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The first soup Carrot, Orange and Ginger will warm the cockles in these fresh but chilly days, perfect for lunch with a slice of brown bread before heading out for a lunchtime stroll. This is a lovely change from the usual carrot and coriander soup that I make in summer and autumn.  The ginger and orange give it a zest and sweetness that work really well with the carrot.
From a Chinese medical perspective garlic is warm and pungent, which are the two energetics needed by the body to expel any invasions of cold affecting the lungs.  Garlic also promotes the circulation of blood and qi in the body.  The onion family in general are pungent and warm, therefore a garlic spring onion and ginger (hot energetic) tea works wonders to rid the body of a cold!!!

Relaxing and therapeutic therapy rooms, a quite and peaceful setting to escape the rush of modern living.
Ideally have a cup before going to bed, then wrap up warm  this will promote sweating which is needed to rid the body of the toxins!!
This luscious book celebrates the art-deco buildings and objects to be found in our cities, towns and even our lounge rooms.

Poach the pears in their skins (skins contain most of the nutrient’s) until tender.  Serve with a little brown sugar and cinnamon!!

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