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It efficacy in curing cancer is attributed to the chemical arctigenin that acts as an inhibitor for tumor growth. Though recently this herb is grown in many parts of the world, it is native to Europe, Asia, and North Africa. Popularly known by the name of curry herb, turmeric has enough research evidences that support its role to cure cancer. It not only kills cancer cell but also controls further growth and spreading to the nearby cell. Many researches have successfully proved the effectiveness of garlic in curing certain types of cancer such as breast cancer, colon cancer, and pancreas cancer. Its cancer fighting strength comes from the presence of chlorophyll that helps oxygen to travel into the cells. Soursop (Annona muricata) is a new hope for cancer patients, experts say that is stronger than chemotherapy and spares the healthy cells. It is believed that it treats diseases such as hypertension, arthritis, osteoporosis and cancer.
According to traditional medicine in Central and South America soursop helps to regulate the blood sugar and high blood pressure. In 1976 a study has been conducted, which proves that soursop contains a chemical that is a 1000 times stronger than that used in chemotherapy.
And I do hope that the US does tests and finds it valuable enough to start using in place of chemotherapy. It’s news about things like Soursop that are exciting and fill me with hope for future cancer treatments. Whether its Soursop, Shiitaki mushroom, brown seaweed, or some other natural product, I really think that there will soon be a natural answer to the problem of cancer and other degenerative diseases. I found out about this amazing plant last year and I am currently studying science and we are doing a big project of our choice. The skin is inedible, so I started scraping out the pulp with a grapefruit spoon and removing the rather numerous black seeds on the cutting board as I went. So you've been hearing about this all magical fruit called soursop with cancer healing ability.
Before we look at the soursop as cancer treatment let us first look at the botanical properties. Through time and based on numerous scientific studies, its use has evolved to alternative cancer treatment, as apposed to being consumed for mere pleasure. Let us first look at what cancer really is before we delve into the healing powers of the soursop fruit as it pertains to cancer. The Soursop or graviola has been studied extensively by Purdue University?s School of Pharmacy and has undergone many other studies since the 1970's all of them proving that the soursop fruit has the innate ability to target the damaged cells and kill them causing a balance in the cycle of cell growth and development.
The soursop belongs to the Annonaceae family or Custard Apple family to which the annonaceous acetogenins are aboriginal. Extensive research has shown that the soursop pulp contains 81% moisture, 3% titratable acidity and 24% non-reducing sugar. Soursop is an all natural form of cancer treatment that is not recommended to be used on its own due to lack of human testing on the effectiveness of the fruit against cancer.
Thirteen drugs are used in chemotherapy and their consequent side effects are: destruction of the immune system, leukopenia, hemorrhage, gonadal suppression, bone marrow depression, phlebosclerosis (hardening of the veins), severe cellulites, vesication(blistering), tissue necrosis(death), fever, chills, nausea, prolonged vomiting, partial or total hair loss, lethargy, disorientation, ataxis(inability to coordinate muscle movements), dysarthria( impaired speech), anorexia, entertitis, stomatitis, erythema, (morbid redness of the skin), anemia, liver failure, kidney failure, cancer, and death. The ultimate decision rests in the hands of the individual opting for the cancer treatment. Radiation is a form of cancer treatment that uses high energy radioactive material to damage cancer cells by killing their DNA. It shouldn't be necessary to say much more after simply stating how radiation therapy works. What is most remarkable about radiation is that it is able to kill cancer cells; well of course it can its radioactivity going through the human body. The opinions and views expressed on this board are the subjective opinions of Ambergris Caye Message Board members and not of the Ambergris Caye Message Board its affiliates, or its employees. Since ancient times, it is been used to cure many disease like carbuncles, psoriasis and eczema.  Natively cultivated in China, the popularity of Burdock root in medicinal use spread to the other parts of the world. It minimizes the risk of getting cancer by inhibiting the activity of toxic chemicals to damage cells. Several parts of the plant like flower, stem and leaf along with other herbs is traditionally used to manufacture herbal medicines for eczema, heart disease, kidney stone and asthma. Curcumin is the active constituent found in turmeric roots that helps to cure cancer of many types such as breast cancer, bowel cancer, stomach and skin cancer. It has been concluded by many research that use of curcumin along with chemotherapy is more effective in curing bowl cancer compared to treatment when any of them is used alone. Its most of the medicinal properties is due to the presence of sulphur-containing compounds.

