commonly use include ALDARA, EFUDIX and PICATO; each has their own merits and drawbacks.
It seems that the most affected are women, especially in the second and third decade of life. It is more common than Raynaud’s syndrome and has a equal frequency to both women and men. If the affected area has at least two colors: white, due to ischemia caused by vasospasm, blue due to cyanosis or red due to hyperemia.
How many fingers are affected during a crisis, because in the early attacks of Raynaud’s phenomenon can be affected only 1 or 2 fingers. With the tradition and the commited service over 20 years, Sreekrishna Ayurveda Panchakarma Centre offers a classic  ayurvedic massage and medical treatment, practiced by selected families, who transmit the techniques from parents to children. It is a several thousand years old massage, with natural oils, that focuses on the body lymphatic pathways. Oil applied to scalp is absorbed into the roots of the hair, which, in turn, are connected with nerve fibres leading directly to the brain.
In this program herbal leaves are applied to the whole body in boluses with hot medicated oil.
Luke warm medicated oils are applied all over the body by two trained technicians in a special rhytmatic way continuously. Medicated oil or herbal decoction and milk is poured continuously on the forehead of the person lying in supine position. This offers the comprehensive herbal packages for a healthy skin by enhancing the complexion of the skin and imparting a glow of healthy radiance in skin. Burning tongue syndrome (BMS) has many different alternative names including scalded mouth syndrome, burning lips syndrome, glossodynia, glossopyrosis, stomatodynia, stomatopyrosis, and oral galvanism.
While there aren’t any visible signs or lesions to observe, the very real pain can range from moderate to severe, and some have compared its intensity to that of a toothache.
BMS usually begins without any recognizable trigger, and may last for a few weeks, months, or even years. Diagnosis is usually a process of ruling out other possible conditions, and treatment varies from lifestyle changes in diet and behavior to the administration of traditional drugs. Two thirds of those reporting BMS will have recovered in 6-7 years as constant pain and discomfort becomes more episodic.
The most obvious symptom of BMS is an unpleasant to painful burning sensation on the tongue, lips, gums, palate, throat, or even in the whole mouth. Interestingly, most patients report that they awake with little or no pain and the intensity increases as the day progresses, peaking by bedtime. While the actual causes of BMS have yet to be been clearly established, it seems that the condition can be divided into two general categories.
If an underlying problem is identified and BMS becomes a symptom of the greater illness, the term “secondary” BMS is used. With the loss of function of her bitter taste buds, it would appear that the pain neurons are activated and BMS may be the result. Other important factors seem to be stress or a traumatic life event, allergic reactions, upper respiratory infections, and excessive taste bud loaded papillae. Because there is no present consensus on the origins or causes of BMS, most doctors will try to diagnose this condition by process of elimination, ruling out all other possibilities. The doctor will want to know about the symptoms being presented as well as the oral habits and mouth care of the patient. While each person who suffers from BMS is unique, some associated problems seem to be held in common. Since there is no known cure or universal treatment for primary BMS, each patient will be dealt with according to the individual presenting symptoms.
There are several drugs currently available including Klonopin, a lozenge type form of the anti-convulsant drug clonazepam. Concerning secondary BMS, the treatment protocol involves identifying the underlying cause and then addressing it as a way to eliminate the presenting burning mouth or tongue issues. Some of the simplest home remedies can actually bring almost instantaneous relief to the BMS sufferer.
Meat, brown rice, fish, wheat germ, whole grain cereals, and soybeans are all great sources of Vitamin B.

Applying glycerin to the tongue has been reported to bring relief, as has eating honey with milk. Another homeopathic treatment involves applying lavender oil to the tongue and leaving it there over night.
There are simple lifestyle choices that can also make a difference in reducing the pain from BMS. Ironically, while the doctor may have prescribed Capsaicin cream for your tongue, it is best not indulge in spicy foods because of added irritation within the mouth.
It may be necessary to switch out a favorite toothpaste, especially if the one in question contains sodium laurylsulfate.
Although hormonal imbalances have taken first place as a plausible cause of BMS, to date there is no conclusive evidence that hormone replacement therapy has had a significant effect in successfully treating this problem. The expense of finding relief from the pain of BMS is directly related to the number of professionals one may visit and the amount of health insurance in place.
