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Get your dog to the vet as soon as possible; the less time she has to repeat this behavior, the better the outlook might be for treatment. There are various reasons your dog may be licking the air, but the fact that she does it for long periods of time is suggestive of a possible compulsive disorder. Honestly assess the amount of exercise, mental stimulation and interaction your dog gets on a daily basis, as well as any training or punishment that is used in your home. Your veterinarian will perform a full physical exam to look for medical causes of the licking.

However, because there may be other causes for this behavior, including health concerns such as dental pain, nausea, gastrointestinal discomfort, seizures and canine cognitive dysfunction, you should first visit your veterinarian for a proper diagnosis.
Some dogs only perform repetitive behaviors around humans, because those behaviors have become conditioned responses. It will also help if you can describe the responses of people in your house to the behavior. It means he has the symptoms of nausea.He May Has Obsessive Disorder The obsessive air licking behavior in dogs is sometimes seen as the most common behavior among the dogs.

As like human beings, dogs can also get psychological issues.He May Has Acid RefluxMy research on why does my dog lick the air has also found that dogs that are suffering from excessive air licking, possibly develop an acid reflux.

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