Scientists have indicated the presence of certain chemicals in ginseng that strongly fight against cancer. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Locals believe that consuming raw soursop fruit and freshly squeezed juice responds well against arthritis and osteoporosis. Several years ago, come forth that the extract from the leaves of soursop can cure various types of cancer. There are so many natural compounds that can help fight terrible diseases, we just need more scientific studies to back up what has already been discovered. It is a native species to Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, Northern South America, and is recognized as Guanabana in Latin American countries.
The soursop fruit (not sour sop or sour sap), also known as graviola (Portuguese) guanabana (Spanish) or corossol (French) is a large, green fruit with a dull spiked surface, found mainly in Tropical regions. Most of us know of cancer and know that it is a serious illness but many do not understand what cancer essentially is and how it works.
In order for development and growth to take place there must be cell division, new cells are formed and old cells die all in a natural cycle. However questions as to how effective it is at totally stopping the pattern of uncontrolled cell division in the body are left with no clear answers.
These chemicals in general have been documented with antitumorous, antiparasitic, insecticidal, and antimicrobial activities.
However, it may be taken along with other forms of cancer treatment to strengthen the desired effects on the cancer cells and it can be taken as a means of prevention before cancer is even developed. What is certain without doubt, and proven through scientific study, is that the soursop, with its annonaceous acetogenins is more effective at targeting the cells that cancer patients want to target ie the cancer cells. High levels of radiation are not healthy or acceptable under any normal circumstances however it is accepted due to the urgency required for treatment by many cancer patients. However along with those dead cancer cells one must forfeit normal cells because unlike the soursop radiation cannot specifically target the mutated cancer cells.
However, the conventional treatment is often associated with major physical and emotional side effects. Still people have faith on the ancient science of herb and they utilize the knowledge to treat cancer.
Several researches has uncovered the fact that intake of burdock tea has enormous ability to control cellular damage and abnormal growth. Garlic carries many characteristic like antibacterial properties, capability to inhibit the growth of cancer-causing compounds, and support DNA repair that help it to control the growth or spread of cancer cell.
Many studies on sheep sorrel has confirmed it effectiveness to control tumor and other degenerative diseases.
If you regularly drink infusion of soursop leaves in  fall, the flu will not caught up you in winter. It is important to emphasize that the soursop is a fruit that has yet to be submitted to various tests and examinations.
This picture was photographed at the Maya Organic Farm on a tree that could have up to forty healthy fruits at a given time.The flesh of the fruit consists of an edible, white pulp and a core of indigestible, black seeds. Cancer however is the disruption of this cycle, they do not die like normal cells, they just continue to grow. Several research groups have verified that these chemicals display tremendous properties of antitumor and selective toxicity against various types of cancer cells, all while causing no harm to regular healthy cells.
Mode of action studies in three separate laboratories have recently determined that these acetogenins are superb inhibitors of enzyme processes that are only found in the membranes of cancerous tumor cells. There are still side effects associated with the ingesting of soursop, the main one being Parkinson's disease. They both have side effects to take into account, but its clear where the weight of it lies.
Internal radiation is administered by placing a radioactive substance in the body near the source of the cancer cells to kill them.
Even with internal and systematic radiation which are the most isolated forms one must still suffer the death of perfectly healthy cells in the body. Herbs are often taken along with conventional treatment like chemotherapy to accelerate the healing process. It is been studied that the herb slows the growth of the cell and simultaneously remove the malignant cells by killing them. It has been stated that sheep sorrel is one of the most effect herbs for accelerating cell regeneration that also play a role in curing cancer. Patients suffering from cancer eat soursop and drink tea from the leaves of the tree as an adjunct to the chemotherapy. Let’s hope that future studies will confirm the anticancer effect of this fruit and will bring new hope to those suffering from the plague of the 21st century.