Add to these visits, the cost for all the preliminary tests, and the price continues to rise. The best approach would seem to be to try the easiest and least expensive treatment suggestions first. In the past, because of the lack of physical symptoms in the mouth and on the tongue, many patients’ complaints were not taken seriously. It is to be hoped that in the near future, much more definitive knowledge will be available and better treatment protocols in place.
My name is Kim Wang and this site is my work in progress helping to pass on some of the things my mother has taught me over the years. I am a 48 year old female, post hysterectomy leaving the fallopian tubes, and have recently started hormaone therapy and I have had tongue problems ever since. Peppermint works well in relieving symptoms , I stopped taking Amplodipine for BP and my BMS has pretty much gone away, now its just a hardly noticeable taste . I have been suffering with this ailment for about 6 months now, seen doctors, dentist, peridontist and lastly a professor of dentistry who arranged for me to see a hypnotist. Due to its antiseptic properties, frankincense oil is a great addition to any oral hygiene regimen.
I had no idea that this was an actual thing!I thought that I must have burned my tongue some how and it was not healing.
I have been doing some research for a friend with regard to how to incorporate Essential Oils into a routine that could be helpful with the painful sensations associated with Burning Mouth Syndrome. I am a member of a 2 groups on FB…Burning Mouth Syndrome and New Burning Mouth Syndrome !
Eczema: It is a skin disease which results in inflammation of the skin and development of rashes. Heat rash: It is caused due to clogging of the sweat glands beneath the skin’s surface because of increased exposure to hot and humid conditions which causes excessive and prolonged sweating. Contact Dermatitis: This type of skin condition causes a facial rash in addition to affecting other parts of the body like the chest. Impetigo: It is a type of facial rash caused by bacterial infection and mostly affecting children and infants. Herpes Zoster: It is commonly referred to as shingles and is identified by the development of itchy, painful facial rash, as well as rashes on other parts of the body such as the chest. Rosacea: The facial rash that accompanies this inflammatory, chronic skin disease in adults is characterized by pimples and redness of the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. Allergic reactions: Facial rash can be caused as an allergic reaction to a number of allergens, consumed food, etc. One can take certain precautions to allow the faster clearance of the facial rash anomalies. Your skin cancer specialist will guide you as to your treatment options for a particular form of skin cancer. This means that the skin cancer is very thin, and does not invade into the underlying skin. If SCCs are very thin, and do NOT invade the deeper layers of skin, they can be safely and effectively treated with creams. Main advantage, its cheap, the disadvantage is that it may need to be applied for up to 6 weeks. As a guide you will need to apply creams for a duration of 2 weeks a€“ 6weeks, depending on the type of cream you use and the type of skin cancer treated. By careful examination of your treated areas, your skin cancer professional can tell if skin cancer treatment has been successful.
Specialists at My Skin Clinics will advise you in regards to what is the best treatment for YOU. Specialists at My Skin Clinic will guide you in regards to the BEST treatment but also provide you with options for treating skin cancers and pre cancer cells. Scarring is reduced, and cosmetic benefits such as improved skin texture and skin tone can be seen. Creams can be used to help REDUCE the incidence of skin cancers by treating sun damage, sun spots and solar keratosis.
Vitamin A can only reduce very mild sun damage, and should always be used as a prevention cream after any treatment. Your skin cancer doctor will discuss what is the best treatment for your type of sun-damage.
Now patients have a selection of creams to effectively treat both skin cancer and pre cancerous areas. This treatment is performed by the clinic, and provides superior convenience compared to creams applied by the patient. This disease looks pretty spectacular at first sight, due to the fact that the patient notices the skin color change of the affected limbs.
It has a progressive evolution, the disease is symmetrically affecting fingers from both hands.
The body is massaged with linen bags with njavara rice cooked well in milk and herbal decoction. It will tone the body, increase blood circulation, nourish muscles and nervous tissues and expel metabolic waste through skin. Regardless of the name, the condition involves chronic, burning pain in the tongue, gums, lips, and inside of the mouth. It is also possible to have a numbing or tingling sensation in the mouth or on the tip of the tongue.
