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We were so happy to be able to establish Alana€™s Hero Fund this summer as a way to commemorate his life and continue his fight. Throughout Alana€™s fight, members of our community had always given us so much support, and the same was true for the rocket launch. The main fundraiser at the event was the launch of special raffle rockets, and we recruited some Boy Scouts to help with the movement of the younger kids as they lined up, set up their rockets on the pad, and recovered them to place them in the raffle drawing.
The main focus of the event was the raffle rockets a€“ small rockets made from folded cardstock.
In addition to the raffle launches, we had a second launch pad for sport launches by the Alamo Rocketeers (big rockets for that a€?ooh ahh!a€? factor) and attendees who wanted to launch their own rockets.
We were fortunate enough to have print and television media come out to cover our launch.A For us, ita€™s as important to raise awareness about the need for childhood cancer research as it is to raise money. With a whole year to plan, we are looking forward to a bigger event next year, and hopefully many more years to come! What Pulled Me Into Brain Tumor Researcha€?Never Stop Fightinga€™: Why I Support the STAR Act10 Reasons Why My Parents Are My HeroesSt.
The month of pink has arrived and products everywhere are transforming their colors to raise awareness for breast cancer.
On September 22, 2013, the Sanders family invited their friends to join them in launching Alan’s Hero Fund at a rocket launch fundraiser. Though we had participated in a couple of head-shaving events since we lost Alan in January, we wanted to do something to mark the creation of this fund, something that was more personal to our family and to Alana€™s life. Alan enjoyed the opportunities to wander the open fields and because he loved numbers so much, he always looked forward to the countdown to each launch. Baldricka€™s helped us create a graphic of Lucky the leprechaun riding on a rocket, which we used as the basis of the t-shirt design, a€?I Launched Alana€™s Hero Fund.a€? Not only were we thrilled to see so many people wearing their shirts at the event, the t-shirt sales were a way for people who could not attend to be part of our fundraiser.
The Alamo Rocketeers, our local chapter of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR), was a big help with securing a location, setting up equipment and tents, and providing skilled help.

They were printed with the rocket-riding Lucky graphic and our sponsors, with one blank side for the kids to write their name on.
Baldricka€™s Rocket (featuring the rocket-riding Lucky with clover leaf fins), the Chalkboard Rocket (a rocket in blue chalkboard paint), and a SpongeBob rocket. Some people had launched with our family before; others had never seen a rocket launch!A Between the t-shirts, raffle and sport rocket launches, and merchandise sales, we raised over $1,500.
Baldrick’s Foundation is a non-profit 501 (c)3 organization, IRS identification number 20-1173824. From pink M&M’s, which are available for less than a dollar, to a $4,399 pink Vespa, there is something out there for everyone to purchase that raises awareness and supports research organizations such as the Susan G. The company will make a $75,000 donation to the Breast Cancer Network of Strength this year. Oakley will support the Young Survival Coalition by donating $20 from each purchase of the sunglasses. A portion of the sale of the bagels, which are made with cherry chips, dried cherries and cranberries, vanilla, honey and brown sugar, will benefit the Susan G. Fuze will donate 10 cents of every specially marked empower drink with a minimum donation of $500,000 to Susan G. Wilson is continuing to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation by raising awareness with its pink tennis and golf product line, Hope. Sony will donate $110,000 in conjunction with the sales of the Rose Reader and the Pink W Series Mini notebook PC Bundle. Cycling through the launch of four rockets at a time, it took hours to launch the over 100 raffle rockets sold!
Working through the hiccups, we learned a few things about juggling so many people in a controlled environment.
New Balance will donate 15 percent of all Lace Up for the Cure apparel including the pink shoes, with a maximum donation of $1 million.

The humorous logo can be found on a variety of apparel, ranging from women’s T-shirts to baby outfits. The Classic SD has a small blade, scissors, nail file with screwdriver tip, toothpick, tweezers, key ring and a life-time warranty.
Wilson donates $100,000 annually and 1 percent of sales from its Hope products to the BCRF.
The Rose Reader can be purchased through Sony’s Web site or Sony electronics retailers such as Walmart or Best Buy.
We had the NAR safety guidelines as a starting point, but made some notes to help make things move more quickly and smoothly. The candies are found anywhere M&M’s are regularly sold for an average price of less than a dollar. The pink mixer, along with other KitchenAid Cook for the Cure products, can be found at local KitchenAid retailers such as Best Buy and HH Gregg. Save the ta-tas merchandise can be found at In the Pink, a Boutique for Women Living with Cancer, 522 Third St. Both scooters can be purchased at Vespa of Jacksonville, located at 10100 San Jose Blvd., but quantities are limited.
We have already secured a location at STAR Soccer Field in September 2014 with easier access, more parking, and room for a food truck.

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