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The Irish playwright, Michael West, was commissioned by Manhattan Theatre Club to write a play with science as its theme.
His play, rare for theatre but common for cinema and television, The Chinese Room, is having its world premiere at the Williamstown Theatre Festival prior to a transfer to Manhattan Theatre Club. At this point, as directed by James Macdonald, it is a work in progress but had the opening night audience in stitches.
This assessment is based on a terrific cast with versatility and passion to make this play truly hilarious. The theme of robots with compelling naturalism is hardly new or unique but it is given a first class romp in this clever and absorbing new play. In a set that is a confusing jumble of clutter by Dane Laffrey the scientist Frank (Brian O’Byrne) is frantically working at his computer. The scene, a study in Connecticut, arguably evokes the future given its advanced technology but seems more like the trashy home of a here and now garage inventor who has made amazing strides in the field of robotics. In a superb performance by O’Byrne Frank is desperately trying to access the main frame of the firm he was significant in founding.
Frank is being offered a research fellowship founded in his name but is denied access to company labs and resources. That gives you some idea of how memory and forgetfulness play out in this witty concoction.
It has to do with his wife Lily (Laila Robins) who is suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s Disease.
Then finally there is the juvenile Zack (Elliot Trainor) who is in pajamas and wants his dad, or is he, to read a bedtime story. While Frank’s inventions and company have made great strides there are obvious glitches.
If Frank can get on line to the company he will reboot her as well as Lily (she has chips implanted in her brain) but that puts a strain on the system that causes brownouts in the Northeast Corridor. The business plan of Frank’s associates is to break up the assets, including intellectual property, and sell the whole kit and caboodle to the Chinese.

Getting a runaround from Frank the robot Daniel gets ever more aggressive ratcheting up to threats and assault. There are three basic modes to Elrod’s character and he handles the transitions deftly with comedic genius. With all the plot points reaching a crescendo it becomes a conundrum of how to resolve the mishegos. The action starts to wind down with what is now a prolonged, not terribly amusing, stretched out conclusion. The opinions expressed are those of individual authors who are solely responsible for their statements and as such are not those of the staff and management of Berkshire Fine Arts or its affiliates.
Sameer Uddin plays Pokemon Go on his smartphone outside of Nintendo's flagship store, July 11, 2016 in New York City. As soon as "Pokemon Go" was released on July 6 in Australia and New Zealand, and eventually in the US, gamers from all over the world, including those from China, got overly excited. However, it can be noted that there are some countries, especially in Asia, who still do not have access to the app. As narrated by a graduate student in the southwestern city of Chongqing, despite the fact that he was able to download "Pokemon Go" on his phone using his pal's US-based iPhone app store account, 24-year-old Kai Wan could still not play the game in China, the Wall Street Journal reported. Accordingly, the problem happens when he tried catching pocket monsters since the GPS, which is very important in running the app, appeared to be blocked that he even got an error message claiming that there is no GPS signal in his location. Wang, who admitted to have grown up loving Pokemon TV shows and comic books, shared that his experience with Pokemon Go in China was disappointing. As explained by the report, this happened because Chinese app stores do not carry the Japanese game and the Google accounts used to create a player account cannot be accessed without a software that will "circumvent" China's internet blocks called the Great Firewall. On the other hand, CNET reported that the "Pokemon Go" clone app has been the most popular app in Apple's iOS stores in China. Called the "City Spirit Go," it also uses geo-location to find and catch battle creatures, a gameplay similar to what Niantic Labs developed. If you are thinking of purchasing the new OnePlus 3, here is a breakdown of the phone's key features and other important things to look out for.

That evolved into what he describes as low-tech, sci-fi on the theme of artificial intelligence and advanced robotics. With some judicious pruning and fine tuning it has the potential to be a smash in New York.
While framed as a comedy the writing of West delves deeply into issues of our humanity, as reflected by contemporary versions of the Frankenstein mythology, the nature and loss of memory, and of course the complex driving forces of love.
There is a disconnect and one has to sort this but the décor and ambiance seem a bit off. He remembers being deliberate about putting it some place where he could remember but he can’t remember where that is.
Having it run before a sophisticated audience in Williamstown allows for making edits to get it right when it opens again in New York.
The success of Nintendo's new smartphone game, Pokemon Go, has sent shares of Nintendo soaring. How can they have a feel of the augmented reality game from Niantic and The Pokemon Company then?
There is also some confusion about the arrival of a mysterious man who may be her new or next husband.
During the second act there is another incredible shift when the robot becomes the vehicle for Frank’s hospital ridden boss and rival.
We wonder what really happened behind the couch and how is it plausible that the robot escaped?
There is also her first, ex husband, who is the president of Frank’s corporation, a former friend, colleague and adversary.

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