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Sign up for the Elvis Yorkshire Terrier puppy update and be notified by email on all new yorkie puppy listings. There are a wide variety of dog breeds out there, but one of the very best is the Teacup Yorkshire Terrier. We take pride in breeding our Teacup and Toy terriers and we are happy to give a member of our family to yours.
The terrier breed is very loyal to their owners and is a great breed of dog for families with small children. The terrier is also an obedient breed, follows directions well and is easy to train.We currently have many Yorkshire terrier puppies for sale.

My teacup Yorkshire Terriers are kept in my care for at least 10-12 weeks of age because I want to make sure they are healthy and well adjusted before placing in their new homes. I also do NOT place my teacups in homes with small children just because they are too fragile for small children and can be stepped on or dropped and seriously injured.
We have maintained a great reputation with our clients and we always welcome anyone to visit with our yorkie terriers to see if they're a good match. If you have any questions about our Yorkshire terrier puppies for sale please feel free to contact us. However, if the Yorkshire Terrier is not being used for show, then the coat may be clipped short.

Yorkies are suited for short walks and ideal for apartment living or homes with small yards.
Also due to the large amount of scammers on the internet, you should always ask for at least 4-5 references and the breeder's veterinarian to check them out to see if they are legitimate. Ask the Yorkshire Terrier breeder to send additional pictures of the specific puppy so you know that they have the Yorkie pup in their possession.

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