The sweet pulp is used to make juice, as well as candies, sorbets, and ice cream flavourings. While the name suggests that the fruit is of a sour flavor, particular varieties of the soursop are found to be rather sweet in taste. Many of the acetogenins have demonstrated selective toxicity to tumor cells at very low dosages, as little as 1 part per million.
This is because while chemo is destroying those harmful cancer cells in the body it is also causing harm to the normal healthy cells.
Studies have shown that if the alkaloids associated with soursop are ingested in large amounts it may lead to this disorder of the central nervous system. External radiation therapy is done by a machine outside the body which generates gamma rays, x-rays and other charged particles and emits them into the body. Besides being an effective anti-cancer herb, it is also used to treat diseases like whooping cough and other respiratory problems.
In Africa, this fruit is used even today as analgesic and as an effective cure for child fever.
The species is the only member of its genus but is a close relative of the well-known Custard apple and Sugar apple.In Belize and in other Central American countries, you can find its delicious juice served as a milkshake or smoothie which consists of the fresh pulp, milk, vanilla essence or nutmeg to add more flavour.
Usually when the DNA of a cell is damaged it would be repaired or if not the cell would ultimately die. Since 1997 the novel alkaloids found in the soursop fruit have illustrated incredible antidepressive effects. The exact source of the study which revealed this is unknown but it goes contrary to what the primary studies prove. Systemic radiation therapy uses radioactive substances, such as radioactive iodine, that travel in the blood to kill cancer cells. The infusion of the leaves and the bark is suitable for aromatic tea against depression and to lose weight. Does this fruit only have the ability to target cancer cells or are there more health benefits? A ripe soursop fruit can be very soft and can be easily torn apart without the use of a blade.
The soursop kills damaged cells, and ONLY the damaged cells leaving the body safe from the side effects associated with chemotherapy.
Parkinson's disease results from the death of dopamine-generating cells in the substantia nigra, a region of the midbrain. Although it is effective for a number of medical conditions, it is its anti-tumor effect that is of most interest.
When cells begin to divide and grow beyond control and further they begin to affect other tissue in the body those disruptive cells are categorized as cancer cells. This would imply that the soursop kills cells other than cancer cells when taken in large amounts, specifically dophamine-generating cells. This plant provides much alimentation and is a proven cancer remedy for cancers of all types.
There are over one hundred different types of cancer, all name based on the original cells which caused the disruption. A simple solution to this problem would be to take soursop in moderation, therefore the risk of Parkinson's disease would be eliminated. It is the leaves of the soursop tree that are found to be particularly effective in killing cancer cells, due to its graviola extract, without harming the healthy cells of the body.
If you are a cancer patient or you're close to someone who is, it is definitely worth your time to explore the possibility of adding soursop to the cancer treatment being administered. Therefore Lung Cancer is the uncontrollable growth and spread of cells in the lungs, Breast Cancer pertains to the growth of cells in the breast, etc. Jones, Professor of Medical Physics and Physiology at Berkeley, made a study lasting 25 years of the life span of cancer patients, and concluded that untreated patients do not die sooner than patients receiving orthodox treatment, (surgery, radiation and chemotherapy), and in many cases they lived longer yet we rely so highly on these forms of treatment.
Another listed side effect of soursop is fatigue which makes sense since it is sometimes used as a sedative by herbalists.
As can be deduced the soursop cannot be grown in low climatic regions for it requires much humidity to survive. So contrary to common belief the type of cancer someone has is not indicative of where the cancer is, it only points out where the cancer started.
The parts of the plant that are usually used in this manner are the leaves and the bark therefore the theory stands that if ingesting only the actual fruit for soursop cancer treatment, the risk of being fatigued is lower.

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