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This form uses a CAPTCHA to ensure that it is submitted by a person, instead of a machine or automated software. Need an artist or shop recommendation?Give us a description of the tattoo you're looking for and we'll try to match you up with a great local artist or shop! As reported by Ethan Evers, author of “The Eden Prescription, previous research on sea cucumber has demonstrated its ability to kill lung, breast, prostate, skin, colon, pancreatic, and liver cancer cells.
When given to mice with non-small cell lung cancer, frondoside A was found to shrink tumors by 40% in only 10 days. While sea cucumber extracts aren’t currently offered as a treatment for cancer—at least not in your traditional doctor’s office—you can find dried and powdered sea cucumber in health stores. Wormword is a major treatment in the Dr Hulda Clark Parasite program, along with the use of the Frequency Zapper to target various parasites in the body. In laboratory experiments, the compound killed virtually all human breast cancer cells exposed to it in the test tube within 16 hours, reports Dr. A dog with a type of bone cancer known as osteosarcoma so severe that it couldn't walk across the room made a complete recovery within five days of receiving the treatment. After a secret recipe for the treatment was discovered on a stone tablet in the tomb of a prince of the Han Dynasty during an archaeological dig in the 1970s, Artemisia re-emerged as a therapy for the mosquito-borne disease, Lai recalls.
Experiments into why Artemisia works as an anti-malaria agent led to its tests as an anticancer drug.
When Artemisia, or any of its derivatives, meets iron, a chemical reaction ensues, spawning charged atoms that chemists call free radicals. On their surfaces, cancer cells also have more so-called transferrin receptors, cellular pathways that allow iron to enter, than healthy cells.
After eight hours, three-fourths of the cancer cells were obliterated, 16 hours later, nearly all the cancer cells were dead.
He says: In a separate study, the therapy eliminated leukemia cells in the test tube within eight hours. While human tests are still years away, the treatment could revolutionize the way cancer, especially aggressive, fast-growing one, is approached if it lives up to its early promise, he adds. Purchase a Frequency Generator, like Zapper Digital MHz  Use this electro-therapy device daily to kill pathogens and cancer cells in the body. Follow the Royal Rife CAFL frequency book for the correct frequencies for the various types of cancer.
With Education, you can find the path to Cancer Treatment naturally, so I included my book here, free to download.
Dr Clark Zappers for Cancer therapy: They are professional Zappers and are fully programmable like Dr Clark's own Frequency Generator Zapper.
Introducing the Zapper Digital Professional (Dr Rife Beam Ray Compatible) Model in February 2016.

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Got in October when a tattoo place in town had 25 dollar Breast Cancer Ribbon tattoos and all money went towards Breast Cancer research. Frondoside A is a triterpenoid, diverse organic compounds found in the essential oils and oleoresins of plants.
Traditional chemo drugs shrunk the tumors by 47 percent, but the risks of chemo treatment are far greater than any side-effects or risks of sea cucumber.
It is packaged as a solution to arthritis and similar conditions because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Seattle scientists have shown that a compound extracted from the wormwood plant seeks out and destroys breast cancer cells, while leaving healthy cells unscathed. Chinese researchers said the key to its effects was a peroxide linkage (two oxygen atoms hooked together) within the herb's active molecule.
X-rays showed the animal's tumor had basically disappeared says Lai, adding that he believes the dog is still alive two years later. In fact, a purified form of the plant compound is now the drug of choice for treating malaria in many areas, particularly where Quinine-resistant strains have emerged, he says. The key turned out to be a shared characteristic of the malaria parasite and dividing cancer cells: high iron concentrations. In malaria, the free radicals attack and bind with cell membranes, breaking them apart and killing the single-cell parasite. In the case of breast cancer, the cells have five to 15 times more transferrin receptors on their surface than normal breast cells, Lai says. But the response by cancer cells when hit with first holotransferrin, then Artemisia, was dramatic, he says.

Just as importantly, he says, the vast majority of normal breast cells did not die, showing the safety of the treatment.
The fascinating thing is that this was something the Chinese used thousands of years ago, Lai says. Dr Hulda Clark recommends the use of the Wormwood tincture for parasites, at about 20 drops per treatment (day).
Run a 10 frequency comprehensive parasite set on the Zapper Digital LCD or MHZ model in order to target the various parasitic pathogens, who live in these particular frequency ranges. Transmitting these frequencies over the same electrodes (straps) over a period of time generates healing signals that have a curative effect. Designed in Germany and distributed throughout USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, England, Africa and South America.
Just as importantly, he says, nearly all of the normal cells exposed to it were still alive. The thrust of the strategy, according to Lai, is to pump up cancer cells with even more iron and then introduce Artemisia to kill them selectively. This success is particularly noteworthy in that breast cancer cells that were resistant to v radiation were utilized in the experiment, Lai adds.
First, the patient would be given iron supplements to raise iron concentrations in his or her cancer cells, he says, and then the compound would be given in pill form. With this method of treatment, practitioners claim to be able to detect and cure a variety of diseases and addictions without drugs.
In addition, the amount of frondoside A needed to achieve such results was miniscule—less than a single milligram for an adult weighing 165 pounds.
And since cancer is characterized by out-of-control cell division, cancer cells have much higher iron concentrations than do normal cells. Calvin Dence, ND would some years ago share with a group that his knowledge on destroying viruses and germs.
As might be expected, more aggressive cancers such as, pancreatic and acute leukemia, which have rapid cell division and thus higher iron concentrations, respond even better. We laugh at him because he said if you would get shocked by a car battery a few times this would destroy germs and bacteria.
Given this shared characteristic of malaria and cancer cells, why did it take so long to think of it?
Then I look up Aloe Vera which is one of my favorite plants and I came across your site and the rest is history.

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