They experience little or no pain during the night hours, starting the cycle anew each day. When the outbreak has no identifiable cause, it is treated as “primary” or “idiopathic” BMS. The fact that 40% of menopausal women suffer from this condition that starts about 3 years before menopause and lasts as long as 12 years after, seems to support this theory. They are seven times more likely to be affected than men, which may support the argument for hormonal imbalance experienced during menopause as the most frequent underlying condition. Approximately 30% of those diagnosed with BMS report recent dental procedures, illnesses, or newly prescribed medications in their history intake. The patient can typically expect a review of personal medical history and current medications being taken. Most doctors will want to do a complete general medical examination while they search for an underlying condition that may have triggered this attack. Finally, the last item will probably be a psychological questionnaire to analyze the levels of stress the patient may be experiencing. Some patients report difficulty eating because of the persistent pain in their mouths or on their tongues or lips. The goal will be to alleviate the pain as much as possible, or if that fails, at least to manage it. Recommendations can include traditional drugs, alternative health care, and lifestyle changes.
They are as uncomplicated as sucking on ice, keeping one’s mouth moist by sipping extra water, and increasing daily intake of certain foods. Also, foods rich in iron such as red meats, liver, cashews, figs, and Special K cereal are recommended additions, especially in cases where the underlying condition may be anemia.
It seems the combination increases the blood flow to the tongue which encourages a healthier response from the pain neurons. If a doctor determines that psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, or depression are the causes and not the symptoms of BMS, antidepressants may be prescribed. The bottom line may be to make as many lifestyle changes as possible to reduce the negative effects of stress and anxiety in one’s life. Many sufferers first consult their dentist because they view their mouth problems as dental care issues. Throw in a CT scan or MRI and it’s beginning to be really costly for the person without good health insurance.

Add that to the fact that the majority of complainers were middle-aged women in the throes of menopause, and the seriousness of the ailment often came into question.
Increased research seeks to understand the etiology and the pathogenesis so that more effective treatments can be prescribed.
Until then, trial and error of both traditional drug therapies and alternative health recovery plans, when combined with relevant lifestyle changes, are the best chance one has to find relief from the pain of BMS. For e, it started by feeling like my tongue was too big, after that subsided the tip of my tongues has felt just like I had sipped too hot coffee! The first visit (this week) she didn’t put me under but instead tried to find out as much as possible about my life, stresses etc.
Although the FDA has approved myrrh as a safe food additive, taking concentrated forms or high doses can have unwanted side effects. Look for natural oral care products that contain frankincense oil, especially if you enjoy the aroma. Homeopathic remedies are those that are made and prescribed in a very particular way and only by professional homeopaths. Whoever wrote this does not know what homeopathy even is, as there are no homeopathic remedies listed. Facial rash may be mild and cause some discomfort, or it may be an indication of some serious underlying disease.
The disorder can be caused as an allergic reaction to certain substances, due to hereditary causes, or due to prolonged contact with toxins in the environment.
It is an allergic reaction to insect bites, certain skin irritants, changes on temperature, viral infections, etc. It can be caused due to contact with allergens, irritants, environmental factors like pollens, certain types of foods, animal hair and chemicals, etc. The infants may experience the eruption of acne on the cheeks or nose two or three days after birth. A few examples include cosmetics, the scarf fabric, food, soap, drinks, weather, jewelry, and excessive sweating. Patients may use anti-itch creams or antihistamines available over the counter to alleviate the symptoms of the condition. The use of skin cancer creams has advantages over surgery in that there is less scarring, and no tissue is removed. Superficial BCCs can be identified clinically as flat red scaly areas, or by histology- testing a tiny piece of skin under the microscope. In some situations, a biopsy, or sample of the skin can be helpful, as we send the sample away for testing under the microscope. Additionally pre skin cancerous areas, such as sun damage, solar keratosis and sun spots will react the same way.
The exact amount will be dependent on the size of your skin cancer and the NUMBER of treatments required. This combination address both skin cancer, pre cancerous cells and provides cosmetic rejuvenation to the treated areas and surrounding skin.
