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One of the most successful ways of treating this severe disorder is by using testosterone injections. Roemer the mutations having the smallest change in the electronic characteristics have a correspondent in those mutations already known to be responsible for causing the real life cancer. Of course there are same scarce occasions that a Klinefelter patient can express no symptoms. It has been shown that the possibility of a newborn with Klinfelter is increased according to the age of the parents.
The Klinefelter Syndrome is highly connected to hormone abnormalities, so it is possible that the injection of the most important male sex hormone, could improve the situation of a Klinefelter Syndrome patient. This hemoglobin distorts the RBC of the blood causing the blood cells to be fragile and they rupture very easily.

The abnormality happens during the meiosis and more specific during the separation of the chromosome pairs. This treatment is very effective when it takes place during the first years of the patient’s life. They sometimes block the blood vessels causing the damage of the organs and tissues with severe pain. Some other symptoms are the presence of small testes, inability to produce sperms, a very characteristic rounded body type.
Due to these abnormalities, one of the germ cells (sperm or egg) can have two sex chromosomes which means that the infant can have three X or two X and a Y chromosome. When the disorder is diagnosed during the adulthood, the testosterone treatment is not so successful.

Besides, the patients can have difficulties in reading, writing, or even language problems! However, we can’t doubt that the the testosterone injection can increase muscle strength, hair of body and face. Infants show the symptoms after 5 months of age and in children and adults it may crop up any time.

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