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RBG's Blue Giant aka El Gigante Azul (King Liger X RCP Panda) this boy is a true XXL Model, looking just like his father with drive for days and a rare 1 of a kind pedigree. By progressing into the future, you always have to use what you learned in the past to set the bar in this ever so evolving industry of XXL Blue Pit bulls. A Florida XXL Bully Pit Bull Kennel!Please check the breeding page for updated breedings.Site Updated. XXL Perfection from head to toe, still one of the most Exclusive & sought after studs in the world! Those specific studs come by way of King Lion JR, Ramses, Maximus, Optimus Prime and Mr California.

To be a complete kennel, you need to have the reputation of producing producers as well as producing the biggest XXL pit bulls in the world. There are many kennels that claim huge claims of propaganda on there websites, but interestingly enough, they are knowhere to be found at many of the top pit bull shows when the Royal Bloodline family shows up to prove that WE ARE the LEADERS in the XXL pit bull industry. From XL bully to XXL freaks, ROYAL BLUE GENERATION is your one stop shop for whatever your vision desires. We not only produce the next generation of groundbreaking pitbulls, but we also focus on the temperaments and intelligence so that you have a member of your family.
I am excited for the annual gathering of the nations top Pit bulls at the Cinco De Mayo show in Southern California.

We would love to meet you and show why Royal Blue Generation is the leader in the XL extreme bully and all the way to the XXL super freaks.

Tips for curing puppy separation anxiety
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