We individualize treatments according to the type of skin cancer, the location of skin cancer, as well as the downtime of the patient. Initially, the skin is pale and cold due to arteriolar spasm, then the limbs become cyanotic and cold because vein dilation is added and the skin turns into blue. By this massage, the sight improves, cheeks become plumpy and pimples on the face will disappear. This program is a combination of rejuvenation massage, body pack and full body dhara with herbal decoction and milk. Whether this insomnia is caused by increased levels of evening pain or the stress associated with having this illness is uncertain. Others stop or decrease their times of socializing because of the discomfort and distraction that BMS causes. It would appear that the combination of lifestyle adjustments and alternative health practices offers the best results for many patients.
There are also special oral rinses and mouthwash products that a doctor may include in the treatment regimen. While in the bathroom, check out the mouthwash also, to make sure there is no alcohol in it. From there, they may consult a family physician who will probably send them on to a specialist.
The dental field is also involved since dental procedures and problems seem to sometimes precede the onset of BMS. It’s been three weeks and I see my doctor in another two weeks so we shall see what happens next. It is best to ask your doctor or a licensed healthcare provider to avoid any complications. It can help prevent dental health issues like tooth decay, bad breath, cavities, or oral infections. By the time I woke in up the morning, lips were swollen, mouth had severe burning sensation, palms &feet severely tingling. Eczema is also commonly seen in diabetic patients who experience dry skin rash and swelling of the arms, as well as facial rash. It leads to blotches of reddish rashes, burning sensations, itchiness and a typical case of facial rash. Exposure of a particular section of the body causes the skin to react negatively resulting in eruption of blisters and itchy rashes. The disease is caused due to infection by the varicella zoster virus, which is also responsible for chicken pox in children and young adults.
It is caused due to hormonal alternations that occur in the baby’s body at the time of fetal development. Downside is the cost, as the cream is expensive and a laser-light needs to be used to activate the cream. Most importantly we take into consideration the potential for scarring, and take steps to minimise scars following skin cancer treatment.
The diagnosis of Raynaud’s syndrome is established when the phenomenon persists for more than three years, without a cause which can be highlighted. Another symptom may be a loss of taste or a change from normal to a bitter or metallic one that lingers in the mouth. In a similar fashion, it is not always clear whether the accompanying depression is a cause of the BMS or a result of trying to deal with this illusive illness. However, some underlying conditions require very serious attention and become the primary focus of treatment, at least initially.
If the patient doesn’t already suffer from anxiety or depression, rising health costs may do it. Due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, myrrh can help relieve inflammation of the mouth and gums caused by diseases such as gingivitis and mouth ulcers.
You can also consider making your own toothpaste by mixing frankincense oil with baking soda.
Look up the Chinese herbal combinations: lui wei di huang wan(six flavor rehmannia tea pill) and Zhi bai di huang wan(eight flavor rehmannia tea pills). Patients can prevent the spread of the condition by maintaining good personal hygiene and not sharing towels, bed sheets, and other personal items.
Using specialised creams in the correct setting is essential for the best results with the lowest recurrence rates. However, I am a 55 year old woman and just had carpal tunnel surgery, so there is an inflammatory component. Next thing I know I have burning gums and lips have stopped using the culprit that caused it, but the damage has been done. Our skin cancer doctors will guide you in regards to the application of creams, and the safety profile of treating various forms of skin cancers. It can also freshen your breath and commonly used as an ingredient in mouthwash and toothpaste. Can’t use any toothpaste at all, just bicarbonate and salt, what has helped though is coconut oil, I have been rinsing my mouth out with a big spoonful, takes some getting use to, but it does bring relief for a while. Also consider Coptis (related chemically to goldenseal) as it is antibacterial and antiviral. It is important for the affected individuals to finish the entire course of antibiotics therapy to prevent a relapse and to avoid development of resistance to the antibiotics. HSV-1 can be a contributor to this syndrome and coptis reduces inflammation and also inactivates some viruses and kills bacteria.
Fruits like orange, guava, strawberry and lemon are rich in vitamin C and will aid in fighting off the facial rash.

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